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    Hello boys and girls, today we're going to be investigating a dark side of the Orbis-verse, filled with all kinds of dark mysteries and scary propositions. Syndisphere periphery.. So here we have The Syndicate: A bold and beautiful alliance, no doubt. The only thing more green than their theme is their treaty screen. But! ..you might say.. This is nothing new? We always knew about the Syndicate's infatuation for protectorates. Ah! Well that's where.. you'd be wrong young adventurer. Here we have Dark Brotherhood, an alliance protected by the Syndicate. No doubt, another bold and beautiful alliance. Now our dear DB protects the Church of Atom. ...which is also protected by the Syndicate. So Syndicate has a protectorate which protects their protectorate. But wait.. You think we were done? The Church of Atom protects Alpha. So the Syndicate not only likes when their protectorates protect their protectorates, they also like when the protectorates protected by their protectorates which they protect, also have protectorates. But we're not even done yet... Alpha protects the Animal Farm ..Which is also protected by Church of Atom. So not only does the Syndicate like when the protectorates protected by their protectorates which they protect also have protectorates, they also like when the protectorates protected by their protectorates which they also protect have protectorates which have protectorates that they protect. Oh yeah.. and the protectorates protected by their protectorates which they also protect that have protectorates which have protectorates that they protect have a random MDoAP with TRF, just to make things more clear. if you listen into the distance you can clearly hear dying hyperventilating hippo sounds. So finally, this is what this rabbit hole looks like:
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    “Lady. The message has arrived. Shall I read it?” “No need. I know exactly what it says. They agreed. Brief the others.” “Of course.” Vexz looked over her plans one final time. “You can clean these papers up, Spaceling.” They would be breaking ground on the Church shortly. She was told it would be a great inaugural event, the first of its kind. She wasn’t as excited, but for the most part, she found the Church followers useful enough creatures. Strong backs, didn’t ask too many questions. She hoped to give each of her subjects at least two. “Lady, the delegates have arrived.” “Send them in fifteen minutes. They can wait in the meantime.” The men who entered were a strange looking crew. One was being carried along in a dais, sitting cross legged, with his eyes closed, completely naked. Another was wearing a dashing suit, but she quickly noted mud and rusted blood along its cuffs, a perfect counterpoint to his wry smirk. And the last, for some reason, was counting all the columns in her meeting room, and making notes in a small ledger. “Ripper, Spaceman, Seb.... welcome. I’m so pleased to host you here. And I know you will not have forgotten all the gifts promised to my people.” Ripper spoke quickly: “Of course. Everything is as you asked. I am super polite. Ask anyone.” “That’s… that’s a little weird, but yes, okay, excellent. Thank you. Assuming that those gifts are in order, I am pleased to accept your offer.” Seb spoke next: “Thirty four sub offers. All important. You accept each. This is necessary. Thirty four. No less.” Ripper turned to him: “I apologize, Queen. We will excuse ourselves while you make your arrangements. But if there is anything we can do, please let me know.” The Spaceman laughed, his eyes shooting open, and his hands clapping emphatically. “Wangs. Hilarious!” the attendants around him excitedly fanned him, and he quickly settled back into his trance. Vexz was next to speak: “I don’t see much reason why you will need to stay much longer. If I need something, I will let you know, and I trust you will be able to handle it.” she smiled, and looked at the handsome Spacelings that had been provided her, and the first shipment of Goomy nudes being dumped onto the front of her meeting room. She noted Bezzers carrying the first shipment: the whip and nail marks were healing nicely, and he meekly looked away. “This will do, for now. Your colony is established, and you, of course, are totally in charge.” Ripper smiled a thousand-watt grin as his own offering of nudes fell through his shaking hands. “I’m in charge!”. tl;dr "Men will do pretty much anything if you let them think they are in charge"
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    You have no idea the kind of hell I'm going through right now. Just the other day, everything was fine at Manticore Bank. Simple arguments between me (Chairman of the Board) and the CEO, DustyDart, became more frequent until things blew up. Me and three of my most trusted associates, @Pheonix, @Johnny Costello, and slw122 determined an offer to send to Dusty. We wanted Manticore to buy us out (Together, we owned 40% of the bank). It was an offer we thought would be beneficial to all, and we could part ways peacefully. But Dusty decided he'd rather frick us up the ass and take our shares. Now, a bank I built from nothing to being worth $2.2 Billion is gone, my personal 15% stake in Manticore is gone, a loss of $1.5B at least. I'm finding all this pretty hard to write out, I just don't know how best to say this. DustyDart is criminal, he's an !@#$, and he should NEVER be trusted again. I really can't believe this happened. I'm quite upset, so this may be incoherent. I can answer any questions if y'all don't understand. Kind Regards, Impreza
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    Wow, good thing for Dark Brotherhood. It's always good to drop Micros when they become useless.
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    The Knights Templar. Wheeew! Where to start... My first impression was a little rough. KT is a rowdy, abrasive, obnoxious group of degenerates. And I came to like them? Now, I won't claim to fully understand them. That would be a bold faced lie. No man can truly understand KT. What I will say is that I came to better understand them through hours of one-on-one conversation with members and banter in the channels to which we were granted access. The Knight's Templar has a sort of internal countercultural predisposition. They love memes, they reject political correctness within the walls of their community, and, in their own speshul way, work together really well. The initial culture shock was tempered by the realization that they are just letting it all hang out with their boys. To quote a former member, "society presses a sh*t ton of pressure on us to be moral and acceptable at all times." KT's community seeks to alleviate that pressure. While it would peel the hair back on most normies, they seem to have found a collection of kindred spirits. Their government is garba- competent af, they have a stellar war performance record, and they are in a good spot in regard to FA positioning. Their sphere has long been touted as a wildcard sphere and I believe that's a very valuable position. While the vibe didn't quite click for me or the rest of the Hobos, I had a Great! time here and I appreciate them showing us that winning Templar Hospitality! One knight sought to take the plunge into a life on the rails. TheRebelMan has donned his bindle and fallen in with our band of misfits - a spring in his step and a sword in his hand. Next stop: All aboard! Charlie Traveler
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    Are you in a large alliance? Find out if you're trash. Take the Trash Level Test Here.
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    Wait, who's NPO? They sound like a micro. Why did the Dark Brotherhood sign them. Why does Thanos fear this, what happened to Keegoz (The leader of Hyperborea), where is cool guy Buorhann (Five time leader of Rose, and current leader of KT), where is Epi,(the leader of Dark Brotherhood), this gives me too many questions.
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    Over the past couple days the knights Templar has been troubling the offbeat powers. It originally started whenever they told us to change our bloc color in which their request was ignored because it's obvious the only reason why they'd want us to do that is because they want bigger money bonus. Then, over the next day, they proceeded to perform espionage attacks against us we know this was an act of aggression, because we didn't move away from red bloc because they have declared war against people for that same reason, as seen in ones cassis bellis. Offbeat powers is taking this moment to acknowledge that we find this as a active aggression and will respond with a war if needed completely open to anybody that feels that they would like to join in. So much for removing kebab
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    Now that I have your attention. I'm looking to do a little report on micro alliances in Politics & War - there is a political dynamic sweeping the world that I want to get your input on. If you're interested, hit me up on the ORB Discord and I'll get in touch with you - if you don't, you'll be subject to judgement which may not be necessarily correct. haha If you're not in a micro alliance and you comment on this post you're automatically gay.
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    I'm not concerned, but I am alarmed.
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    i have a feeling this treaty cancellation is a way for DB to remind everyone they still exist and havent disbanded (yet)
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    And so the mighty Empire of Bo begins. One by one all shall fall to his might, his devine instinct and ability to shred unicorns. @Critters feed Bo another unicorn in celebration. @Spaceman Thrax ready the wangs. @Black Rook book the hotel room and make sure it's sound proofed. @Maia sharpen your blades. @Bhuto get counting. @Ebeezy git gud playboi look where we @ now u gone be clapped. Thank you.
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    Guess its time for you to join BK max, atleast according to your review
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    Introduction Ayylah endorses the Korps :PPP Article 1 - Sovereignty Gorge consents to not consent about consenting to consent grabbing Bigboom’s ass. Article 2- Respect The Korps and the Ayyliens consent to preserving our respective bloodlines. There will no #%@^#$# between us. Article 3- Defense Both sides agree to defend the virginity of our respective Princesses. Princess Skae and Princess Gorge will remain untouched. Article 4 - Intelligence Scientific research enabled by the magnificent research of the Korp’s greatest scientist… Guilo… has created a hotline to contact Ayylah. Connecting the Ayyliens to the Afrikan Empire of the Korps. All types of NOT SAFE FOR WORK information can now be SAFELY relayed to satisfy the Pope of Plot. Article 5 - Cancelation Bigboom is always extremely horny. A true Black Knight such as himself must always be satisfied. In the case that he gets too hard, both sides reserve the right to chop his meat scepter if it's necessary. There will be a 48 hour recovery period for his meat to grow back again. Signed by: AK: Kriegsherr🔷 Don GeneralOberst🔶 Skae Oberst of FA 🔶Velium Oberst of IA 🔶☭ Comrade Deus Vult ✠ Oberst of Econ🔶 Skae Oberst of MA 🔶Black Knight of Ages Oberst of Propaganda 🔶Duce la Siberia BK: TLDR: Afrika Korps and Black Knights sign a MDP.
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    sets alliance taxes to 100% and then returns them
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    Deus Vault pledges it's support against KT. KT is very bad and full of bullies. They also called me a cuck once and made fun of my girlfriend's son.
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