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    I threw most of this together as a quick dark theme alternative a couple years ago and have been gradually expanding it for greater customization. More specifically to allow for color selection rather than purely a fixed theme. It's reached the point of being quite usable and in need of a larger testing audience. To install it you'll need a user styles manager such as Stylus (available for Firefox and Chrome). Then all you need to do is click here: Some screenshots below of its default color scheme: No more tiny bank input fields! And of course if that color scheme isn't manly enough for you there is always the option to do this:
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    @TheNG' These words people threw around - humans, monsters, heroes, villains - to Leohann Kabbaz it was all just a matter of semantics. Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around memeing dozens. Someone else could be labeled a villain for trying to stop them. Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human. The time of semantics was at an end, Leohann Kabbaz knew. He had risen- a spiritual union between the edgiest rival factions. The ultimate fusion of wit. He was the Alpha. The endgame. Leohann Kabbaz' gaze rested on the figurine in front of him. A meek, distorted silhouette reeking of expired jokes; more vinegar than salt. Pitiful. This champion was but the artefact of an eon long past. And like his heritage, he too would soon be lost in the abyss of archived memes. Leohann smiled. "Ah you think shitposts are your ally? You merely adopted the meme. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the forum until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding! I am the great shitposter. There must be no other. Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be memed up into 198 pieces. Those memes will be repeated until what is left can be used only to paint 9gag. Whoever takes one grain of salt or one drop of tears… more than his ration, will be moderated for 155 years. If I, LeoHann Kabbaz, want the birds to drop dead from their memes… then the birds will drop dead from their memes. I am the wrath of admin. The forums I pass will see me and tremble. But whoever follows me and this trainwreck, will win untold upvotes. But whoever deserts…" A faint sigh escapes Leohann Kabbaz. His eyes shift up and a grimace contorts his face; eyes twinkling with the purity devoid of any restraint only a madman could posess. "Do you want to know why I use Photoshop? Paint is too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions. In… you see, in their last memes, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were not funny?" The pigeon just stared out into the waves. Leohann Kabbaz considered shoving him over the railing. Sure, he was hundreds of years old, but could he swim?
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    TMC sees your ROH and raises you a "Who Cares."
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    As someone who habitually went against whales, it's not the only way to beat larger nations. Planes are OP for the reason of they're the only unit that can take out other units besides its own type. If you win with planes you can kill any units. If you win with navy you can only kill ships. This dynamic needs to change, and has needed to change for a long time. The way to go about it is either make planes only kill planes, or make other things able to kill other things as well.
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    Declaration of Existence The Red Banner formally declares its existence in the world of Orbis. We didn't previously declare our existence because we didn't need to at that time. The Red Banner is a communist and socialist alliance and we wish to unite all like minded nations together under one banner, The Red Banner. We vow to protect all our comrades against any who would disturb our peace, we value friendship, sharing and strong willed people who aren't afraid to say it how it is. "As leader of The Red Banner I pledge myself to the alliance to lead to the best of my ability, to show wisdom in times of peace and strength in times of war." I wish good luck to all my comrades and all future allies Thank you.
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    Dear Sheepy, what other things have you done that is causing me to get this several times when using the back button on my mouse when I never got it before your changes?
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    She tried to squeeze a surrender out of UA and ended up surrendering TWICE, losing her alliance and any small ounce of respect she may have had. All within 48 hours. Now that's impressive.
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    You are literally just as bad as the last leader now
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    something something micro announcements something something two weeks
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    They already tried that one 🤣
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    personally im still somewhat confused
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    Congrats on peace And yes, this time it is agreed to by both parties.
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    I want a Nazi sphere to form, and I want the Nazis and soviets to form the Molotov Pact, annex a BK protectorate together, and eventually betray each other during the ensuing war. Too bad Nazi alliances aren't allowed while soviet ones are for some reason. (Because Alex is a marxist.)
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    2015: ability to hit planes with other units please 2016: ability to hit planes with other units please 2017: ability to hit planes with other units please 2018: ability to hit planes with other units please 2019: ability to hit planes with other units please Alex any year: No, but what about this new beautiful *insert some useful change*? I think we should stop asking and see if reverse psychology works
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    Keno and Dice are not reliable monetary sources and are not comparable to baseball in that regard. Keno operates more like a money sink than it does a money generator and while some have made a net positive from playing it, that has not been the case for an unfortunate majority. Additionally, I think Keno and Dice make good in wars when you're blockaded and carrying money that you wouldn't want your enemies stealing. Gambling it on casino games yields either, a net gain which you gamble further or invest into your nation, or a net negative which your enemy can no longer steal. Yeah it's not what PnW is about, ultimately, but I think it's a mechanic that serves a unique purpose in losing wars; preventing the enemy from stealing money + little bit of fun if you happen to win.
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    I mean this entire statement is wrong, BK's "burden of proof" for nova was way may compelling, the nova incident, im not sure why you think the burden of proof regarding AK is even remotely substantial, all the "proof" people have from AK is one government member cheated and may or may not have gotten that information from elsewhere. Nova being rolled "portionally" is really another argument altogether, the real argument I was trying to get across here was that, there is not enough proof to implicate AK or their government at this time. It partially my fault the argument strayed slightly but anyways overall there is not enough burden of proof to implicate AK, furthermore mass damage to the economic status of the game did not occur in this incident, With information I dont really see how anyone can expect anything to happen to them, I am not about to throw a ally under the bus for a action of one person. Like i said before if you have any other proof then dm me, we will be happy to reevaluate if such a time comes.
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    I don’t agree that downvotes are politicized. For instance, the people who have the most downvotes (from both sides of the coalitions) typically post the things that either make the least amount of sense to others/are seeking attention/are generally disrespected due to their own actions. Roquentin is the leader of the opposite coalition of me, but I would be willing to bet that I have upvoted more things than I have downvoted of his. I would bet that it is the case for a good portion of folks from both sides of the aisle.
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    The Astra Complaint Form is now active and ready to be used. https://forms.gle/cYSjUnB8ZyCf7GMr9
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    I still disagree with that. People are just annoyed that the activity is roughly the same shit today. It'll pass, and this board will go back to being DoEs and other boring stuff.
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    On the nation page, on the right side of the name where the ship appears when you're blockaded, I think it would be nice if the alt text that says "This nation in blockaded" could also name the rulers who're holding the blockade on the nation. Something like "This nation has been blockaded by Lalo, Ferm, Fermion
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    Your first line basically means Aircrafts can do more damage since wars with planes only last longer. You are contradicting yourself here and strengthening my point of how OP aircrafts are. They can destroy Aircrafts AND Tanks. What is being suggested here is we let tanks do the same thing Tanks are super costly-they cost 1 steel to produce. And when Airstriked, you lose 2000 steel in a go at the least. Aircrafts on the other hand cost 4 aluminium. When airstriked, you can lose like 1200 aluminium and some cash on average. The suggestion here is to equalize the damage done. The OP makes the tanks OP so I've suggested decreasing the ratio by another factor of 10. Then, we take out like 50 aircrafts~150 aluminium. This is still way too small though and wont even have that much of an impact except curbing how many units you gain a day. Even if the largest nation was in a war, he takes out say 800 air with AS on air and around 9000+ tanks with AS on tanks Equating, thats 2400 alu but 9000 steel You can already see how damaging aircrafts are from this example. But if implemented, there is an extra 300 air taken out making the damage equal to 1200ish planes or 3600 alu, bridging the gap by a bit
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    Okay, so uh, anti aircraft work against air attacks, planes being destroyed by ground attacks would just be normal realistic warfare. Your enemy having air supremacy is exactly when AA guns are most useful, making this suggestion not.only laughably stupid an obvious in it's bias (as you usually are) but also useless. The point of AA guns is being able to shoot down planes, without planes. Again, makes the entire suggestion pointless and is an obvious of bias for an alliance that uses only planes. God forbid ya gotta change strategies if the war system is more balanced lol. Not that the way this is suggested is exactly a proper solution to anything.
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    You've been issued a warning for Spam Posting. Topic locked.
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    I like the current UI. But yes, the resources thing is a problem. I'd love to see that changed back.
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    We all know this was really just about increasing Alex's ad revenue. The timing changes make us look at the ads longer rather than just click past them. Well done Alex. Well done.
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    "We were all at peace with the name" man not even your own robots were all at peace with it don't even try to sell that bullshit.
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    Join the Mines after you make those micros merge into your micro lel Absolutely it will happen but keep it down we cant let them know that 4 out of 6 of the alliances that make up this bloc are Weeb based
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    Your deflection skills have dropped since your vacation
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    There is a god! Now, please, let this be the last post about Kingsglove and The Oranges.
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    The market doesn't generate money, baseball does Creates new money for the player: Baseball, nation revenue thanks to infra, etc. No new money are created, they just change hands: Market, looting, etc. Creates new money and then changes hands: Polaris bank
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    This is a text book example of moving the goal posts. And each time you move the goal posts, you're still wrong. Your first claim was that libcoms were in the White Army. When I cracked a joke about the Black Army, you had no idea what I was talking about, as evidenced by your response, which doesn't even work as a joke. Then, you claimed that the Black Army was part of the White Army. When I pointed out that, no this wasn't true, you now claim that it's true because "they occupied the same area?" What does that even mean? Two options, ideology or geography. Ideologically, having a nonzero amount of libcoms somewhere in the White Army doesn't not negate that the vast, vast, vast majority were in the Black Army, which was never allied with the Whites. Geographically is the weaker and more bizarre of the arguments, but I have to cover it because your statement is so poorly structured. That fact that both the Blacks and the Whites held similar territories at different times and fought the Reds at different timed doesn't make them allied. Telling me to take it to discord after "doing my research" when you're making baseless statements that aren't backed up by any historical accounts is intellectual cowardice. As is your equal baseless opinion that "the Union was just as bad" in the civil war. And the implication that the South wouldn't hate African Americans so much if they had just remained slaves until the South decided to let them go is so far beyond red herring victim blaming that it boggles the mind. It's pretty clear that you are emotionally invested in numerous of histories losers and trot out the canned talking points that make them seem like the morally wronged noble side, but these points don't hold up to any analysis if you have even a passing knowledge of the situations.
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    They do realize NPO declared on us right? . . . . Right?
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    Talking about BK, the games biggest micro. Quit being so vain
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    This should’ve ended ages ago this is such a big mess there must be about 100000 alliances this could be targeted at (This is a joke to all them blind people)
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    I assume this means as a "hero" you don't have any actual power in game?
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    Ssshh you just included yourself in the blitz..
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    On Behalf on my Citizens, May I Welcome you to our Alliance, the Ecotopian International Co-operative Alliance!!!,Here we prides ourselves on the Freedom of Democracy, Equality, and of course, Unity,We are an Alliance who looks out for one Another, whether you may be alone or another Alliance wishing to Co-operative and Co-exist alongside our Organisation, then we may be the Alliance of your Hopes and Dreams,Please feel free to join at your own choice,Thank you for visiting, Please come again soon,HRH King ClarkeyBoy2707 of The Kingdom of the United Islands of Ecotopia
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    Thanks for the report. The offending player has been issued a nation strike.
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    As I said time and time again: 1. We had no plan to hit you during this war. 2. We were adamantly against hitting you during this war. 3. The current leadership had nothing major against you until you started spreading lies and nonsense about us. I have said literally nothing about attacking NPO at all. My prior plans were solely about IQ and those ended once you split. And, honestly, you were the less threatening half of the IQ duo once you split because you didn't threaten escalation every other week or make it obvious that you were gunning for us. Getting back to the main point though, the only person I discussed a hypothetical war concerning NPO/t$ during this war with phrased it as if you all attacked us, not the other way around and I gave an honest, exasperated answer. You have no proof of us wanting to attack you because there is none.
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    ok...i think you need to look again at who is doing the whining genius. those of us quietly playing baseball did not come here and start this thread. we didnt go crying to the devs because we dont think its fair that we cant insta win a war. and as far as Alex and his servers go...i could care less. if he wants to print money he can add paid adds onto the baseball page. our daily clicks should be more than enough for to make him happy and forget about the idiot wallet warriors
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