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    Well, everybody has to grow up someday. The Black Knights are finally legal, and ready to take on the world. Of course, you can't do it alone. Everybody needs a few good friends along the way. From frat parties to finals Black Knights and the Syndicate friendship grew, from the playground to the campus dorms, all the way to getting a degree. Now they take the final step of walking together into the real world. I: The Black Knights and the Syndicate will not attempt to unify their fraternities (unless, of course, there is booze). II: The Black Knights will not challenge The Syndicate to a fight in public, and vice versa. Instead, they will take it behind the dumpsters and attempt not to leave permanant damage. III: Both parties will inform each other about other kids who are "just looking for a good time". IV: If either tS or BK gets jumped in the parking lot after class, the other guy promises to stand up for him. V: If either tS or BK needs to beat up a kid for his lunch money, the other party has the option to join in for a split of the profits. VI: As great as college is, it does not last forever. Should one of these parties decide that it is time to get a real job and grow up, they have 72 hours to send tickets to their graduation. Signed For The Syndicate Signed For The Black Knights
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    From the office of SYNDICATE, Inc. 2020.9.15 NASSAU, Bahamas It’s time to steal the moon! In best interest for overall space colonization, SYNDICATE Inc. has begun a partnership with the moon-loving Eclipse to steal the moon. Two weeks ago, Eclipse showed up at the front office of SYNDICATE Inc. with boxes of cookies, and instead of buying cookies, t$ decided to take them in. Over a short period of time, t$ convinced Eclipse that selling cookies wasn’t the best way to make money, and showed them the true colors of ROI. The Syndicate showed Eclipse their new money-making scheme: stealing the moon. Using the combined forces of Eclipse’s affinity for theft and the Syndicate’s mastermind scheming ability as well as the horde of e$ minions at their disposal, this is the perfect opportunity to pursue this money-making investment. Because the Syndicate is greedy, the duo has decided upon a 70/30 split of moon real estate and revenue made. The Syndicate has also agreed to hold the moon in their basement, as long as Eclipse can visit on weekends and moon cycles. Along with co-ownership of the newly stolen moon, Eclipse and the Syndicate have decided that it is in best interest for both parties to begin a Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression Pact for earth-related issues, which states the following: Article I: No Annoying Sounds The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that in the instance where there is internal conflict, they will not make annoying sounds to other groups and will handle it internally. Article II: Fart Gun Defense The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that if one party is attacked, the other must use their fart guns to defend. This obligation does not apply to chained calls. Article III: Magical Fairy Princesses The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that if one party aggravates a tea party attack, the other party is allowed to become a fairy princess to help at the discretion of both parties. Article IV: Moon Plan Presentation The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that the plans in this pact shall not be changed, and that no pictures of someone sitting on the toilet will be added to the moon-theft plan presentation. Article V: Bed Time Stories The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that should the treaty be cancelled and one party wants to go to bed, a 72 hour notice must be given before the termination of the treaty for adequate time to think of a bed time story. Signed For The Syndicate Signed For Eclipse Commander: Vein 2ic: Pascal Gaming Specialist: Uniment Defense Specialist: KevinKevKevin Tech Specialist: Hughes IA Specialist: Goober-san
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    Brogan had been drunk for a very long time getting in many bar fights across the land. He helped those who helped him and was loyal to his friends. So Brogan fought and kept fighting until one day he bit off more than he could chew and had to make a run for it. After evading his pursuers he went to see his long time forever friend Dragon. Dragon was very understanding and said come to my place and let's have a chat with my friends.Together they went into the Secret Door to the Anti chamber of the Swamp and Brogan met with the Giant Gingerbread Man, Leprechaun, King Triton, Florida Man, and Hawkeye Pierce. Doctor Hawkeye gave Brogan a thorough medical check up and was pleased to find a strong Ogre in good health but is seen to be rather hungry, so Florida Man kindly gives his Chicken Nuggets to Brogan. Giant Gingerbread Man is grateful to hear that Chicken Nuggets are Brogans favourite food and not Ginger Bread. While this had been going on King Triton and Leprechaun had been chatting and both agreed that Brogan was a fine figure of an Ogre and also agreed that Leprechaun should give Brogan a task to prove himself. Leprechaun approached Brogan, obviously he had to climb up King Triton's upraised Trident to be face to face with Brogan and said “Brogan, if you asked, if I would let you through. I'll open the gate to the Swamp for you and your Alliance mates if you will bring me... Hannahs Ginger Locks so that Giant Gingerbread Man can make a wig as his head gets very cold up in the clouds." Brogan thought about this dangerous mission for a moment, it would indeed be fraught with danger, but to have real friends in a Swampy place, and a Doctors tent as well and lots of freshly Dragon-Fire char Grilled Chicken Nuggets on hand, realized it was too good an opportunity to miss But…………... Hannah was scary to behold, but Brogan soon found out she had a heart of gold. Hearing that Giant Gingerbread Man’s head was cold, she gladly cut her Ginger Locks and presented them to Brogan. Brogan Hipitty Hopped all the way home to Leprechaun and King Triton used his Trident to weave a wig for the Giant Gingerbread Man, and Dr. Hawkey Pierce carefully stuck it on with superglue. TLDR TF - Dragon TI - Giant gingerbread man & - Leprechaun Fark- Hawk Pierce TFP - Florida man TLE - King Triton Have opened the Secret door to the Swamp and let USN - Brogan in and together they agree to Chapter 1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the swampiest of them all? All members of The Swamp agree that should any information come to light regarding the security or welfare of another, it must be shared. Chapter 2: Well, I have to save my ass. If any member of The Swamp is attacked, all other members agree to militarily, financially, and diplomatically defend one another. An attack on any member of The Swamp is an attack on the whole swamp. Chapter 3: Can’t we settle this over a pint? If any member of The Swamp decided to start an offensive war, representatives of all other members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Other members are not required to join. Chapter 4: What are you doing in my swamp‽ All current members of The Swamp must agree to the admission of another member. Chapter 5: This is the part where you run away. Should any current member wish to exit The Swamp, they must inform representatives of all others 72 hours in advance. Of Course - They all lived happily ever after in the Swampiest of Swamps
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    Since ASM was founded RedArmy has been our leader, and he has led us well. He has recently retired from active duty and rode off with Pasky and Durmijj into the red dawn. We thank our fellow comrades for their service. Enjoy your retirements with full Union Pensions™️ Life goes on in ASM. We have a new government and we look forward to organizing a general strike working with everyone soon. On behalf of the Comrades, I present to you: The 2nd General Assembly Of The Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics General Secretary: Comrade Joe Under Secretary: Wunnadem Committee Chair of Foreign Affairs: Basil Committee Chair of Direct Action: Bails Committee Chair of Internal Affairs: Bearson Committee Chair of Economics: Hope Committee Chair of Re-Education: Bird Shorten Committee Chair of Technology: Dang
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    SNN has always been independent and indecent, owned by Shifty and powered by grudges and chaos. Today I’d like to formally announce that SNN will be remain the same, but now on the Thalmoria Server. Unifying a similar and dank audience that hungers, for the embitterment and cacophony of sorrowful cries of those who are leaked, SNN now has a greater reach. Forum posts , leaks and screenies, rumor mills, VC only mentions, and even drama that is too nuts for the mods will continue to be our staple. If you’d like to join the team, DM me. If you have news, rumors, or anything that you want posted and censored, so you are devoid of any blame, please send them over. SNN relies on the grudges, spite, desire to see others falter, and general mayhem caused by plans being exposed or drawn to an immediate halt. This is Shifty, bringing you a greater unified news to the people.
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    More CN transplants, great, said nobody ever. People do not want more mechanics from a dead game. While treasures may not be perfect, they add a layer to the game that actually makes you put in the effort to acquire them. Trading treasures was also a layer of the game that added content until it was forbidden without a replacement. The player base is simply asking for a way to trade them, as promised.
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    You'll be back in 7 days don't worry
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    the lack of respect for nean is appalling. #neanlivesmatter
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    I should downvote this tbh. Not enough Kilo in this story.
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    "Rose, Schrute Farms and ASM all agree to peace with The Church of ayytom (MP), and agrees to pray at the altar of The Radiant Shrine, to please the God's for their unprovoked attack, (According to MP), on the church." Terms: 1. Within the next 24 hrs., no attacks are to be executed! 2. Within the next 24 hrs., all wars should end in peace! (If someone fails to send/accept peace within the 24 hrs, the remaining wars for that nation will end naturally) 3. Once the 24 hr. period comes to an end, no further declarations will be made by any member of: Schrute Farms, Rose, Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics and Micro Pockyclypse! Signed: Schrute Farms: Schrute Lord: Dwight K. Schrute World's Best Boss: Michael Scott Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of FA: Jarles Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics: General Secretary: Comrade Joe Under Secretary: Wunnadem Micro Pockyclypse: Exalted Leader: Kim Jong-unn 2nd in Command: Karl XII
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    sup everyone Nokia here I am going to make a retirement post the first time for myself Gov changes The heir position has been reinstalled and Evernt is in the Coal Prince position Coal King has been passed to Arctic The Explorer Anyways I've received a few new alliance offers but I am gonna admit only one is worth thinking about but for the most part imma go be a retired boi maybe an inactive one For those of you planning to leave some random salty comment if ya never VCed with me hit the road jack My IRL is vastly to busy to run TCM I tried to secure a prot for the first time in a year and got a bunch noes so imma go chill and hopefully TCM does well under its new leadership Best of Luck out there and at least TCM will always chug along on to your second Halloween ill make sure to deliver the flag Welp its late here time to crash good night everyone this exhausted boi is about to knock out https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YS0hlwafpXXSKp6b4xyQn0eTesGEXrdzy3VidgtPKUI/edit?usp=drivesdk
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    I wanna fricking roll Camelot Thank you for making sure that it's gonna happen guys
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    75 years ago, Joseph Stalin established a new special service which proved to be extremely effective in fooling German agents – Here lives SMERSH SMERSH declares existence Protectorate - Children of the Light Thank you to all for helping on this start up, much love!
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    Who’s idea was it to sign an alliance with @Hughes 0/10 time to roll Eclipse :serious:
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    Two upgrades in one day... angry hippo noises heard in the distance Congrats guys!
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    To Alex and the relevant staff, This is just a minor suggestion, however I believe it is appropriate. With the new city projects out (Urban Planning and Advanced Urban Planning), I think it would be useful to have those project modifiers added to the City Purchase Calculator. I don't think it would be too much of a fuss. Thanks, Kosta.
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    Yes I'm very late. RL been very stressful and I honestly kept forgetting about it. Anyways for clarity this is only for the major war that being the TCW rolling. UPN's rolling doesn't meet the threshold of a major war and therefore a war name vote. That being said if ya'll want I can open a separate thread for a vote on that otherwise it'll just be named whatever the page is already named probs. Pick the ones you like, vote will close in 3 days and then topish contenders will go for a runoff.
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    Coming from the leader of a micro barely in the top 100! Shut your toxicity. @Cpt Crunch Best of luck to you and your alliance.
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    Tell me about it. This guy hasn't even divorced me yet, let alone told me we were over. Yet here he is marrying another *****. @Vein Wtf man. I knew this long-distance relationship wasn't gonna work out... giving me all this "come back soon" poopy poo smoochie smoo, but the next time I see u ur married to someone else. Unbelievable. Thought I wouldn't find out? WE ARE DONE MATE. Dee Oh eN E.
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    It would be really nice if the war screen showed the military counts for you and your opponents. Eliminate the need for a personal war sheet or a ton of tabs open to check all these things. Edit: Apologies, I just realized this wasn't the war screen but the page leading to each of the individual military purchase pages but I'll leave the above anyways because it's still a good suggestion that people have wanted for a couple years now. For the military page, it would be nice if maybe instead of seven individual pages and the guide to each of them, we just had one page with all military purchase options on it.
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    I was told socialist states were the future. So I embraced it
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    Muthafricka we're sending everyone in on Camelot and everyone that decides to defend them. There is no one in this game that can match how great of an alliance The $yndicate is. No fricking shit we're gonna have hella fricking treaties because we're worth every fricking one. Unlike other alliances/spheres out there, we can guarantee every single treaty partner a fricking win. No one else in the game can give that promise. With Camelot, We gonna take 3 weeks and I fricking hope they make it hard to get a surrender from them.
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    How about instead limit it to 1 home and 1 away game each turn, and apply a captcha to every game? This will reward more active players (which seems to be the argument for the cookie clicker style baseball we have currently), and captchas on all games should prevent players setting up scripts to undermine the fairness of the system. After this we just need to argue what the actual payouts on games should be.
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    You people voting for the 10-day war are so fricking boring its sickening.
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    Also, you should go paperless around your birthday time, I am sure Menny, Lossi and I can arrange some fun gifts 😉
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    remember the last time nokia "retired"? i give him 8 days this time
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    Alright, now that I got that out of the way, good luck, I guess? My first advice: dump those inactives; secondly good luck Arctic. You're so right...
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    Thank you good friend. We shall remember you fondly in the Korner when we win our eternal struggle While it is shiny and red. You have slighted the Korner. Kiloites around the world will strike you down in the name of the Kiloist.
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    Meanwhile on a grassy knoll in the distant horizon a lone sheep stands against the wind. Half baked and sweating credits in the face of the sun. And the sun smiled down on the sheep and gave a throaty laugh. For the sun had the face of Roz. "A challenger appears. Oh dear me, young Sheep. How will you judge today?" And the Sheep turned his face away for he could not stand its likeness. And looking down he saw the face of Stalin etched into that of a caterpillar. And for the first time in half a dozen moons he cried.
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    I can't really imagine a better argument as to why Stalinism shouldn't be allowed. Are you actually proud of that...?
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    I hate you and you’re shitty alliance with a passion. Also congrats crunch you seem like a cool dude.
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    Shhhh orbis isn't ready to know of our existence yet...
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    And I need you now tonightAnd I need you more than everAnd if you only hold me tightWe'll be holding on forever ..... A total eclipse of the heart And here everyone just thought our FA was too busy getting wasted to do anything.....well that may still be partly correct but we can be functional alcoholics when we put our mind to it. Happy to see this announced friends! 💚
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    Thanks for the enjoyable last couple of weeks. Enjoy your rebuild guy's.
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    Please, can we try to avoid replicating more of the mechanics of that game here? CN trading circles were an interesting thing, sure, but PnW has a dynamic market system and far more options for players to try to obtain a better setup for themselves and their friends. CN trading circles, even after they were changed to allow nations to set their own resources, were a mess to deal with, and certain national combinations were disadvantaged simply from the luck of the draw mechanically to even begin with (I had Lead/Oil, which doomed me to a half-decent inflexible circle if I wanted anything halfway decent, instead of something truly good for any situation, but even that was more palatable than people who drew something like Furs/Lead which was totally useless). Fortunately, we do not have a similar mechanic in this game which can advantage or disadvantage nations on the sheer luck of RNG from the founding of your nation.
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