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    Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
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    As of the time of this post - IRONFRONT has achieved White Purrs and 6 Month Cat NAP with those within and associated with Coalition B. IRONFRONT started this global expedition on the side of Coalition B, fighting until we secured White Peace with the opposition we are currently fighting for. We entered this war through means of the TCW Bloc and we have quickly come to the realization that this war is not our own. When we fought alongside our current opposition in Coalition B, we entered the war with certain set values and goals - on this new front, we lack both. This is what led us down the path to secure our peace with Coalition B and all associated. Additionally, tied to this notification of peace and naptime, we have concluded our time within the TCW Bloc and are issuing our 72 hour cancellation notice. Although we have friends throughout the political realm of Orbis, we feel that our internal values and beliefs are not a match for the bloc at this time. We do hope all sides of this war come together to find a solution and conclusion to the current global war. It has been a pleasure fighting with and against both sides during the war - we have learned many lessons, gained much experience, and most of all grew closer together as a community within IronFront. tl;dr - IRONFRONT achieves White Peace & 6 Month NAP with Coalition B & Associates - additionally activated 72 hour cancellation with TCW Bloc and I guess COL B likes cats. Signed For IRONFRONT: -The IRONFAM Signed For OD/Col B -'Use list of sigs from the last peace announcement'
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    Well I'm just glad that my baby from 2015 is getting attention and I can make my first shitpost in years. What better way to spend a Friday night than looking at logs. To be clear, I don't really give a shit about this game and you all know I have no love or super hatred towards BK so hopefully this post is fairly conclusive. I still run BK's forums and BKNet was 90% created by myself. The entire banking aspect as created by myself but I have not maintained the application since early 2017. Tiber and George have maintained and added to the application since. I can say with fairly certain confidence that George did in fact abuse BKNet to remove members from BK and had the help of an accomplice. Of course the database password for BKNet is stored in an environment file and George had access to that password. The password was not changed after George left BK. There are only three people that I am aware of that have had access to and that is myself, Tiber, and George. This is how George obtained the database password. BKNet does have the ability to remove members from the alliance. Through an Internal Affairs module that managed the upgrade training of the applicants, George and his accomplice removed members from the alliance. George used phpMyAdmin (which, why the hell did I not remove that program?) to delete the logs that track these kinds of things. It is clear that while George's accomplice removed the members from the alliance, George cleaned up the logs in the database. Fortunately, Apache keeps logs of every request and yes, I really did look through them. You can clearly see the GET and POST requests to the specific endpoints in the Internal Affairs module of BKNet by his accomplice to remove the members and the specific endpoints of phpMyAdmin utilized by George to modify the database. Why do I know this is George? Well, this is why I said "fairly certain confidence." The IP address involved in this attack matches the same location of all the IP address that George used to login to the BK forums. Additionally, the only way for someone to have access to the BKNet database is to have had access to the environment file, which out of myself, Tiber, and George, the only one with a motive here is George. As for his accomplice, all I know is he is from France and uses the OnePlus A6013. So while I can't say for certain that George conducted this "attack," I would say it is fairly clear that he was involved. Additionally, everything that BKNet does requires some sort of user input to initiate the action. If this was a script that went "rogue," then the script would've been initiated with an internal IP and it is clear that it was not. BKNet was not compromised; it did exactly what it was told. This was a failure of basic security and BK has learned the lesson the hard way.
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    Spreadsheet with the methodology can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k4WwHExcFEwP96Z9OefE8nXA4_BnV_yMgFu_GqlJjnI/edit?usp=sharing Doc with all of the results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KX0RuJPgLCxWpcTH1IULhew7KjUqxwGTAxG3fVzts5U/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to @Princess Adrienne for being an amazing help and just being a great person Thanks to @Sval, @Redarmy, and deadmeat for helping out as well Thanks to @Kevanovia and @Do Not Fear Jazz for hosting the awards, they were great and really hilarious and it was a great time. Thanks to Leo, Keshav, and others for calling these stupid. To that I say, no u And thanks to all of the alliance leaders/gov for participating, it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. ❤️
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    While normally I'm not opposed to war, and have enjoyed quite a few long wars and series of wars with my dear friend @Prefonteen and a number of Arrgh Admirals. The toxicity pouring from one particular side makes it hard to enjoy. Mockery of dead people Declared intent to get nations to delete and alliances to disband (Including a request in peace terms to allow two members of the community to be rolled indefinitely) Praising nation deletions Making children eat animal food Just not an environment that is particularly fun. For two months I was literally able to do nothing except buy credits( which I didn't because I wouldn't have been able to use them anyways, it would have just been a waste) and log in. The only actions I was able to take. I tried to obtain peace from day one and and was denied along with my allies every attempt. At least I can log in and launch an attack now.
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    The fact that this thread has been up for 30 minutes and he hasn't responded leads me to believe he's been suspended again.
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    Seriously man? You're working with people who have tried to destroy my community and you're asking how much I enjoy trying to fricking keep it together? Not cool.
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    >The Galactic Republic has collapsed due to a coup cackles evilly
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    Lol at all of the BK and NPO drones trying to call you immoral for even suggesting something like this could have been a possibility. Shame on you BK. You even tried to get someone banned in this farce you were trying to pull.
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    That's not my server friend, it's tCW's server. I am but a humble guest in it, much like I am a humble guest in about 7 other servers. I also have 3 servers of my own. You will never have complete information based on logs, for I designed this impossibly and unneccessarily complicated structure with the explicit purpose of denying you your covert victory.
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    GOONS has me chained up in the basement, this is the one message I can send out before Jazz comes back and catches me on the forums. Help, please, I can't get out. This is my only chance
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    I think we can all agree that proper and objective documentation of PnW history is a pursuit that is right. The wiki isn't or at least shouldn't be a vehicle for propaganda, agendas, or excessive bias. As someone who has been interested in natsim history and developments for a long time, seeing a wiki page like this: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Leak_War is very concerning. Forcing the name of the global so soon isn't a great thing to do, especially assigning such an inflammatory name such as, "The Fash Bash Festival." Describing any side of the war in any positive or negative light is a sign of bias and strays from objectivity. Describing the sides as"The long antiquated empires" and "scrappy young rebellions" is an example of this. Needless and propagandist conjecture such as, "Hoping to take the power vacuum that was held by the now-defunct coalitions," also has no place on the wiki, nor does the complete redaction or corruption of facts and events, many of which are completely missing from the linked page. I'm no fool and realize the identity of those who have done this. They are those who have the self proclaimed objective of destroying this game and forcing many off it, but in my honest opinion, corrupting the objective documentation and history of anything is an act most foul and natsims deserve better than that. It used to be that documentation on the wiki on globals was generally neutral and objective, and I do not want to see any group strong arm their propaganda into any article, at least not to this degree.
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    https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Oktoberfest "BoC will pay $50,000,000 each to SK and tS as reparations for the damage done" "UPN agrees to pay a total of $300 million, 30k gasoline, and 30k munitions to Seven Kingdoms, The Syndicate, and Terminus Est, as reparation for damages done." 'DEIC agrees to pay a total of 25k steel, 25k gasoline as reparations for damages done. DEIC also agrees to pay a total of 350million (300mil as reparations for damages, and 50million as a fine to Mensa for DEIC being [email protected]#$)" It's not our problem that members of your coalition have decided that reps are bad now that you're on the losing side
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    I don't think i've hidden my belief that you and select other more moderate voices would be far easier to work with than the hardliners we were made to negotiate with. The times you brought up compromises they were accepted fairly quickly. Perhaps your side's choice of "designated reps" speaks volumes of the willingness to peace of some elements, if not all.
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    I agree, this is war slot filling. This war is already over, and I won't reverse the action that has happened, but I am going to issue a moderation strike against the offender (George Clooney.) I don't see any reason why two nations of this size would do such little damage to each other unless it was a coordinated slot-fill.
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    Mind you, this would be in conjunction with a number of other changes to the war system I have in mind: Assuming beige is removed from the game, I don't see why a nation couldn't "surrender" in any active war and have it automatically finish the war as if they lost (do the % infra damage and loot.) I suppose it might be an issue if you transferred all your money/rss away and then did a "surrender" and then received them back, but presuming there was some way to prevent that I don't have a problem with giving nations the option to end a war they expect to lose early. I know that's not what you proposed, but I want to add it to the discussion. Part of what I have in mind for changing the war system would be 1/3 rebuilds daily on all military units (not missiles/nukes/spies) such that rebuilding to 2/3 of your total military force is possible in any given double-buy. I think that eliminates the problem with needing time to rebuild and not getting it without beige.
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    Good evening, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of our situation. Unfortunately, recent estimates, educated guesses, and consultations with the wise woman in the cave have informed us that your concern for our wellbeing, though touching is unfounded. As the last week or so has shown, the immortals have ensured that your prognosis will not occur, due to the rapid intervention of our EMT (elephantine meatshield technique) strategy, coupled with recent advances in competence dynamic. If you have any more concerns about the state of our health, I will be happy to put them to rest for you. Simply reply to this post with your concerns, and news as to when your people plan to surrender. All the best, - Namukara
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    I don't know about this part. I've interacted with a lot of people in my 5 years of playing, and there's only 2 people I know who definitely fall into the 'clinically a sociopath' group. The game does attract a very narrow and 'interesting' set of people though. I like the idea of having global events (like a zombie apocalypse or a massive asteroid) that will encourage alliances everywhere to pool resources together to prevent massive damage to infra/land/military/improvements. These events would also present opportunities for alliances to harm each other as well, though (to allow for drama). I've thought a lot about the astroid one in particular. I should type my thoughts down and present it in the suggestions subforum.
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    To tag on to this, it would be nice if we could input Nation IDs into the battle simulator and it auto fills for you rather than having to manually input all the data or better yet when you click battle simulator on the attack page it automatically fills in the data for that specific war.
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    When AK called it quits a lot of the members that still wanted to play P&W joined IF, they too have been fighting since day one for Col-B. In addition, IF started on Col-B and only recently joined Col-A, so when you say allies which do you refer to? The truth we find ourselves facing is that for many of IF's members we called Col-B allies as recently as a few weeks ago. The lines have become very blurred in this war and we feel a need to focus on our alliance, our family. Here is a picture of Jordan's awesome cat blanket.
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    I mean aren't you one of those players than joins micros, manipulates yourself to a gov position and then steals their banks? I really don't think anyone of your stature and reputation has any right to try to reprimand other alliances when I'm sure you've done far worse to allies and acquaintances alike. You are near as scummy as players get in this game from an IC perspective.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=175001 >blockade happens >leave AA >create 1man AA >transfer funds/resources from AA to AA bank >delete 1man AA >funds get transferred to your nation regardless of blockade
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    You do realize BK put it in before having high taxes at all? They did at 20/10. Just screw off with dictating how we should play. Centralized set ups make mass member alliances more viable and if you just want to hang around polishing your big nation, that's fine for you, but we're looking to make it easy for more people to play.
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    Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time to shake hands with y'all on the battlefield. I do respect your tenacity and making it this far into that war. Not bad for a bunch a heretics.
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    Jury is still out on that one, none of us have seen Roq and Satan in the same room after all.
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    Bjorn, you post this 6 hours ago. It says on my phone that Epi said what you were replying to 8 hours ago. Yet, I can't find Epi's original post? I click the arrow thing to see it and I get an error message. Did Epi delete what you were replying to? Did Epi say that off-forum so there was no original post? What's going on there?
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    To ensure that this thread remains non-toxic here is a picture of Charles my cat exploring the outdoors
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    The nation page in question: The anthem: The lyrics of the song are available here: https://genius.com/Pink-guy-white-is-right-lyrics
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    Oh, and before I forget, since I'm sure this is a fact that is probably forgotten, DIEC's reps were their entire bank as """punishment""" for attempting to hide it and forcing them to take loans to pay off their reps. Unless we ask for all our enemies banks as compensation, any and all reps demanded are still effectively smaller than the precedent established in that war by TS-sphere. If anything, you should be grateful for our restraint and magnanimity in asking for relatively minor reps by comparison. However, I'm receptive to the idea of dusting off partisans rep hammer and using it on it's original wielder.
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    How is letting in some refugees from a war torn alliance immediately indicate aligning ourselves with KT? That is an example of not being pragmatic.
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    Welcome!! (I'd say more but im too lazy to type it.)
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    No. It was my mistake, and the bug was fixed as quickly as possible.
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    Read between the lines guys: IQ is broke, or needs money to compete. This is why they’re pushing for reps against you guys. If they had money, after 7 months they’d just peace. They need money to go forward because without it, they’d be at a disadvantage, not you at an advantage.
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    Achievment unlocked! The Horsemen did not surrender in 24h this time! Congrats!
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    TPP&W is proud that mere hours after it's creation we have successfully completed peacekeeping operations in Farksphere. Their nations are now liberated and freed from tyranny and we hope that they will continue towards a path of purple power in the future.
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    I think he's trying to say we're doomed? It's probably that we're doomed
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    I find it amusing how half the people mocking GOONS here about few shitty air strikes are the same alliances who beige everyone left and right and allow GOONS to rebuild their planes in beige
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    It wasn't hacked or breached. Leo gave access to his account to a lot of people. The only ips logged are from Leo's devices.
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    I bet you all sucked in your first war, this is their first real war and they are low tier only so too early to judge
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    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=183140 Ruler Name: Aero Nature of Violation: War slot filling https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=587602 After being reported for the spam threads, Aero has taken it upon himself to declare a false war against a coalition member, BK. The actions involved in the war were two ground attacks that resulted in utter failures, despite the receiver having three times as many soldiers and Aero themselves having an air advantage. Screenshots will be provided shortly of their military units before any drastic changes are made. This is a blatant attempt at filling a war slot. EDIT: First Nation is Aero’s, second is the BK guy. Aero knew full well what he was doing when he suicided his ground forces into the BK guy. He just wanted to minimise the damage done to both parties just to tick off the war activity box to hide their attempts of him filling someone else’s war slot.
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    I'll repost some of my response from the other thread where these wars were reported, as the alliance leader of the nation in question with some knowledge of these wars at least from Acadia's end. I obviously can't speak for BK here. In this case, although my DoW thread was erroneously removed, a state of war does exist between BK and Acadia and we have no ingame treaties (nor have we for more than a year).In addition, both sides have actively made attacks, the BK members are blockading my member and annoyingly preventing resupply, while my member has made several ground attacks to secure ground control and gain money from the nations attacking him. He's running dreadfully low on resources due to the blockade, and likely didn't use munitions when making the ground attack, combined with a bad roll. It looks like both sides are trying to win the war to me, and are actively fighting and doing damage to one another. In addition, there's only been time for a few attacks. I eagerly await Alex's decision here, but it's fairly cut and dried to any non-biased and malicious individuals. And of course, if you were just making this report out of spite in the knowledge that the wars would be upheld and simply intending to try and use moderation as a weapon, I must say that would be very unfortunate. Just because BK and Acadia are also at war with you doesn't mean that we can't all be civil members of the PnW community...
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    I don't I think the game is already dead
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