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    250 people who are actively being told not to associate with the rest of the game other than hitting buttons when they're told to.
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    You guys are heroes for generating drama.
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    since this is the OOC section of the forums..... (remember?) welcome all the new nations that were just recruited into the game! and thank you to NPO or whoever else is doing outside recruiting to keep the game growing.
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    1) The insinuation that NPO is manipulating these folks. It's the same old "NPO members are mindless fools, NPO's gov are duplicitous manipulators sitting on a throne of lies and deceit" narrative, but applied to a new group. Like Charles said, not only are we not manipulating this community, we wouldn't be capable of doing so if we wanted to. They're exercising their own best judgment here. 2) The notion that "the community" (meaning the game at large and active posters in particular) gets to decide what's best for them. First of all, "the community" very much included them the second they made non-multi nations, so acting as though they need to do something to gain admission to it is pretty scummy. Second of all, acting as though they owe "the community" anything - interaction, access, etc. - by dint of having more than a dozen new nations on a single AA is also pretty dumb. Older players are entitled to exactly nothing as far as new players and new alliances go. The line between drama and toxicity is, generally, the line between IC and OOC. It's the line between knowing what "no thank you" means and hunting down invites to Discord servers that you've been explicitly told you're not wanted in; it's the line between voicing displeasure at your lack of access here and insinuating that other people are mindless drones; it's the line between expressing concern for your alliance's future strategic position and claiming that 300 new members on a single alliance will kill the game.
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    In a time where toxicity is rampant on the forums and there is not an ounce of empathy in a game where 28 city whales prey on the weak and defenseless 8 city nations, only one place offers refuge for the weary, the kindhearted, the poets, philosophers, and the peaceful. My inbox apparently.
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    Somewhere along the way, Orbis’ wish for new drama got lost in translation and God plopped this on our laps.
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    Have to get to 2048 to win though...
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    All the other alliances you hit to statpad wanted to join?
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    "New players joining the game is great except when they join NPO." Who would've guessed all the high and mighty rhetoric about "game health" goes away when people join alliances you don't like. 😂
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    You know, looking at the damage dealt to determine who is winning is like to look at a statistic of ww1 and claim the central power have won because of the positive net casualties they have.
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    Don't say anything bad about Fark or kosmo guys. Or @Inanimate Carbon Rod will warn you for trolling.
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    Awww, thanks, Roq. Glad to hear you think so.
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    Hay, PrimeTime BootyTime will be this friday at the normal time (7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern). The only reason this is going to be controversial is that I'm going to talk about how Kertchtog is still crushing coalition B in the stats and as to who's really at fault for the war, along with the usual fun and dumb stuff we always do like jokes, interviews, music, and alchohol dependency. We have some guests lined up, but Imma hold off on announcing who and when ;). We hope to see you there this friday on Factory Fresh Media! Discord invite: https://discord.gg/NEwrVh
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    Achievement Name: True Optimist Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have at least one farm with -100% food production.
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    If it doesn’t include something to the effect of acknowledging who the best waifu is, I might actually be a bit disappointed. Thanks for posting this, it gave me a couple chuckles ;D
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    The performance reminds me of BBS days.
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    To clarify, I can see why you view us as a threat independent of your CB and a large part of that comes from what I know you believe of us, namely your belief in a TKR shadow gov that hates NPO and has unchecked influence on our FA direction. That's what I meant when I said I could see where you were coming from. This isn't a rallying point for you because your stated CB is still garbage and your beliefs about us are grounded in rumors and paranoia. I've said it many times and I'll say it again. I had no intent of swinging around on you this war and, as has already been shown on here, I spoke out against expanding the war to your sphere. I know you guys don't trust me but you don't even need to take that at face value; there were more than a dozen witnesses to me saying all that before you ever hit and the stated reason you gave for me supposedly wanting to swing over, that I believed you to be working with BK, was refuted publicly here on the OWF prior to the attacks and in DMs with your alliance's gov. You made your rules, or t$ did rather, and we were going to play by them. And if you believe nothing else, consider what a poor move dragging in all of t$ sphere on the side of BK would have been strategically - we like a challenge but we're not stupid. If you were worried about retaliation for your actions post war/down the line and wanted to improve your chances post-war, that's fair. That is part of the game, after all, and there are consequences for every action you make. You picked the wrong alliance/sphere to worry about for that though. Returning back to the propaganda bit, if you want to view our propaganda in a personal light, that's your prerogative. However, it's a decision that only serves to make things sucky for you on an individual level because it's a decision to take things personally, which can't possibly be enjoyable. So let me be clear: I don't know your history and I don't want to - it's none of my business and it's irrelevant to what I'm trying to do when greenlighting things. When we make ads, it's based on in-character actions; that ad wasn't directed at you specifically but at your alliance's actions, which I felt was clear. You are not mentioned in it after all, not your name, not your pfp; the ad only contains your alliance's flag. If something confuses you or you feel like it's an OOC hit against you, come talk to us. I'm not a mindreader and expecting me to understand your history and intuit that you might take it personally is an unrealistic expectation.
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    On a more esoteric level, does this mean I should remove the Statpads that both sides have dragged into the war? I mean you could also argue that t$ (not saying you are a Statpad btw) was not part of Coalition B either, and that would massively boost the stats for Coaltion B given how negative they were on net damage. I think we need some community consensus on this matter, but I don't think that it should be entirely at either individual parties discretion either. Do uninvolved (non-BK/Yarr) have thoughts on the matter?
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    No. You are *now*, but you have had wars cancelled before and I know it for it a fact. I frankly give zero shits what you think about it. Get Alex to say it's illegal to say you're going to report someone. You're the making it out to be a common occurrence and that I extract concessions from people to avoid reporting them regularly. I do report suspected violations but the only time i ever did it ahead of time was when it was a particularly malicious case. I have zero interest in slofilling impacting stuff before it's addressed. It's constantly happened in this game and it reporting in a timely fashion essential. I want you to point to another instance of me doing it. You have an agenda to shit on me at all costs and blow it out of proportion. I don't care if you've ever done it or not. You're the one making it into the crime of the century and you can can the sanctimonious BS. Like I'm just going to treat you like you treat me and you can go eat shit.
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    Oh, you're probably somewhat correct that just telling people to screw off would be more efficient, but it also fits into what they're saying about a hegemony. Of course the only hegemonic stuff I've seen has been them trying to muscle people into cancellations and other stuff. It's pretty clear they don't care. The soup example would be used to say soup was smaller than them. If just arguing the point makes the community toxic and there is no opportunity for dialogue or exchange of ideas, then it's just going to be war without politics. I see where you are coming from though, but they have already chosen their path from what I can tell, but yeah I guess doesn't make sense to bother.
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    im sure they won't disappoint...
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    Um, there was no plan to use them for the war. Maybe for the ones that want to get more involved, but it'd be a big adjustment to suddenly build 300 people into range where they'd be relevant to the war as MrBooty said. All this relies on the premise that a huge portion are going to build and become part of the wider meta right away. The main thing I think you're missing is similar events have happened with other websites in other games. Most invasion sites were not really tapped for whatever reason when Alex launched the game 5 years ago in the current state, there was no effort to get mass invasion groups and it was just mainly mean invasion groups like bloc trying to do stuff. It limited the playerbase from the get-go to just diehards from other games and some people that got recruited but most of the alliances that are statistically relevant have roots elsewhere. This made the game small and not scaled to large growth in population. When Fark did greenlights in other games or the imgur bomb flanderlion brought up in NS, it was literally just a try out and the proportion that stayed was always limited. The reason it hasn't happened here is there's simply too limited advertising and the donation benefits more or less guarantee a steady stream of revenue where expansion isn't a pressing concern. Like if you want an influx where they'll be tabula rasa and not affiliated with anyone, then that's sort on the administrative team to find places to advertise the game in an impartial manner. The over reliance on the players themselves to bring communities over is one of the biggest problems the game has. It's unprecedented to sort of ask people to spread people they brought over. The person invited them for the benefit of some people and as you said we don't really stand to gain by giving everyone else easy troll or poaching access early on. I really had no prior knowledge and I'm sure the turn out was unexpected as there are a lot 30k discord servers where this would get a tumbleweed. We just don't really feel an overarching obligation to expose them to the current levels of toxicity. We usually take the high road and avoid all the bait on the PW server, but we have no real need to go out of our way to facilitate trolling and/or anti-NPO rhetoric. As I said, if there's a desire to have a safe and welcoming environment for players then it's gonna require structure and moderation. As of now however, people are expecting saintliness from us when we have had a ton of messed up rhetoric thrown our way on there the entire run.
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    I think... tKR is... not bad.
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    All hail the great goddess Skae
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    was this coordinated disrespect? or just coordinated posts?or uncordinated disrespectful posts?we need answers.
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    I prefer the alternative, where I guide GOONS to the light, and collect as many tears as possible.
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    Shoulda just owned it. Poaching is not a sin. You're the got damn DU. Take what is yours.
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    Narh they didn't @Frawley , have you never seen the video clip? The man was never caught, while he have become a symbol for the fight against chinese oppression.
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    Actually we were approached by someone who isn't in NPO and wasn't affiliated with NPO before this. I don't really expect a huge turnout so it's very much just them doing an interest check for the time being. This isn't something we instigated.
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    So more wars + getting my approval rating from Approval Rating: 0% (-525.26) to 20% + an achievement. Count me in. That said, I'm highly doubtful this will happen.
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    It's not in NPO's interests to see BK fall. They'd lose their connection behind the doors, Cooper. There was no intention for them to fully separate because they remain paranoid over KETOG/Chaos, despite the fact that the only ones who have actually shown any effort of changing up the politics of the game was Chaos/KETOG aligned alliances, and I guess Syndicate too to an extent.
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    @Frawley - That's a pretty ignorant statement to make considering that I've given tips and help across the board, whether in private DMs or from a few of my shows where I talked mechanics. You don't have to be in TGH to receive advice from me if you're a player looking to do better.
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    It's not specifically you I said like you. There are plenty of people who mainly trash talk on there. It has a serious issue with it. You just happened to post so I said it off the top of my head. A lot of people actually will try to poison the well early on.
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    Nobodies ankles are safe anymore.
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    I was kind of curious about this, but guess they joined over from some light novel site someone has & it sort of spontaneously happened. Who knows how many will stick around, although not sure how it’s a bad thing if they did bring another online community to the game & being friendly with them. My thoughts were more the lines of being impressed they managed to get that many to join legit in such a short time. Think if others can get large amounts of players to join from other communities; they should also probably take advantage of a situation where they can bring new people to game. (Also regardless of their initial landing spot, who knows where most who stay will end up long term anyways.
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    From the Desk of Wembely Fraggle The greatest nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! Our ex lover, Pragglesan has tried and failed to execute the perfect plan. We saw this coming and had a plan in place. No no. We aren't just taking a trip to the beach. We are hard working Fraggles now. Instead of having the loud mouth snake speak for us, I, Wembley Fraggle am appointing the lightest Fraggle to the fourth highest honor, Fraggle Cabinet Member. Greetings Friends!! I am honored to be part of this new and exciting opportunity. With every passing day, Orbis is missing a chance to reserve the horrible progress made. It's time to return to the time of a simpler world. That's right, coal. Coal for you. Coal for me. Coal for our snake friends. Coal for everyone. Now for this to work, you must commit to coal. Food? Nonsense. Oil? Nonsense. Anything besides coal? Nonsense. The world must come together for coal. Coal will be the next great thing......but wait....it already was. It was just laying in the mines....not being used as intended. Back to business. All coal is now under the direct control of Pragglesan. That is all. Two Hugs, Wembley Fraggle
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    @spartacus to save any confusion, if any member of OFA raids a member of kerchtogg while the war is ongoing then you are straight back in. So I suggest you don't until after the war, then when you do you are open to counters as usual but then that's on you and your raid policy.
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    Vacation mode exists. Furthermore, my alliance does not suffer this. They go inactive when they're held down and come back right after. Infact this is true of most alliances on both sides, last i checked. Let's not pretend having 80% of ones alliance sporting purple diamonds is just par for the course because it's summer. It's not. It's par for the course for alliances that are either dead or very near it. And? Here's the thing, he can talk about what he's learned from it, but that's all quite useless if one doesn't accept the actual situation they're in. Considering the further messes of crap Amon stirred up, like all those wonderful leaks of him practically about to start attacking his own coalition, what pride is there to have?
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    The Penitus Oculatus are an organization which answers to the Emperor. Our primary task is protecting the Emperor, and as such, we are elite bodyguards. We will use anything necessary to fulfill our task. Our Purpose: Penitus Oculatus Agents serve a number of tasks. They are tasked with discovering spies within the Empire through tact and their mind, but they can also be tasked with stealing, poisoning, stabbing, injuring, or murdering targets to serve a greater cause. Inspectors are involved with investigating crime scenes, such as when someone related to the Imperial family is kidnapped. They are also able to send out scouts to investigate events or places that might threaten the Empire. Another part of our duty is ensuring the safety of the Emperor, the prince, and other members related to the Imperial family. Government Lineup: Commander: Darth Revan Administrator: Cypher Inspector: Zygon, Darth Ataxia, Avakael, and Viseli Special Spokesperson: Prefonteen Discord server: https://discord.gg/fRWqrt3 But wait...We have just started a quest!
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    We are micros, so doesn't matter when we formed, and our existence isn't important to you.
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    @James T. Kirk @Frawley By order of the Radiant, jokes are punishable by death. Frawley and Gorge you are to report to your nearest Chaos Interrogation site for immediate termination.
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    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame It was a beautiful day in Francoberg, Roqovia’s capital. The public forums were quiet and the waters were stagnant, just as their citizens liked it. At the center was Roquentin’s palatial hamster cage, where the Lords of IQ had gathered to make their ritual offerings of carrots and treaties. At each side of Roquentin’s exercise wheel stood his most loyal advisors: Dio the Dildio and Auctor also known as “Diet Inst”. Roquentin was listening to the complaints of his many subjects who were seeking shelter from the great menace known as Chaos. Among these were NPO’s protectorates such as InfoWars, Goon Squad, and the Black Knights. BK in particular was concerned as they had just finished a massive dogpile against TKR and were caught immediately planning another massive dogpile against TKR. “My lord you must help us contain Chaos”, Leo the Brave and Beautiful leader of BK begged. “They are arguably the 4th, maybe even the 3rd largest sphere in the game and a massive threat to us.” “and why are they fighting you?” Roquentin asked. “Because they found a plan where we said we would fight Chaos and you would hit Keto. I told them it wasn’t true but can you now please hit Keto while we fight Chaos?” Leo answered. “and what were chaos and keto doing before they found this out?” Roq asked. “Uhh… They were fighting each other...” Leo meekly answered. “An obviously fake war! They are fighting each other to give the illusion that they would be willing to fight each other,” Diet Inst said with disgust. “pathetic i agree. as if such empty actions could cause us to stray from the path of dynamism” Roquentin murmured between bites of carrot. “but if we are pinning keto down, are you confident that 4:1 odds will be enough for you to defeat chaos on your own?” the Rodent of Consolidation asked. Leo sweat nervously. “Uhhh we might need some help there too...” he admitted. “Forgive me for speaking Roq, but if we help then everyone will know our split was fake.” Dildio said. “no we will just say the people who suggested our split might be fake these last few weeks forced us to reform,” Roq said. “Didn’t we say that exact same thing about EMC for over a year?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “Also we have logs of them planning to his us!” Diet Inst insisted. “But we only have logs of people wanting to hit IQ,” Dildio said. “exactly,” Roq grinned. “Plus we could just say we have more logs that we can’t share for... reasons,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn’t we say that in Trail of Tiers?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “We could say it's to kill the whales,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn't we just use that for Knightfall?” Dildio asked, momentarily bringing the room to silence. “so uh... it is agreed. we will involve ourselves in this war and it will be everybody elses fault,” Roquentin proclaimed. Leo threw himself at Roq’s furry paws and wept in gratitude. As the meeting ended and once he was sure everyone was gone, Roquentin pressed a button that was hidden by a layer of wood pellets. A hologram of a pigeon flickered in and Roq knelt before it. “It begins my apprentice. Soon there will be no stopping us,” the image said. Outside the Stronghold of The Knights Radiant The armies of TKR amassed by their Stronghold’s gates where they were joined by their friends and partners. Among them was CuppyCakeYums the Cat Thief, who was munching on his favorite snack. Waddling next to him was JtTeE the Adored and beside him Manthrax the Sad dragged his feet. Hidden towards the back was Ameyuri the Fox selling her usual illicit goods. As they prepared Queen Adrienne spoke. “Our enemies have reunited. Last time they threw everything they had at us and we proved we would not crumble. Today we turn the tide. Today The Knights Radiant and her friends will beat back the Desolation. Today we fight!”
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