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    The Syndicate prides itself on transparency, high moral and ethical standards, and a profound commitment to maintaining a high standard of behavior and results. This is why after a tumultuous series of scandalous events swirling around all of our competitors, the Syndicate is pleased to focus on the retirement of somebody who has a perfect record of behavior, proven decision-making ability, and absolutely no failures on record whatsoever. Wilhelm the Demented, our Chief Operations Officer, (who is certainly not demented in the slightest) has just recently announced his intent to retire from the Executive Board of the Syndicate after a stellar track record of performance and contributions to the alliance, despite a multitude of missteps and mistakes made by the Syndicate’s various rivals abroad. It can not be understated how perfect an individual Wilhelm the not Demented is, and how the Syndicate will certainly be at a loss for at least a week or so in his absence, but after a time of absolutely no errors or mistakes they must find a way without such a fine example of calculated, controlled leadership. All this taking place against the backdrop of the Syndicate’s various political adversaries being absorbed in the chaos of external diplomatic instability. It must be noted that Wilhelm’s hawkish pragmatism has served his alliance very well. Wilhelm’s robust presence in negotiation chambers will be sorely missed in this period of contextless uncertainty. Wilhelm has already committed all of his retirement to charitable donations and service to provide for and develop those in Orbis most in need of aid - proving that excellence does not end with a beautifully executed career and retirement but that it can only expand and grow beyond conception afterward when you’re talking about an individual with such a pure, flawless, and amazing history. In his most noticeable and depressing absence, the Syndicate would like to announce Leopold von Habsburg as the new Chief Operations Officer. He’ll do for now, we guess, though our hearts are broken at the thought of change after such a smooth and near-effortless period under Wilhelm’s guidance. One can’t help but admire the modesty and humility of the man. This announcement was written and edited by a totally unbiased third party.
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    I am here in the defense of the accused. It states right there in the rules that he is allowed to defend himself if he's the one accused, as is Buorhann, so no, they have no business getting banned for replying. I also have the right to reply if I have evidence that disproves your original claim. The community has the right to label you and have their own opinion about you, especially when you're insultive towards them, like you were with Thalmor. People don't go around downvoting posts for no reason, it's not how things work, especially when it comes to someone like Thalmor, who is most likely one of the most reasonable people out there. So when you threaten to break the game rules by spam-downvoting someone's posts and try to compare that to someone downvoting you for acting rashly and insultive towards them, you dig your own grave even further and completely tarnish your reputation, which is what got you downvoted in the first place.
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    I'm now committed to down voting this Element guy whenever he appears.
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    As a totally real and definitely not backstabbing ally of 3 Obelisk 3, we invoke the defense clause of our MDP and declare war on TKR They didn't even know what hit em
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    Resplendent Inc hereby recognizes hostilities with the The Commonwealth, but since they're owned by TKR, them too. Despite respectfully asking for a nuclear bounty, we have for too long been disrespected by only receiving a mere attrition bounty. This horrible disregard for human respect cannot go unpunished. Only once Felkey steps down, pays us 50,000,000, or Smith asks nicely, will we agree to peace.
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    Hey man, I apologize for this. You see, after your post about not caring on the forum and your post on absolutely hating me that came out of the blue on a casual discussion, I figured you wanted attention after downvoting me again. If the mods would like to remove those downvotes, I wouldn’t mind. (Just to make you happy though, you do hold the title to first downvote me) I don’t even know who you are to be honest. EDIT: >apologize and he still downvotes >”You’re bullying me!!!” Cool.
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    Quoting so that you can't just delete once everyone comes here to laugh at you. Here's a screenshot too:
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    I leave you all in the hands of the current moderators - wherever they may be. I'm tired and I need to take my exit. I will retire to my great home, enjoy the monster puffs, and bathe in honey. I've worked a long time in moderation here for this community and I don't like the direction it has grown and unfortunately I don't see the use in actually fighting the system and creating a fair program anymore. Follow the rules, use off-site platforms if you want to be yourself. Love you guys and thanks for letting me be here with you.
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    So like I can just click on food and it shoots right to all the offers on food being sold. I'd just make it the buy resource link and then all I gotta do is select sell if I want to do that instead. Saves me a click and makes it less clunky overall.
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    Element should become a mod. Would fit in with the useless culture.
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    Downvoted you fool. Pls don't make a thread about me abusing the downvote function pls no daddy
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    1. Fake 2. Out of context. 3. Correlation does not equal causation.... or does it. Please, everyone, be seated for my presentation: Nicolas Cage's Career is Fueled by Satanic Pool Related Sacrifices:
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    Afrika Korps(AK) and Respublica Romana(RnR) treaty: -"The clanging of swords upon shields could be heard in the distance through the desert . Oberst Velium, leading his Panzer division, came out from his flag panzer and looked through his binoculars to see what it might be. What he saw, was an army of shining legionaries in glorious combat against a horde of savages. The Panzers fired a volley of explosive shells into the horde before mowing them down under their tracks. The legionaries charge behind the Panzer line to finish the disoriented barbarians. He ordered our panzers to fight against the barbarians, and in that moment of unity, two different armies fight as one. The barbarians fled before the might of these two forces. As the dust settled, Oberst Velium came forth and asked to speak to the leader of these Roman Legionaries. Consul Dreadnought, the leader of the Roman forces happened to be in the fray. He rode up on his horse, meeting the Velium's Flag Panzer as the two forces circled around. Velium came out from his tank and stood upon it's front, extending his hand in friendship. "I am Oberst Velium of the Afrika Korps. Let us join forces once again when the time comes." "I, Consul of the Romans by the name of Dreadnought, accept your offer." Dreadnought said after he came closer and shook hands.". And so they agreed on these treaty: -Article 1: Sovereignty: This treaty will not interfere or infringe on the sovereignty of the alliances signing it. The inner workings of both of these are not going to be changed in any way by this. -Article 2: Non-aggression: Both of the alliances included in this treaty must not get involved in hostilities against each other in any way. -Article 3: Optional Defense: Both of the alliances included have the option to defend one another when the situation seems fit. -Article 4: Optional Offense: These alliances can join up and fight together in wars if they want to. -Article 5: Sharing of information: Intel that seems useful can be shared between both of these alliances. -Article 6:Cancellation: 72 hours of notice must be given when either side chooses to cancel this treaty.
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    Okay, do you understand the significance of "7 proxies"? That's a particularly obscure meme from 4chan where a troll dared the moderation team to ban him as he was "behind 7 proxies" and therefore, he believed, beyond consequences. ...It turns out hacking is a lot more complicated than that and he was banned anyway, but the point is "behind 7 proxies" went viral and now is a meme that resulted in the number "7" being autoreplaced with "over 9000" on several chanboards. Tl;dr: You shouldn't take that seriously any more than you should take the gorilla warfare copypasta. (Besides, it's discord and not even under any P&W moderators' jurisdiction; it happened in TGH's public chat so complain to Buorhann if you think that'll help lol) Also, just FYI, you should really stop making legal threats; you're not officially representing a law enforcement agency and thus threatening federal/legal action on their behalf is something that can actually be held against you. In court. Right now the case would be thrown out due to irrelevance and lack of damage that can be reasonably claimed, but for reals, cool it.
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    Says who? The person who thought he'd be banned if he had many downvotes? LULUL
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    damn I wish that was true. Maybe less people like you would make posts.
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    Yeah, you know what happens now. I'm sorry Partisan, but once the code words "leak," it's merger time...
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    If you couldn't make the show, fear not! I have come to save the day. Full show recording here featuring a lovely slideshow of all things great in your life:
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    Well hello y'all, First of all - lets just take a second to correct a minor mistake that was made here - the line where it says 'abuse of downvoting' is incorrect. The correct would be trolling/harassment/posting in NDF while not providing valuable information to the report...etc. Chris is a new mod and new to this community and he's trying, but to be honest you would have received a warn anyway - likely from another moderator or myself. Now that we have that particular issue out of the way - we can move on to what you're doing now. I have just cycled through about 5 reports from you, reporting multiple people for NDF posts and the such, so let's just talk about that. NDF - Non-Discussion Forum: Is a forum/subforum where we ask that normal discussion be removed. It allows us moderators to actually see the report and see it clearly rather than sort through a multitude of posts. People who know about the subject and people that want to provide valid information about the subject reported are allowed to speak within those posts - in fact - it's encouraged. Even if you are named within the report - posting in an NDF in a manner that really doesn't provide evidence on your behalf or assists in the report itself is still...against the rules an that is honestly what you did. Additionally, we have Admins, Moderators, and Wiki Mods. Most of those are pretty much common sense in identifying who they are and what they do, but for everyone I'll outline: Admin: These guys are the big boss - game owner/game runnin boss hog. This would be Alex/sheepy/Chris (red tag) Forum Moderators/Mods: These guys oversee forum moderation (we don't even have access to mod Discord!) We are just here on the forums. I am an example of a Forum mod (blue tag) Wiki Mod: These guys do stuff on the wiki for PW - they don't have any access to forum/game moderation, but funny enough these guys usually are the moderators on discord. (green tag) What you're doing is continuing why you received a warn in the first place - and it doesn't help your case or actually better the understanding we ask of you in terms of what you did wrong to deserve the warning. Sure, you can argue that the warn reason was incorrect - but the truth is you still would have received a warn. Lastly, this thread is closed.
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    When will you repair yourself, broken record? Or are you just on repeat?
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    Its a feature not a bug. Obviously our announcement service is so good it announces to the world and not just tCW. Still looks like we have a leaker we need to flush out. Ty Shifty for another excellent SNN.

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