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    TheNG10/2/2019, 9:56:57 AM Is the plan to get them out ASAP and focus on tS, or keep them down too? Aragorn10/2/2019, 9:57:42 AM Destroy them Aragorn10/2/2019, 9:57:53 AM It’s a bipolar world now Aragorn10/2/2019, 9:57:59 AM We need them dead TheNG10/2/2019, 9:58:51 AM Alright TheNG10/2/2019, 9:59:29 AM There are only two types of alliances in this world - IQ and IQ stats muahahaha Aragorn10/2/2019, 9:59:43 AM Se need to make as many of their members quit as possible Aragorn10/2/2019, 9:59:55 AM T$ has surrounded themselves with bad alliances Aragorn10/2/2019, 10:00:23 AM So we need to break their backs Aragorn10/2/2019, 10:00:43 AM Since next war we are fighting all these alliances from the beginning underlordgc10/2/2019, 10:02:20 AM You want these people to quit the game? BK man bad Aragorn10/2/2019, 10:05:14 AM Pretty sure that’s been established
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    I think what everyone needs to realize is that NPO/BK will come for you unless you do what they say. To Acadia, UPN, TCW, and others: do you realize that you now are forced to do whatever NPO/BK say. You have lost your sovereignty by being allied to them. I understand the want to drive your enemies into the ground, but still.
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    After some thinking and digging on the word "troon," my understanding is that the term originated on the SA forum as meaning "transgender goon" and the meaning has evolved into a pejorative for "a mannish mis-gendered transgender woman" and that it's evolved outside of the SA forum, it's being used on Twitter and identified in LGBT communities as a pejorative term used by anti-homosexual, anti-trans people and groups. I agree that the people who used it originally on the game forum probably didn't mean it in that way, but I do think it is a particularly hurtful/awful word for people who are transgender, in the same vein as words targeting other groups, and I just don't have a good feeling about allowing it on the forum. I don't know how many transgender players we actually have, but I don't want to foster a hateful community that makes them feel unwelcome. I am going to add "troon" to the filtered word list, so it should just be a non-issue from here on out. If people insist on using it on the forum, they'll be subject to the filter evasion rules, and I think that's the simplest way to handle this. I know the question about where we draw the line has arisen, and my intent is not to allow any word to be turned into a "slur" that gets banned on the forum. But I think I've done my due diligence on this one and I just don't feel good about letting it be used un-checked on the forum. Future cases like this we'll examine similarly and not necessarily just throw on the filtered list like this.
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    Thanks, but it's pretty obvious that "lolicon" and "lolita complex" are sexual attractions to underage girls which is not acceptable at all. Whether you're just this dense or you're actually defending pedophilia I don't know, but either way this nation is being removed from the game, as we will certainly not tolerate pedophilia on this site.
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    I would love to see shark week as much as the next guy but it needs to be at GOONS' own risk and not protected by a term in a clause.
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    No, that's not true. Each and every member counts. Gov serves at the pleasure of its membership, which includes you. Sometimes it's takes a little bit of member feedback to indicate to a gov to change its course. Remember that any gov has nothing if it doesn't have its members' backing. And it's this reason why the recent leaks and George's comments sting so bad because those members are so important for our alliances, for our communities, and for the game. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if we're TKR or BK or NPO, because this is remains a fact. And if you're willing to reach out to the "other" side, then let me be one the first to introduce myself. I'm Cooper, and my DMs are always open for a conversation. Or, check out our public channels in the TKR server, we have always have tons of people from all over chatting there. We'd love to see you over there, and maybe you could tell us a little bit about why you like BK too .
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    I don't think we actually have to imagine it, it seems to be a very real and observable phenomenon.
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    I am not one of the people who bothers to go through these endless logs but I do have to say that this is arguably the most pathetic thing I've read so far in this game. 😛
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    So currently when you run out of food you only loose 1/3 of your income. In a long global war this really doesn't have much impact once everyone has 400-800 infra per city. I have been sitting at 0 food for 2 months and it really doesn't affect me much. I believe that having 0 food should bill lock a nation the same way as not having any cash or power in your nation. With this change, it would actually change the dynamics of war quite a bit, and I believe in a good way. During the nuclear phases of the war causing mass drought, food could actually become a factor in the long attrition of a global war. Thoughts ?
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    I did say that about the beiging. Too bad it didn't get any traction.
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    We should let the war go on just so Kastor can run out of leaks. Just saying.
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    Unless you have actionable proof that we're attempting to ~~kill off the forum population~~, please cease casting baseless aspersions on the GOONS community, thanks and dogbless.
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    You declared an offensive war which went against the terms of engagement t$ had set and you agreed to. You knew t$ would not take kindly to your defense and prioritization of BK. You did it anyway. If anything, you sold t$ out. I just...what...
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    That's a non-answer. You are being called out on your entire narrative for the past months having been absolute bullshit, and it's supported by a large amount of your internal logs. That's what's going on. The rest isn't really relevant to the conversation atm.
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    Forum name: Noctis Anarch Caelum Link to post: Nature of violation: Usage of the transphobic slur "troon". This has been previously ruled on here and should be no contention that this is intended as a transphobic slur.
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    These are politicized every year because it's the nature of the beast. Every year, there's someone whining about them being "unfair," "unobjective," or otherwise "rigged." The reason they are politicized is because they're "official." They have their own dedicated subforum here and the results are displayed in-game. We're never going to achieve a "fair" or "objective" outcome by changing the process unless that change makes the awards unofficial - not held in their own special subforum, and not recorded in-game. If those aren't being considered (and it appears they aren't), then I'll say what I say every year: host these in-game or here on the forums, and use a directly democratic voting process for all the awards. That's closer to "fair" than any other method. I'd encourage you or anyone else interested in a discussion between better-informed players to have one on the side. A discussion thread separate from the voting thread(s) in here seems reasonable. An radio show run in parallel with these (although not integrated with the awards) with a guest list comprised of "historians" would also be interesting.
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    I would like to know one thing, if BK 100% believe Gorge stole 5,005,000,000 then why 11/11/2019 04:44 am did BK loan Gorge 145m in cash, 110k food, 10k coal, 10788.48k oil, 4497.46 lead, 10k gas, 10k munitions, 9k steel and 18265 Alu? Also as I am the person who received 5,005,000,000 that BK claims gorge had stolen I wish to clear up a few thing if I may. 1) BK/NPO has never once proven to me that Gorge stole 5,005,000,000, all they have shown me is Gorge claiming that he has 10,000,000,000 missing and has no idea where it is. 2) Seeker messaged Alex about this missing money, Alex gave Seeker information on deleted off shore bank logs. I will point out that these bank to bank transactions was not public. 3) Alex gave Seeker my nation link and my bank transaction to show Seeker where gorge sent 5,005,000,000 4) Alex also told Seeker that 1,650,000,000 was sent to active alliance but wont give the name for privacy/fairness (yet did not take him long to point to seeker where the 5,005,000,000 went,) then went on to say that 1,400,000,000 was sent to GoG bank. 5) Alex point out that 9,029,354,170 was missing and not 10 billion as gorge thought. 6) Gorge has claimed from day one that he put 5,000,000,000 from his bank in to the BK bank and they are just lying to get more cash 7) When I asked for proof like the tenth time, I was finally told that Gorge nuked the bank records, this tells me they are unable to prove that Gorge did or did not steal funds at this time. all they would say was the money sent from BK offshore to me was un sanctioned in the end. I was given screenshots that showed Alex had told Seeker where the cash had gone, So i had a chat with Alex. Now when i talked to Alex he gave me screen shots of his chat with Seeker, he also said I could share them. Do I believe Gorge stole 5 billion, NO I do not, I agreed to pay the 5 billion as gorge was paying me back Now I would like to point out this is not an aggressive act, nor a plot against BK/NPO Now when I was in talks with NPO's point person on this issue I will say this, they clearly stated that once an agreement was in place they would start peace talks with gorge, keep in mind that at this point only gorge was at war. however within one week of me agreeing to pay all of Demacia is hit, when I asked Leo why he stated that gorge had been leaking in formation and was warned, now until yesterday no logs had been leaked publicly that I had known of. Also I should add this I guess. I do have the logs of Keshav, Roquentin, Leo the Great, Underlogic talking about how they will raid me until I run out of cash, how they will force me to delete, and if i ever re-roll will keep hitting me until I quit for good.
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    hey, outside of political views, i just want you to know that your opinion is valid and heard. your opinion, that of a member of a major alliance is one of the most important. oftentimes we get too caught up in "the FA of x alliance thinks y so we should roll them" or something but members like you arent in the loop in those sorts of things and just want to PLAY THE GAME TO HAVE FUN. anyways im really sleep deprived so i make no sense but all i want you to know from one player of this game to another is that i wish more "normal" members of major alliances would talk on the OWF because you guys are the silent majority, the people who keep this game running. thanks for speaking up
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    Kerchtog is looking at this incorrectly. They should (when beiged) join Fark sphere. They should start building up their aircraft. So, eventually BK will point to Kerchtog like "oh hey, you guys lost all your members. Hahahaha" and then in like, three days, the entirety of Kerchtog will have max aircraft... Make this happen guys, and send my nation 10 billion for this amazing war strat.
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    Imagine declaring war from Vacation mode....oh wait!
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    House Stark still kept the MDoAP though... This is all a conspiracy between NPO and t$ to lower their infra to hit BK.
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    It is quite illustrating that you have a group who think that the application of community rules is actually a positive thing for the community, and another very small group who continue to vocally post about how some forums members shouldn't be able to make reports because of some kind of identification with the banned imagery? Makes you think
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    As some of you are already aware, tragedy has struck the Nation of Weeedsylvania. Today our glorious Weedmaster and Bonglord, Dracula But With Nugs 4 Fangs was found double dead in his residence, Castle Paraphernalia. Forensics experts were able to match the trace amounts of resin from the remains to the deceased ruler's private stash. Unfortunately the cause of death and motive are still wrapped in mystery as no murder weapon was recovered and none of his extensive bong collection of stolen. In fact, the only thing missing from the crime scene is the leader's famed nugs which he replaced his fangs with. It is unclear if they were stolen or if they caught fire and the ashes mixed with his remains. Leaders from around the world have been reacting to the announcement of the untimely death Although they were not reached for a comment, local Kindergardener Noctis from Ethereum commented but we did not print it as it was just incoherent babble about that one alliance. A funeral will be held Sunday for his family, friend, and various Igors that he was close to, then he shall be buried with his extremely gross collection of roaches as per his final wishes. December 7th, 1599 - December 6th, 2019
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    Perhaps you're genuine? As a Co A line member (which includes t$) (and someone not in gov), I'd like the leaders/negotiators of Co B to consider the line members of Co B. Through the release of many Co B logs as well as posts such as yours on this very forum, there is a theme that some Co B players are not supportive of the agenda to bully Co A members into deleting. As a Co A member, I am worried about the welfare and wellbeing of Co B players who may feel disjointed from the narcissistic and immoral motivations of their leadership, and otherwise under threat of the very same bullying tactics to not stand up for yourselves. My plea today is for the leaders/negotiators of Co B, put aside your ego and pride and act in the best interest of your alliance members. There has been a lot of posting recently about the allegation that Co A line members are willing to acquiesce to Co B terms but for our leaders, but I think that this is really just spin and displacing the responsibility of Co B to act in the best interest of their members. Please post below if you also agree that Co B should consider the welfare of their alliance members, and the overall health of the game by reviewing their approach to achieving peace.
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    https://starwarsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/#!/BLvNJbPjQYr7FIr0ao7V Enjoy. I did take some creative liberties (the link doesn't work in the status update)
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    I disagree, people who pull these antics should be named and punished accordingly no matter who they are.
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    Who is Duke Arthur and what did killzbob do to him?
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    1. Alex needs to pay for servers to run this game which explains the reason such a system exists in the first place. 2. This game is not supposed to be a P2W, which means something must be locked behind a paywall. How else would Alex get the money to run his servers (see point 1). 3. Addressing prices: In CN the minimum donation price is $30 for all the cosmetics/perks. Compared to that the prices here seem much better. 4. I don't know why you brought up NPO/GOONS as they have little to do with your topic of Credit prices, but why would he care? If the biggest spenders are in the AAs that are killing the game then he looses very little in the short term doesn't he? With these two points in mind what price would you suggest should these items should be placed at? If not these items, then what should be payed for? How would he pay for the servers if he didn't lock anything behind a paywall?
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    Also btw, for future reference if you're going to blackmail people into doing stuff so you don't release sensitive info, then you have to realize there's no reason for them to accept it as you can keep blackmailing them with more and more demands. It'll never be worth succumbing to blackmail even if the stuff we said makes us look bad. Once you played that card, no one was going to play ball.
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    Since I was pinged, I shall comment. TEst was hit for a variety of reasons in Papers, Please. The issue was (and is) that no CB was officially given because the real reason, which was told to me by Jessica Rabbit, was that EMC was "afraid" of our upper tier. They saw what we could do when we hit their ally, and were worried about us "teaching the other side how to fight". Those were her words, not mine. This was also before I started aggressively trolling her during peace talks, which I've apologized for, so we were still on good terms at that point. EMC Rolled TEst because they were afraid of a wild card element that wasn't glued to their side like others had thought. They used the hitting of their ally, which was authorized and approved by tS gov at the time, though it was believed to only be TEst hitting them, not Arrgh and RW as well, as reason to hit TEst. The reasons given were Not following the deal perfectly, hitting an ally, running rampant for a year, being a threat to the game, I'm an asshat, and such were largely given as the reason for the war, but the real underlining reason was fear. EMC didn't want the threat of paperless siding against them in a conflict. That's why TI happened, to provide funds and growth to try and "catch up" to TEst, that's why I told JR that TEst was going to be militarizing at the end of TI because I knew they were going to hit us, and JR herself told me the main reason is because our upper tier was a threat to them and that worried them. I don't begrudge them for doing so. But also don't discount what Roq is saying. Unknown to EMC at the time Roq and I were in close contact, we were talking about working together here and there and were getting closer (at least in my mind) to becoming allies. Roq wanted to bring in NPO to help TEst in Papers, Please but we both knew it wouldn't turn any tides and would only cause the war to go further. The peace talks were rubbish in that war, and they were prior to me flipping the "I'm gonna be a constant dick" switch, because there were no clear terms laid out just like there were no clear official CBs given. Our side surrendered privately pretty early in that war, stating we want to surrender and start negotiations after round 2 or so. The talks took a while to start by EMC, and the original terms presented had OOC insults to Rozallia included, rough anti-raiding penalties against Arrgh, and an Infra limit on TEst (we were already at the infra limit just about at the time of the terms). Things dragged out from that point largely from the OOC term (which did get removed), me being an utter douche, and just really, really slow responses from EMC in the peace channel. Partisan, when you say Papers, Please didn't involve NPO at all, you are correct that it did not, directly. However considering Roq wanted to bring in NPO but the fruitlessness of it was known, we decided not to. TEsts disbandment afterwards removed future politics between us until KF planning. That ground work of trust between Roq and I before PP and during is what allowed us to work together on KF.
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    (The actual numbers make winning unsustainable) (Change the system to weigh it more in your favor and marginalize the majority) Hoo boy is this the 2019 Republican Party or what
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    Nonsense. What we need, what we've always needed, is Perfect Imbalance.
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    Ironically it's not a very good strategy long term to make a major part of the game develop an actual grudge against you.
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    @SauceMaster Id have to agree with you on that. for the most part, kerchtog's planning was underwhelming, there were several opportunities that were spoiled, and key opportunities that they were outmaneuvered in. I think most of the alliances in kerchtog know that they are gonna have to change how they tier people up, and how they deal with fa, mainly, signing more protectorates... Thing is, I do not believe they will be granted an opportunity to "get good" because IQ is deliberately stalling negotiations to kill kerchtog so that threat is never realized... Leo said in the logs he believes that next time, kerchtog will be more prepared... So instead of letting it be a challenge, they are opting to force their challenge from the game instead of meeting it head on.
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    It's... really easy to shatter on asphalt as a human. People do it to themselves all the time, and it's tragic when they do. Regardless, know what? I'll accept your apology. Completely, unequivocally, and totally. I appreciate that you do not in fact wish for me to shatter on asphalt, and that the heated discussion resulted in words said that were not meant. For my part in that, I apologise to you.
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    SRD was pretty grumpy with CoS. In reality it may have gone a month longer or so than it did.
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    Congratulations on a well deserved victory.
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    @Epi... What's are you reporting exactly? Towards whom is the report? Also, this is a No Discussion Forum.
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    What is it with you and AMVs? Your posts are cringeworthy enough without you dumping some ridiculous anime monstrosities into every thread.
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    On this day, we, The Lost Empire, The Regiment and The Red Banner do hereby declare into existence the Defensive Bloc, IronClad. Let it be known that an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. We pray for the poor souls who dont heed that warning. "May the Iron Shield us, may the Oak bind us, and may the Water carry us" Signed: The Lost Empire: Atlan Sir Oliver The Regiment: Simmons Colonel Hoffman The Red Banner: Reximus Wolfheart Blanba
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    The tl;dr is I like Wiggum. He does what he can. But the fact that it's okay for Akuryo to go on huge rants and directly insult mods, and what's his face above can go all "haha gays amirite" and nothing happens is hella frustrating. GOONS aren't "weaponizing" anything. We're cleaning up the mess y'all have let marinate for the past 8 years. Don't like it? Fix your nation before we find it.
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    This is a quick and short public announcement in light of recent events. It is strictly prohibited to discuss out-of-character (OOC) and personal information on these forum (and the game, and the official P&W Discord server.) Accusations and threats made in regard to someone's personal life (not game related) are absolutely unacceptable and we will be moderating this issue very strictly. It is my job to moderate what happens in-game, on the forum, and in the official Discord server. Anything that happens outside of these official channels should be reported to the relevant authorities, whether that is Discord itself, local police, the FBI, or relevant authorities outside of the United States. This topic is locked, and I expect no further discussion on this issue, lest you risk warning points (and your content will be taken down.) This is a very serious matter, and I am going to be in touch with lawyers and my local authorities on how to handle it.
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    You have several big alliances ready to chunk the deuce on IQ 2.0 because of these leaks. So yeah, makes a difference .
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    -Image removed for Filter Evasion.- We really didn't need 3 threads telling us your alliance declared war on another alliance... Seriously...
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