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    The two biggest spheres in talks to join forces against the other two right after they finished fighting each other? Now that's dynamism!
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    From the desk of Fraggisan, great leader of greatest nation of Exorock of greatest alliance Terminal Jest. Greetings, friends! The muppets of Exorock are happy to report that we have made headway in retrieving the Partisan name from the mongol furry terrorists. Stupid stoic hippo refused to give in to our demands and exorock responded swiftly and accurately. Key golden horde allies and friends were destroyed and the hippo was pressured into submission. As always, the enemies of exorock have begged great and merciful partifraggle for surrender! Peace is achieved! Rejoice! The world is balanced once again thanks to the great alliance of Terminal Jest! Next up, we proudly announce the launch of the Wembley Fraggle Health Research Organization For Underdeveloped Alliances (WFHROFU). The WFHROFU will conduct pivotal research into causes of underdevelopment among top 40 alliances and will report ways to help the less well off. We believe in giving back to this community and as su... WHAT THE BLOODY SOCKPUPPET IS THIS SSSSSSSSSSs$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$SSSSSSSSSSSss MAIM KILL SNEK. MAIM SNEK BURN. Peace terms have been broken! The WFHROFU launch is cancelled and funds will be redirected into the war! Outrage! Upset! The greatest nation of exorock calls on the nations of the world to join us in denouncing the pactbreakers! All are welcome to the crusade! Donations will be accepted. We move into defcon war! Fraggisan out.
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    Calm seas. The pirates dread calm seas. Waves! Thunder! The rattling of swords! The sweet sound of musket fire or the boom of a cannon... much better things than the stillness of the sea. - Hey Bb. - Yeah? - What day is it today? He measures the sky with an impassive look: - It's thursday. - But how can you tell? - Well, at least it feels like thursday. He pauses. - Have you checked the compass today? - Boyce stole that again. - I guess it can't be helped. The monotonous creak of the ship is a sound none of us even hear anymore. The ship, the small waves breaking into the hull.. it's all the same as silence. - How are the men holding up? - The Croat tried to drink out of a gunpowder keg last night. - Did he think it was rum? - Frankly, I'm not even sure at this point. - How about you? - Finishing up on our new flag. - Looking good. Maybe you should draw us up some new victims as well. I couldn't help a sinister smirk. - Do you mean like a.. cartoon? - tl;dr we got a new flag and also feel like reminding you We reserve the right to not attack people we don't feel like attacking. We reserve the right to listen, gossip and idly speculate about you. We reserve the right to stash, embezzle and launder dosh. We reserve the right to participate in organized violence upon request (may involve article 3) Arrgh!
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    So with recent revelations, the true extent of Brave and Beautiful BK's self confidence issues has become apparent to us all. Only an alliance with a truly low self esteem would feel the need ask NPO for help when they have 900 nations available to hit ~270. So I have created this thread so that we, the community, can come together and tell Brave and Beautiful BK how great they are, to help boost their confidence. Post your submissions of Brave and Beautiful BK's greatness down below. I ask that all submissions be positive and respectful, we can't afford to risk triggering further feelings of inadequacy in them.
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    So all those "fake split" complaints from IQ haven't aged well huh
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    Then why split at all? It is increasingly hard to picture the IQ 'disbandment' as anything other than a smoke screen to cover growing consolidation. So genuine splits can only occur through serious internal tension, and there is no animosity or tension between you as stated in this thread. Seems like there isn't a real split then, as borne out by the fact that not only is there no maneuvering against each other, there were even thoughts of teaming up against the smaller spheres the moment you 'split'! Also, the idea that we need animosity for war is not healthy for the game.. So we can only work with people we genuinely like and fight people we don't? What happened to the politics side of politics and war? Set some political goals and use war to further them. You and BK are the two strongest spheres in the game, each standing in the way of the other achieving top sphere status. Why not try and claim the throne? There can be other reasons for war besides 'we don't like you.' That can be well and good, but wars purely over personal animosity get real toxic real fast. If that is all we can look forward too, well god help this game. It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it? You have no animosity towards BK, so you can't fight them. You never fight or oppose them, so you don't sow any new animosity. How is a war supposed to start? How were wars supposed to start when the game was fresh and alliances were new? I was here and nobody hated each other yet, but we still managed to have politics... Still, if you don't want to fight BK right now, so be it. Why not try and fight us and KETOG together? Or some other combination of smaller alliances that combined would prove a challenge. Is the animosity towards TKR so great that roflstomping us along with BK is somehow more 'fun' than the current war? Which, for the record, has been as enjoyable as any war for many of the actual participants, even if the lack of OWF drama hasn't been a crowd pleaser.
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    (ps i only included acadia because i needed a fourth face and i chose somebody that i'd never heard of) (pps edited because @Smith wanted to see their dumb smiles)
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    I feel like an AI wrote this script.
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    Lmfao Brave and Beautiful BK proving they are strong and independent by going back to mommy and asking for help incase their 900+ nations can't beat ~270 nations of chaos. Are you gonna run back to mommy everytime you have some self confidence issues BK? Because here let me help you, repeat after me: "I am BK, I am brave and beautiful. I am BK, I am brave and beautiful:."
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    Oh, I see. So it's not that you started planning this recently. Its that you started planning a joint war with NPO against the smaller spheres basically the moment you ostensibly 'broke up.' Gotcha. Hold my beer.
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    UwU? More like OwO The most ambitious sequel/crossover/reboot ever The Obsidian World Order starring: Hype Squad Cumalot Big THICC BoC Articles: I Optional Defense Aye, let's be honest. We got other priorities. Unless we assured victory, we out. We'll miss you and pour one out for the dead homie. II Optional Aggression This exists squarely for dogpiles. Last in, First Out, All glory. III Support and Intel Shifty/Hyperborea gets all the intel and notifies other members via SNN. Camelot shitposts detractors and BoC upvotes our posts and threads. IV Sovereignty We're as sovereign as two protectorates and 1 fully grown alliance can be in BK sphere. We're all BK's children. V Admission Cool kids club with members only jackets. You can't buy this club like your turkey bacon at Subway. VI Withdrawal Basically this will end with Hyperborea and Camelot having a falling out that will lead to two new blocs/spheres and we'll never be friends again. Meanwhile BoC will merge into the Ming Empire and form the Chinese Zodiac which will later merge into Hyperborea.
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    I like how you're concerened about hijacking the OP and OWF rules, while the original poster does not have a nation, and is still posting.
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    prove your might? Boy if I had to beat a bloodied and already beaten bloc to "prove my might" I would know I have hit the absolute bottom.
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    I'm not surprised. Is anyone surprised?
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    This is what happens when you let GPA rebranding plan a war. They go full Cuzo.
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