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  1. Yeah cool just completely ignore the point. Nobody cared about Col B logs getting out. It happens. What they took issue with was dumping the entire server; months worth of conversation, on the forums without filtering through it first. If that happens here, let me know, but as of right now nobody cares about the leak, or your fake outrage.
  2. Leaks are a fact of life here. People only took issue over dumping months of private conversations completely unfiltered. I'm sure you're aware of this however, and would ask you not to play dumb about what's right and wrong, North Point member, but you're probably too busy handing out "free beige" to your coalition mates to listen.
  3. It's a wiki. Change it. Problem solved.
  4. I would argue that it is indeed "endorsed" by the game considering it's been previously OK'd and several alliances have similar systems now for years. It's still actual players doing things. It's not some sort of dystopian fully automated robot running the alliance like you imply, it's a 1:1 ratio of inputs to game actions. BK member presses button, and performs action, same as a government member would do. This just makes the economic side of the game more accessible and adds more interaction for rank and file players. Any alliance can create a similar system to make the game more accessible to it's players, much like any alliance is free to learn to use the API for whatever they desire.
  5. Take down what exactly, though? Most every alliance of consequence uses the API in some way for tracking their own stuff, even if some of the major alliances use it to it's maximum potential. Plus the NPOwned stats that many seem to enjoy looking at. I don't think putting the game into the dark ages helps anything.
  6. Where do you draw the line though? An alliance that has a recruitment script has an advantage over one that does it by hand. An alliance with someone who knows how to use the API and get statistics about themselves and others has an advantage over someone who does it by hand. I mean, an alliance with a more active government has a much bigger advantage moving funds than one with a less active government. Do you limit daily play time to make things more fair for inactives? As was said earlier, the solution isn't to try and drag everyone down to your level, but rather to step up your own game.
  7. What would a baseball bot of this style accomplish, exactly? With 1 for 1 inputs, you've replaced clicking a baseball button over and over in game, with clicking a baseball button over and over out of the game, and accomplished... absolutely nothing.
  8. Despite any experiences to the contrary by certain Japanese animation themed alliances, not everyone sinks like a stone on the first day.
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