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    Well she took my dog, and she took my truck, and she took food from my plate, She took my heart, and she took my soul, and she took my city eight Workin twenty five hours ain't enough I guess, found her in my buddy's pants But some Fraggle funds, by the grace of God, might give me another chance
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    @Mad Max Let me take you on a journey, friend. Play this instrumental and read along with me..... I'm upset Almost 15M on my head, it's disrespect So offended that I had to double check Always take killin’ Templars over peace That's why they need us out the way What you expect? Got a lot of blood and it's cold Thalmor tryna get me for my soul Thankful for the Farkers that I know Can't go fifty-fifty with no Buo Oldheads say “Queenie, pay your dues Gotta give the game what it wants” But y’all know I do what the fck I want Me and Kastor been havin’ static since day 1 Outta Ashland, players love to pop a lot of shit then come around Word to "The" Bloc, they done seen us put it down Fuggahs askin' if I'm cool Nah I'm upset Almost 15M on my head, it's disrespect So offended that I had to double check You tryna check? It's The Revolutionary March to the Sea, fuggahs think we playin' chess So what's next? Jump up out of update like we possessed To the Holy Land, yeah I’m trippin’ less End up gettin' loose and gettin' DMs from my ex (hey Justin!) "SOS," "So many Ls" That's the only time I ever shoot below my score (skrr) Why you keep on shootin' if you know The Horde’s rep is dead? (Skrr) They say “Coming for their necks gets you some respect We know you got that blood and it's cold” Thalmor keep tryna get me for my soul Thankful for TCW that I know Can't go fifty-fifty with no Buo (ayy, ayy) Every month, they say don't love me, but obvi puttin' on a front They gon' try and settle for white peace and make it on a run Then gon' ask me how I'm doin'? I'm upset Almost 15M on my head I can't accept, yeah 'Least it makes me feel someone tried their best, yeah Want to waste all your air, be my guest Made me drop a fleet and and some planes (boom) But I'm blessed, I just checked Hate me, never met me in the flesh Say they got some commies they gotta Pinochet That shit is in a box to the left, next to their scalps and their necks Got a lot of blood and it's cold Thalmor keep tryna get me for my soul (for my soul) Thankful for Radiance that I know (that I know) Can't go fifty-fifty with no Buo…
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    From The Desk Of Wembly Fraggle Minister of Chaos The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings!! I, Wembly Fraggle, am back!!! The losers in charge of Fraggle Rock have let me out of Doozer Jail. I am free once again!!. I stole millions of dollars and I am in hiding. Don't show Uncle Traveling Matt about this message!! I come before Orbis to make a major announcement. What was once a pipe dream, is now something we can do!! The Fraggle Chaos Fund is here!! What is The Fraggle Chaos Fund you ask? Great question. Let Wembly Fraggle explain!! We will provide grants (as in you never need to pay it back...free cash) to any nation that is willing to create chaos. How will you get funds you ask? Better question. You will come to me, Wembly Fraggle, and tell me how you plan to mess with Orbis. It can be literally anything. You want to nuke a random nation? I'll pay for it. You want to create an ad shitting on somebody? I'll pay for it. You want to get cash to pay somebody to take a Cleveland steamer on somebody? I'll watch and pay for it!! How much is in the fund and can I donate to it? I can't say how much, but it's enough to piss off a good majority of Orbis. And yes, you can donate to the fund so we can have fun again here. If I have a stupid idea, can I bother you with it? Sure! but I'll just dismiss you and might put you on a list of dopes. Not a solid list to be on. Will this fund ever run out? More than likely....only because I, Wembly Fraggle, have sticky fingers and will steal some for myself. So get your asses in gear and propose some great ideas that we can fund. It's free cash. And don't ask me to buy you city number 6. Come up with something better than that. Many Hugs!! Wembly Fraggle
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    I respect the fact that you took time out of your busy dog-punting schedule to write this
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    For someone supposedly so experiencedin politics, you do an awfully good job of missing the joke.
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    Hot off the presses and injected directly into your bloodstream... It's the Shifty News Network in HIGH DEFINITION Our top story tonight: Rose and it's inability to keep it's spies to itself From early Roz Wei and friends spy attack to the more recent BK protectorate fiasco, Rose is itching for a fight When approached, Rose didn't even go for the "if the glove don't fit, it ain't it" defense. Instead, they went with "call the cops, idgaf." While Shifty is guilty himself of having raided Yakuza, it was defenseless then. Now that ayy lmaos put a ring on it, you don't go around giving Yakuza shiners. Apparently 13 million in reps is too much and going back on a NAP is the plan. Will Rose come off as the badass who does as it pleases or will this come off as pointless chest thumping that will be aggressively answered by the international police? Tune in next time on the Shifty News Network
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    Careful, you may get a paranoid alliance come at you for saying such things.
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    Although the space allotted here can't possibly suffice to elaborate in detail on the long list of Thalmor's hotheaded agendas—including the patronizing, the incontinent, the ethically bankrupt, and especially the uncongenial—I'll use what little space I have to love the Earth and everything that flowers and crawls upon it. For the sake of review, Thalmor has been deluding people into believing that the government should be beholden to special interests, campaign donors, and lobbyists. Don't let him delude you, too. I've run into some distressing examples of confirmation bias among his plenipotentiaries. For instance, they insist that Thalmor is a martyr for freedom and a victim of chauvinism. Interestingly, though, they fail to notice that Thalmor has boasted publicly that he intends to spheterize other people's belongings. It's one thing for such toxic ideas to be conceived in the clandestine meeting places of international terror organizations but quite another for them to be promoted as Thalmor has, out in the open. This development lends credence to my claim that Thalmor can't fool me. I've met predatory, unconscionable backstabbers before so I know that Thalmor's coalition is not a cultural or religious assemblage, as Thalmor purports it to be. Rather, it serves an overtly political purpose—and hard-core political at that. Every time Thalmor tells his companions that all it takes to start a rabbit farm is a magician's magic hat, their eyes roll into the backs of their heads as they become mindless receptacles of unsubstantiated information, which they accept without question. If anything will free us from the shackles of his despicable jobations, it's knowledge of the world as it really is. It's knowledge that Thalmor has been breaking the mind and spirit, castrating the character, and killing the career of anyone whose ideas he deems to be argumentative. Alas, Thalmor doesn't stop there. In fact, he can't stop there because he's determined to disprove that he has a strategy. His strategy is to abandon the idea of universal principles and focus illegitimately on the particular. Wherever you encounter that strategy, you are dealing with Thalmor. Sticky-fingered, lecherous misers like Thalmor are not born—they are excreted. However unsavory that metaphor may be, it's irrelevant that my allegations are 100% true. Thalmor distrusts my information and arguments and will forever maintain his current opinions. He intends to create a new social class. Incomprehensible, parasitic showboaters, lethargic, careless practitioners of tokenism, and bookish luftmenschen will be given aristocratic status. The rest of us will be forced into serving as their compeers. I hope I haven't bored you by writing an entire letter about Thalmor. Still, this letter was the best way to explain to you that Thalmor's comprehension is weak and his understanding is minimal.
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    05/16 08:38 am - Reubenia applied to join the alliance The Commonwealth. 05/16 08:36 am - Reubenia left the alliance Pantheon. Hey look. Another ex-Pantheon in tCW trying to smear shit on his old alliance because... why actually? Until a month ago you were a part of Pantheon. Any incompetence you try to ridicule them for pretty much implicates you for the exact same. Please knock off the temper tantrum boys. It's unbecoming. @Felkey control your grunts please.
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    5 pages in and I still don’t know what Thalmor did.
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    For someone who is a "new, learning player" you sure do presume to know a lot about the mechanics and politics of this game...
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    Jeremy swung back and forth on the swingset. The warm weather felt pleasant, and his stomach was full from grandmother's classic cooking. Rain was coming in, and the wind made the nearby fields dance. It wouldn't be dark for another hour, so Jeremy still had some time to enjoy his swingset. Perhaps after he went inside, he would play on his GameCircle, or play with his Legos. Legos were really cheap now because of their 150th-anniversary sale, so Jeremy had plenty to pick from. Maybe he would play with the Dyson Sphere set, or the Barron-Class Orbital Cruiser series? "You wanna help me with this, Jeremy?!" Kyle, Jeremy's grandfather, called out from the old wooden shed. "Coming, grandad!" Jeremy cheerfully called out. His young mind had already danced around plenty. Now, he was thinking about what they might have for lunch at school tomorrow. Jeremy ran into the entrance, where Kyle was busy at the very back. He was tinkering with the engine of his prized truck. Kyle ordered his grandson to bring him various tools and parts. "Why are you fixing it, grandpa? It looks fine!" Jeremy asked, perplexed. "Yes, I know Jeremy, but I want it to be at tip-top shape. It's my favorite vehicle." Kyle responded. "But you never drive it!" Jeremy replied, shrugging. "It's a Ford F-450 2047! You don't just drive it to the grocery store and back." Kyle responded once again, closing the hood of his truck. Jeremy didn't understand, and so his young boy mind had already lost interest in the conversation. He looked around the shed, and saw something he didn't understand. "Grandpa, what's that?" Jeremy pointed to a shelf in the shed, which had a strange looking, circular object on it. "Oh, that's my helmet." Kyle answered, putting away his tools. It had already gotten dark outside. "I know that! But what's that mark on it?" Jeremy asked, slightly irritated. "Oh, that scar on it was caused by some plasma sparks. It burned a straight line into my helmet and melted the area around it. Tesla knew how to make good helmets though, and that's why I'm still here today." Kyle, during this exposition, grabbed the helmet and showed it off to his grandson, who enjoyed the small war story. "Well, did you get the guy who did it?!" Jeremy asked excitedly. However, Kyle didn't respond. He put the helmet back, leaned back against the shelf with his arms crossed, and thought. "Yeah, I got the guy who did it. I got his teammates too. Would've gotten his whole family if I could, but the 4th Battalion did that for me. We didn't just get 'em for damagin' my helmet though. We got them for everything. For the colonies on Titan and Europa, for what they did to the cities on the Moon, and for Madrid and Paris. They beat us, time and time again, but we never gave up. We kept coming back, stronger and more determined. We got them, though. We got them all. We showed them not just want humanity could do, but what the Space Force could do. Everybody else left us alone after what we did." Jeremy didn't know how to respond, but could tell from the tone of his grandfather's voice that he was very serious. Jeremy just kept quiet and listened. Kyle, finished with his short speech, exited the shed. He flipped the old light switch and cast both of them in darkness. "Come on boy, let's go inside; and let's find that old Barron-Class Orbital Cruiser Lego set of yours. I want to re-live some good memories.
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    We dare the world to come at us. Again.
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    Exactly what it says in the title. The profit from manufactured resources are more heavily impacted by taxes than simple raws. Please give us the ability to set separate tax rates for each.
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    Poaching? Not in my PolSim! if any experienced players don’t like their current AA and have over 18 cities please feel free to apply to TEst. If you want some action I promise we will fight someone before the end of next month. Iulz
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    Dude same @Smith How does it feel to literally be a dwarf?
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    no means no clarke.
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    You are forgiven. Go now, by the grace of your god.
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    Damn, thought there were some actual news.
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    I saw Thalmor laugh after kicking the dog. It was no accident.
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