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    Community Outreach Program, Vol. 1 Citizens of Orbis! It is I, Charlie Traveler. We're here with an important announcement regarding our recently launched community outreach program. We have identified a problem with the esteemed members of what was once Nuke Bloc - they are sorely lacking excitement! In an effort to rectify this issue, Soup Kitchen, being the community-focused organization it is, has initiated a series of friendly attacks against members of Fark and World Task Force. The decision to help these two wonderful alliances came from a place of love - we expect this to be a quick, action-packed, fun war for everyone involved! In an effort to ensure that this remains a fair 1v2 fight, the rest of the Chaos Bloc members will be watching the ring to prevent outside combatants (like ghosts). I am sure that this will be a wonderful team-building, engaging experience for all three of our communities! Signed,
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    Is this the forum? I sure hope so. The lands of WTF have, for many years, been irrigated with nothing but beer. Beer is wonderful, containing vitamins, nutrients, vegetables, iron, and other good stuff. Beer is so good, that it was named as such due to it being an anagram of the ancient Norwegian word 'rebe', which directly translates to 'splendid' Alas, I digress, for there are much more pressing matters. It has come to my attention that there are some delusional, deranged people out there in the big wide world who feel that beer is not the best liquid. Instead, they prefer soup. Soup is not a drink, as you cannot buy a glass of soup at a pub. Soup is not a food, as you do not chew it. Soup is nothing more than a sorry excuse for baby food, created by those who cannot afford teeth. WTF recognises some form hostility with whoever Soup Kitchen are
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    Your bread was stale, your soup was canned mass produced TKR swill and we weren't going to sit and eat it. There's only one kind of soup Farkers like and yours doesn't come close. Happy fighting
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    I'm thirsty for new resources so why not add water, a vital resource for human survival. Water would function similiar to food but it could serve more functions (dams for power, etc.) Water would also be required like food, and unlike food can be contaminated or polluted by nukes. Contaminated water would raise disease and lower population. To lower contaminated water levels you would build water treatment plants. Water production itself could be increased by a water reclamation plant national project. Things could be changed about water, but all I want to see is water as a resource. Also remember what Uncle Jonas says "Listen to masses and respect my ideas" ^what water would look like kinda
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    The reaction to @Emperor Jonas spilling his chromosomes all over the place about the war system is pretty overwhelmingly against him. As such, let's mention the things we like about the war system. Consider this thread a celebration of war, if you will. I like the feeling of harming another person's things. Using 2,250 planes against a guy with 2K infra per city and destroying, like, 600-700 infra a pop just feels great. I also like it when myself or others I know get angry/sad PMs from people who get raided or who are massive pixel huggers. Those are always funny. Maybe I'm a sociopath idk. Outside of the mechanics and into the meta, the degree to which the forums come alive during a major war and the memes they spawn is also wonderful. Wartime is really when the game shines.
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    We should also get rid of Politics, politics are bad. Lets call the game "and".
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    @Emperor Jonas has really opened my eyes AntMan hereby publicly voices his opinion on how ghastly and unsightly wars are. The things I am about to list below are what makes me sick about wars: 1) Wars need a lot of money to be fought-We literally need to spend millions of dollas and thousands of resources to double-buy, ghost-fleet and ghost-buy and what not. To win a single war we throw away soooooo much. Ofc we may be hitting Polaris Bank but hey, my million are nothing compared to the billions i am about to loot right? 2) Need to use bran- Winnin' wars needs us to outsmart our opponent as well. It forces us to read guides, think for ourselves and apply bran power. I literally burn all my chromies trying to win any war. And we all know all the people who play PnW hate two things-pixel-huggers and using their bran. 3) Bad stats- I DONT WANT TO LOSE military or infra even if that puts me in the leaderboards. It is absolutely something I dont want to. 4) Looting money- Karma is a !@#$. If I loot them today, they will loot me tomorrow. 5) Destroying counters- Counters arent at fault. It is their alliance who forces them to hit you. Absolutely we shouldnt destroy dem counters. 6) Other things- .....I ran out of things to post, sry Hence, in view of the above facts, I, being a pixel-hugger myself, have come up with a few ways to avoid all wars. 1) Be in gov- Being there gives you a clear idea when a war is about to break out. 2) Have full military- They wont hit you if you have full military(needs fact check) 3) Nation Description- Have a huge nation description where you beg others not to declare war on you. Literally beg. 4) Pin that VM button- Those who dont VM during wars are !@#$. 5) Delete Nation- Still got declared on? Dont worry. just delete. They will never declare war on you ever again. I hope everyone finds this useful and the war feature is removed for good.
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    Many often talk about the need and their desire to have more fair wars, yet even the most "ballsy" rarely ever do it. This war despite the first strike advantage is not anywhere near 100% favourable for soup, especially looking at that tiering sheet. Respectable move for your first war, I hope others take this as an example. Well done. PS: Kastor... lmao And James.... get off the crack.
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    Ah yes, we are already defeated. No hope at all for us. My military is already at 0 units! This is actually an intriguing declaration. Nation wise, it's pretty even, and if we did the unthinkable and coordinated our defenses, we could, in all likely, "win" the war, assuming other TKR nations don't magically appear in our soup. The beer dam of WTF has been opened. So cheers to all and happy fighting!
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    No salt here, this is Hayley being nice. I'm enjoying the war, I do have to say I have a thing for soup.
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    @Emperor Jonas is right. We should remove wars from the game. But while we're at it, we can get rid of all the other cluster related to wars. For instance, we can get rid of all the military units since they'll essentially be useless and just cost us more in resources to keep. But why stop there? Since the military units are gone, we can also get rid of all the military improvements since they wont be able to make anything. Then we move onto the projects we can remove. V.D.S., Missile Launch Pad, Propaganda Bureau, Nuclear Research Facility, Iron Dome, Intelligence Agency, and Munitions Stockpile are all now useless without any wars. And speaking of Munitions Stockpile, we can just get rid of munitions all together. So now you might be thinking "what else is there to remove?" Well now that wars aren't around anymore, we dont really need alliances either so we can just remove all the alliances and all the treaties they've had. But now that we've gotten rid of all the politics and war in the game, that means the name doesn't make any sense. So what we do now is rename it after what little we have left in the game. Now Introducing: Baseball & Keno: The hottest new nation simulator. Forgot this. /s
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    This is the ballsiest war thats been declared for quite a while. Normally nobody declares a war without their balls first having been sucked way up into their stomach and overwhelming odds already secured. Those wars suck. I know TKR must be jonesing bad to roll two dozen people again so they can feel good about themselves, so Soup Kitchen keeping them out of it earns my respect. As pointed out earlier, we nuke lobbed in a war we were involved in on the overwhelming odds side rather than fight conventionally, and we did that because we were on the overwhelming odds side. Never have we fought more halfassed and heartless than rolling Roz Wei that time, we were just obligated to do it so we did, and it was joyless.
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    I second on not banning this guy. He's actually made the forums exciting these past 2 days with his nonsense about taking out half the game #JusticeForJonas
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    Only if Antarctica keeps the 50% food debuff, but Africa gets a 100% water debuff.
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    For those wondering.
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    Laugh reactions now add +1 reputation.
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    You know where you belong. It was destiny...
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    I'm like all over the place over here.
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    Pls downvote me in my quest to be most downvoted forum account for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Do your part today and downvote me now.
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    I’m sure they’re more “upset” at your lack of awareness, or your failed attempt of propaganda.
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    Damn nerds trying to get us to read.
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    Community Outreach Program Vol. 1 Enjoy the Soup, for it is hot.

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