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    Just because SHEEP like you guzzle up the SLOP shoveled out by the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn't mean nothing is wrong! Only the MOST WOKE gov in Bad Company can even BEGIN to piece together the monstrous depths this conspiracy reaches! STEEL is just the BEGINNING, I've been working for years, gathering evidence, making the CONNECTIONS! It's begun to appear before my eyes... I just need more time....MORE TIME!!!
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    For every alliance that merges into BK, I get Papa John's rewards points.
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    Wow a war stats thread by someone in IQ? Times sure have changed. This week IQ passed Rose/KT sphere in net damages and now are about 2.6 bil ahead. Here's the wars broken down to an individual level across the entire conflict. Methodologies are described in the first page. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vTIi_YY_nY8xTNiCDef92vATYo3n-9MEmP7Rgt1NMpg/edit#gid=1002060857
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    Can't wait for the next one in 2020.
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    No. NO! You tread a dark path Buorhann, you must turn back now. That is always how it starts, first it sounds like a good idea to sign one IQ alliance. Then you must sign another, and another. Then your members begin succumbing to Roquentin's corruption, babbling endlessly about planes and 100% taxes before they are replaced with robotic replicas under his control! Soon you have to kick all your members above 16 cities, sign double MDPs with all IQ AAs, and even laugh at Seeker's jokes. There is no stopping the cycle now, your alliance merges with BK and Roq's ascension ritual gains strength! I have barely escaped with my life and sanity thus far, but I fear for the world. Everyone must keep hitting IQ, lose, and pay them 10 billion in reps to stay out of the upper tier. That's the only way to stop the cycle!
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    Here is my version of the complete war stats, including the final war stats for Nuke bloc vs. TKR/Guardian/TC/GoB. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CUQB4ffrWnCEQWcKz5lewRzsRK4HRfFwyjkt_eTfh9U/edit?usp=sharing The market prices used are: food=110, coal=3638, oil=3328, uranium=2995, lead=3641, iron=3765, bauxite=3075, gasoline=3720, munitions=2125, steel=4598, aluminium=2943 based on average market prices for the past 45 days. Infrastructure damage value is calculated similar to Frawley's but should take into account the rebuying of infrastructure as well. The way it works is like this: for each attack in each war, the time is recorded, as well as who the attacker and defender are for that particular attack. According to the score graph breakdown on the defender's nation page, the infrastructure level for the latest date and time before the attack is calculated, and divided by the amount of cities at that time (also from the score chart) to find the average infrastructure per city. The cost of the infrastructure is calculated using the same method as in the infrastructure cost calculator with the starting infrastructure given as the maximum of (average infra per city - infrastructure destroyed in the attack) or 0, and the ending infrastructure as the maximum of either infrastructure destroyed, or the average infra per city. Military unit values are calculated at cost, including missile and nuclear weapon costs. Loot values include victory and alliance bank loots. I haven't organised the data for each individual nation like Leo did in his thread, but the sheet with all the raw data is available so you can filter by your nation ID to find that out. The alliance ID of alliances not listed on the final page (that go in the 'other' category) is also available in the raw data. It includes references to each war by the war ID so you can also check to make sure it's correct. I've done some random manual checks to make sure all the data is valid for each war, but if you find any errors please let me know, or let me know if some wars are missing. The only wars that shouldn't have been included are ones against nations that have deleted, the alliance no longer exists or against someone not in an alliance.
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    Said nobody. It is the end of the war though. Which war? The one where all the whales were fighting and killing the planet with radiation and nukes and salt and stuff. Idk how I got convinced into writing this but, whatever. Literally too lazy to even type out the terms so I'll copy and paste it: Signed for Nuke Bloc: Alpha, Fark, NK, SA, WTF Signed for Non-Nuke Bloc: AdMech, Grumpy, Guardian, Purple Flower Garden, TCW, TKR
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    Orange Defense Network To all, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding ODN's war status, so I felt some clarification was needed. On the 24th of March, the Golden Horde hit ODN. From our perspective for no reason, from theirs for a variety of reasons. They claimed we were part of this "IQ" coalition. C'est la vie though, that's life. We were attacked by the Horde. They called the attack a 'mass raid,' but as far as ODN was concerned, this was and remained a war. Multiple waves of attacks sending us to beige and then happening again and again are not a 'raid' in our book. We don't mind dealing with raids, we have lots of respect for raiders. This was not a raid as far as we were concerned (they are welcome to call it what they want). They told us the only way the attacks would end, would be if we cancelled our treaties with NPO. Well no thank you. The day anyone but ODN dictates who ODN can and cannot call friend will be a cold day in hell. In all honesty, besides from apparently our friends in NPO we couldn't even tell you who is in IQ. Certainly we dont consider ourselves in it. I'm sure they are fine folks, and we've got the utmost respect for NPO, but we had no interest in joining the global war and anyone who talked to us could have figured that out. As such, just because the global war has ended, *OUR* war with the Golden Horde has NOT ended. Just as we never intended to go to war with IQ, nor do we intend to declare peace with the Golden Horde simply because a bunch of random other alliances declared peace. Especially not considering how this whole thing started. We are under no delusions. The Golden Horde is bigger than us. They are more experienced then us. They outnumber us. We were attacked when we weren't expecting it and that hit us hard. We have limited resources. I suspect that for every 1 million of damage we do to the Horde, they will do 10 million to us. That's fine. We'll make that trade gladly, week after week. But we will deal damage. And we will not give in. They can smash us into a bloody pulp, crack our skulls, break every bone in our body. Our teeth will still be lodged firmly in their flesh at the end of it. ::Grins:: if nothing else, this will be a nice lesson on ODN's character for the rest of the world. I'm sure there are plenty out there who are better nation builders. Better with war mechanics. More experienced. But we're an ornery stubborn bunch of asses when you rile us up. I suspect TGH will get to see that first hand. There's nothing personal with this. I am looking forward to a long and good war with TGH. Most of them have been fine opponents so far. If I need to be reduced to a smoking pile of rubble, I am glad they will be the ones doing it! But in ODN we have a code of honor we live by. And the real test of such a code is not in easy times, but when facing overwhelming odds. So for everyone asking.... yes ODN considers itself at war with TGH. No we are not peaceing out because IQ did. Yes we intend to have a lot of fun with them on the battlefield. No this war won't be ending anytime soon, no matter how hopeless it is, not until *we* are satisfied that we've gotten what we need.
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    The Golden Horde would like to extend a congratulations to Roquentin, leader of IQ. We’ve been following you for some time. Your studies in the art of manipulation are steller. Your most recent achievements, getting Cornerstone to merge into the Black Knights, has caught our eye the most. We see a high level of potential for you in the future. Congratulations on your achievements. Respectfully, Kastor, Dean of The Golden Horde
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    Tiber the Black's offensive met into much trouble as his forces were repelled again and again. General Henrich seeing how BK was beginning to slow in their offensive and faltering, moved to begin a counterattack with those not too tied up fighting off wave after wave of Roquentin's Communist black clad "anti-fascist" goons. The target was the forces under Gorge, the brute who had surrounded himself with Tiber's forces to keep the damage to his own light. As the attacks came in Gorge, as these types tend to be when damaged back began to wilt. As he had before when under Lordaeron Gorge cowered, and so Gorge pledged all of his forces to Tiber the Black if Tiber would rescue him from the deadly attack on him. And so another offensive began from Tiber the Black's forces to secure the absorption of Gorge's Cornerstone forces into his own Black Knights. The Roz sent congratulations to Henrich for his victory over Cornerstone, so grand that it made them give up their identity and join fully with Tiber's forces. He sent his condolences to Tiber for actually accepting such a deal. Being a master of the Art of the Deal, the Roz knew a bad deal when he saw one. ======= Roz Wei's attack has resulted in the dissolving of Cornerstone into the Black Knights. Good luck to Cornerstone members in their new home.
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    As you know, I have dedicated my life to finding out the truth behind the politics of Orbis. Now I have made two new discoveries, that I share with you all now. Nothing that you know is true, join me in uncovering the secrets of this world (and new meme formats) And this one will be no surprise to the most woke war stats folks!
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    >When you run out of potential treaties to sign so you just start merging all your alliances together ”Bodiakstonaeron” BK+Zod+CS+Lord
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    Just got me some fancy new internet today. First thing I did with it? Well it wasn't uploading this, but it was close. Also to celebrate the change I'm unveiling a new opening with a special thanks to @ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘-̶™, @JtTeE, and @Malal for their help with the steamroller. Not like any of you care about this so I'll just roll the film now.
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    I remember when we vehemently shit on the idea of a 6 month NAP because it was too long. Man, those were the days. Too bad they're far gone.
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    6 months where most of the game can't attack each other. Brilliant.
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    Shoutout to my man Roquentin pulling 18 hour shifts to *inflate stats* this war. This stuff ain't easy folks, IQ actually would've only done $10 in damage without his hard work.
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    One night, the Nords found themselves caught in a storm and swept deep into enemy territory. As they sailed, they saw explosions in the distance, telltale signs of fighting. As they neared the exchange, they soon realized it was the ships of the God Emperor himself battling with some strange folk with a green flag. They fearlessly rammed into the enemy ships and began their assault in aid of the God Emperor. Tl;dr NSR declares war on House Tyrell in defense of IoM Signed by: King- Leif Erikson Jarl of MA- Lord Buffington Jarl of FA- Sun Yat-Sen Shoutout Juche Gvng
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    BK has been exposed to Cornerstone! What? BK is evolving! Congratulations! Your BK has evolved into a bigger pile of s***! And it has gained a new skill: Rant on the Forum About Winning the Low Tiers 24/7! Congratulations!
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    First and foremost, you need to realize that unless you drastically change the War module of this game - war slot filling will always be an issue, whether it's with beige mechanics or not. Also, if defensive wars are the only ones that will get you beiged, that will not fix the issue you're having right now. Maybe a little bit, but you'll still run into the same thing you're having here. Second, like earlier, you can't keep altering your stance on the matter based on the number of reports. You initially set the precedent that as long as damage was done, it's not war slot filling. If people are being beiged, that literally fits the rule to what you've set in months past regarding the issue. Third, you have to expect players to come up with creative ways to either find loopholes in the ruling or expand on new strategic moves. If beige is removed, then the opportunity of "coming back" in a war (What you've recently been pushing) is completely removed and people will be leaving the game in droves with some mass member alliances being capable to permanently sit on nations. Honestly, I'm not entirely opposed to that, but given the fact that there are several players having issues with the current war as it is - removing beige will simply exaggerate those issues. As for a solution? Without changing the entire war module to something more strategic and interesting to the playerbase, I don't have one yet on the top of my head. I think you just need to clarify rules and stick to them, whether the reports claim otherwise. Tough love. Sidenotes: Let's keep in mind that you've gotten rid of Fortify Resistance build up, reduced Beige from 5 days down to 2 days, removed Beige from nukes, reduced damage done from beiging from 10% down to 4%, and reduced loot taken from beige. At one point, beige was powerful (Although the game mechanics then rewarded players to not beige so their opponents couldn't build back up) then it was nerfed to favor people in maintaining some infrastructure and resources so they could come back in their battles. You will always have mass member alliances or the few elite type alliances that will find creative ways to take advantage of the changes.
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    #BringBackYoso No, literally, bring him back, these stats are whack! You see, I've been bored, and waiting to discredit someones stats. Today is my day. I've been manually logging my war stats for every single war and usually every single battle. So I don't have to go far to see that these stats are a load of crap. Here is the infra damage you have for mi: 27,577.73 destroyed by me, valued at just $138,847,218.00 However, my stats, which line up with your unit kills almost perfectly, show a much different picture when it comes to infrastructure damage: The value of my infrastructure destroyed is also $680,000,000, not $138,000,000. I've manually entered the majority of my battles into the infra cost calculator to get precise numbers. Some battles I wasn't able to calculate however, those battles simply aren't included in my stats. So, as we see, there is a lovely 20,735.46 difference in infra destroyed and a beautiful $542,000,000 shortage in value of infra destroyed. Oh but no worries, my infra damage suffered and value is actually perfect, no shocker there. Now, if I were a betting man, I'm going to assume these deflated values sweep right across non-IQ and aren't just a factor with one TGH member. Point being, we appreciate the memes Leo, but you're taking it a bit too far when it comes to this meme of war stats.
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    The war is over but the memes are forever
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    The poor food farmers have been waiting for today. Finally, IQ will have cakes to eat
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    How many deletions does IQ aligned alliances have?
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    A formal notice that Stratagem and The Communist International have joined forces to form The Revolutionary Front (TRF). As separate entities SGM and TCI may have espoused somewhat differing ideologies; but those differences are miniscule in comparison to what we have in common and what we can achieve when united as one. Long Live the Revolution! P.p.s. Queen M adds: “Don’t @ me. Talk to the commie.” That’s me, hello! I’m Réjs. You’ve probably never heard of me. Believe me, that’s intentional. For better or for worse I guess that’s changing. Welp. Here we go. By the way, do you know how many commies it takes to screw in a lightbulb? Well apparently more than we have over here cuz we need some help... Visionaries: Queen M, Réjs Éminence Grise: Quan Tativ, The Internationalist, Victorious Senior Agitators: Starbuck, Comrade TCB, Comrade Hamilcar Special Advisor on Chicanery: Durmij TRF alliance page Discord is still in the cloud…
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    The Iron Curtain falls as Stratagem annexes another Soviet satellite, The Communist International. Will Queen Stalin ever stop?
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    C'mon guys, don't be mean to Felkey. Poor guy just found out TCW was selected to merge into BK next, because they did such great work hitting Nuke Bloc for IQ a couple weeks ago. I'm told it's a great honor to be chosen to add your strength to the collective, but I guess some don't see it that way.
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    This isn't really a post worth dumping on. We all claim to want dynamism but when an alliance actually does do something outside of the norm, from a position of weakness no less, they get shit on.
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    Let's look at the positive side of a majority of the game agreeing not to fight each other for 6 months: Alliances can cut expenses by getting rid of their milcom departments @Alex The next half of a year will be the perfect time to change/update the war mechanics, since nobody will be having any wars PnW can change it's name to the much cleaner and concise title "Politics... sorta" Less fighting will give us more time to find a new hobby to replace this one
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    Ooh, what's this? A bonus! This one's for @Abbas Mehdi
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    Since people are complaining about the 6-month NAP and the stagnation of the game, I'm looking forward to all the non-participants starting something up in the near future! As for those who fought in the war, it was good (and sometimes painful) fun while it lasted.
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    Acadia is at 38. United Purple Nations is at 28. Polaris is at 29. The United Empire of ZahAharon is at 30. Orange Defense Network is at 28. Total nations = 153 How alliances can continue when BK top guys pronounce their alliances to be "flies" and "irrelevant" I do not know. Very low self respect I guess. As Who Me at BK previously said, alliances unlike yours just exist to be swatted, which sounds great when most of your allies are such alliances. IQ may well be the worse Bloc ever with the sheer lack of care for their minions, I mean friends, I mean minions. You have NPO who doesn't care but is smart to keep it's mouth shut so some doubt exists. Then you have BK who are fools who can't learn to close it and so take away any such doubt that might exist.
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    Can't deny the fact that this is a nice propaganda thread. Does this also record the amount of reports your leadership sends in to Alex too, @LeotheGreat?
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    I'm not in IQ. This is what I meant when I said I lose braincells.
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    @ MoonShadow: I’m not even sure if you’re trolling now, because every time I see one of your posts, I lose brain cells. Keep the drivel that regularly manages to escape your mouth within it, please. You’re polluting the air.
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    Raid peace Ordinary peace ✓ Attrition peace
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    Sad! Also, it has been brought to my attention that I should have signed off like so: Signed for Shadow-EMC minus Pantheon minus t$ minus Rose (aka half the sphere/bloc): Grumpy, Guardian, TCW, TKR
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    I've noticed this was leveled a lot during this dual-pronged great war. "You never do anything". So lets go over the timeline to explain why we have stagnation here: 1. An alliance/sphere gets rolled. The defender can be friends with the attacker. It makes no difference and there are no consequences for the aggressor. 2. Post-war the defeated alliance/sphere is smaller, less attractive as a treaty partner and usually they had a PR train run on them by the much larger side. 3. They try to sign new allies, but only their old allies that went through the shit with them stick it out. Mostly, other alliances try to be nice but create enough distance they won't need to defend them if they are 'next'. They may even try to use them as meatshields while helping to set up their rolling later on. 4. They are unable to do anything. Should they try to do something, it's usually a smaller sphere war, something manageable and is usually squashed when a bigger alliance steps in to take advantage. And by squashing the war, the larger sphere/alliance can continue to claim that that alliance/sphere 'does nothing'. Win-win! 5. You get rolled for not doing anything. The alliance/sphere is blamed for the stagnation and even use it as the CB on them. Bigger sphere gets to claim it did something for use next cycle. Rinse and Repeat every year or two. Lets take IQ. People tried to blame them for stagnation, but who is going to sign an IQ alliance? Sure, TKR tried to pull NPO into their sphere against all their allies. But who really is going to sign an IQ alliance and not force them to be a huge sellout? So they have to further consolidate with each other, the only alliances that will have them. The cycle continues as people tell them they are ruining the game with all their treaties even though there are twice as many paperless treaties in this game. Post-war, make no bones about it. There will be one sphere in this game. Whatever you want to call it. EMC, Paperless EMC, Not-IQ, etc. You can go roll Pantheon who is probably 'next', but after them either you can just complain that nothing happens or actually create a political environment in this game. Because we haven't had one for a very long time. Congrats to BK for being the last alliance to take a stab at that. Yes, some laugh at them for the move, reinforcing stagnation yet again. But win or lose, at least they did something politically unlike most of the rest, who while dropping some paper treaties, just kept a paperless one in place and made no real risks to create a better game. I get the attractiveness to paperless ties. You get to fight in easy wars, claim you allied and you don't have to defend someone if they are going to lose. But they are also a big contributing factor to the game's boredom.....in my opinion....that will not be heard by the people who need it the most. Best of luck to you all.
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    Only a month ago you severely reduced the damage and loot of beiges, and now this?