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    Terminus Est Declares war on Respublica Romana. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne, Let Beat the Drums of War!
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    Prologue: Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort which could only be broken by love’s first kiss. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon. Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. She waited in the dragon’s keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love’s first kiss. We all know how this story ends. But what we don’t hear is the dragon’s tale. We wouldn’t even know the dragon prefers to go by The Federation (TF). A strange title, you may think, but for a dragon a fairly normal one. TF was fed up after years of knights coming into the domain. You see, dealing with one self-pretentious knight barging into your home and ransacking it all like he owns the place is one thing. Years is quite another.. And so TF packed up and left to see where the world would take him. Soon, news of TF’s journey travelled fast and reached the ears of an odd assortment of characters from across the kingdom who were also fed up with the medieval treatment. The first was the giant gingerbread man, The Immortals (TI). How did the gingerbread man earn such a title? We shall see. You might think being a giant gingerbread man would be fun, and you would be wrong. Burdened by constant taxes by their lords, the faraway kingdom had become home to hordes of famine-struck villagers. Everywhere TI looked were hungry and betraying eyes. And so TI left to join the dragon TF. Soon, the party grew. First the encountered the leprechaun, who went by the traditional Irish title, The Ampersand (&). & was wanted for drinking the king’s entire supply. It seemed the alcohol only made & stronger and smarter. There was Hawkeye the Dark (Fark), who mysteriously existed in the faraway kingdom but quickly became a valuable member of the party. So was the ever-mysterious Florida Man, locally known as The Fighting Pacifists (TFP), capable of performing any act. The final member came when the party reached the vast, oceanic domain of King Triton, or as he came to be known, The Lost Empire (TLE). TLE was sympathetic to their cause, and so he banded together with the dragon TF, the giant gingerbread man TI, the leprechaun &, Hawkeye the Fark, and Florida Man TFP. And when the journey finally came to end, there was a beautiful friendship. And so the friends gathered together and settled in The Swamp, where they agreed to the following: Chapter 1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the swampiest of them all? All members of The Swamp agree that should any information come to light regarding the security or welfare of another, it must be shared. Chapter 2: Well, I have to save my ass. If any member of The Swamp is attacked, all other members agree to militarily, financially, and diplomatically defend one another. An attack on any member of The Swamp is an attack on the whole swamp. Chapter 3: Can’t we settle this over a pint? If any member of The Swamp decided to start an offensive war, representatives of all other members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Other members are not required to join. Chapter 4: What are you doing in my swamp‽ All current members of The Swamp must agree to the admission of another member. Chapter 5: This is the part where you run away. Should any current member wish to exit The Swamp, they must inform representatives of all others 72 hours in advance. Epilogue (tl;dr): The Federation, The Immortals, The Ampersand, Fark, The Fighting Pacifists, and The Lost Empire agree to an MDoAP bloc henceforth knows as The Swamp.
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    Greetings Orbis, Camelot has been busy on multiple fronts this week. People have been banned, treaties have been dropped, forums have been created, and it is only Hump Day! Because of our tremendously busy week we will be putting multiple announcements in one post. The Foreign Office and the Camelot Intelligence Agency have been hard at work toiling through the night to complete their objectives. To whom it may concern, As of 3/24/2020 at 3:30am EST Camelot’s protectorate with Golden Phoenix Coalition (5485) has ended Camelot has issued Brotherhood of the Clouds (5013) a 14 day notice on 3/18/2020, the treaty will officially end 4/1/2020 The Coalition has merged into Camelot, as of 3/22/2020, furthermore any player remaining on the alliance affiliation as of today (if any) are no longer under Camelot protection As of 3/24/2020 Goon Squad (5039) no longer falls under the protection of Camelot, we would additionally like to congratulate them on their new tCW prot! Camelot has signed a protectorate with The Roxchean Confederations (7375) Camelot has signed a ODoAP with Solar Knights (1634) (Treaty transfer from GGFU) Camelot announces the creation of the Camelot Intelligence Agency. Our agents have been busy in the field and the CIA is ready to publicly reveal the findings. Earlier this week Brotherhood of the Clouds appointed a new head of econ. This head of econ took out a loan from Dusty of North Point (former BoC leader before he left with the bank during GW14), couped BoC, then sent the loan and the BoC bank to a “friend” and deleted, leaving a random member in charge of BoC. After Camelot was informed of this, the CIA immediately started their investigation. After finding some suspicious information, the CIA informed Alex of the dealings while continuing our own investigation. The Camelot Intelligence Agency uncovered a dastardly plan: Dusty, using a multi, gained high gov access of BoC and took out a loan from himself. Then, his multi stole the bank and the loan and sent it back to an accomplice who was in North Points offshore. Finally, Dusty approached BoC telling them that they only had to pay back half of the loan that they had taken out from him. If Dusty’s plan had succeeded he would have stolen BoC bank for a second time, returned the initial loan to himself, and have charged BoC billions in “loan repayment.” Alex confirmed the CIA findings and has banned both Dusty and his accomplice as well as returning the bank to BoC and replacing the rightful government back in control of the alliance. Part of the investigation can be found here and Alex's post is here. Finally on behalf of Camelot i would like to thank @Alex for taking swift action against cheaters once again.
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    When he was but a wee child of 7 years old, Smoth traveled to the faraway land of Switzerland. Holding his mother’s hand, the little excitable boy skipped up and down the airport, munching on his favourite chocolate: Hershey’s. Upon seeing the big, silver letters emblazoned on a brown background, passersby gawked and pointed, saying “Look, look! Look what that little boy is eating! Does he not know what he does?” And indeed, Smith had no idea. His mother, however, kind and wise, knew that she would have to protect her child from the discriminatory Swiss. Rushing towards the nearest chocolate stand (of which there were many, for the Swiss loved their name and their chocolate the rich bastards), she grabbed the first Swiss chocolate she saw, and shoved it in Smith’s hands, ripping the Hershey’s bar from his hands and throwing it in the bin. Now, Smith was a reasonable child but in him was born the rebellious fire of the American Hershey’s Lad; a courageous spirit destined to overthrow the Swiss Chocolate Hegemons. He had thought of many ways to prevent eating the tasty wonderful ohsogood Swiss chocolate, but upon his mother’s insistence, he acquiesced and bit into the bar hesitantly. Smith’s mouth exploded with flavour unlike anything he had eaten. Alas, after he and his mother departed from the airport, he never got to taste the Swiss delicacy again. On that dark, terrible day, Smith vowed he would never ever eat Swiss chocolate again, for it had given him a taste of paradise and yet robbed him of his freedom. He would put it down wherever he went, and would counsel all his friends to do the same. Now Smith wanders the lands preaching the benefits of Hershey’s and spins woeful tales of the boy who went mad on his trip to Switzerland. In his dreams, he still tastes the glorious Swiss product. For this reason we announce the existence of Chocolate Castle, to bring the taste of good chocolate to Smith once more. We are a small alliance with the simple goal of creating a nice community and to play the game with our friends ^.^ It will be a welcoming place for those who just like to chat a bit and have a good time. Chocolate Popess: Menhera Chocolate Queen: Lossi (a.k.a. Rosey Song) Holy Knight of Military Command: Aether Holy Knight of Internal Affairs: Illen Holy Knight of Economics: Psweet We understand that no micro can exist just by itself for long, which is why we are happy to announce the Nom Nom Accords. The Knights Radiant has agreed to provide us with military, economic, and other necessary support, in exchange for fulfilling all of their chocolate based needs. Menhera the Chocolate Popess Lossi the Chocolate Queen
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    Gather around my friends and plus one's. First our children grew up and hell has frozen over. Now something truly no one expected. It is by command of the joint alliances of the Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant, House Stark, and The Syndicate; that I present to you the Inquisition! Lyrics: We, the Inquisition, come together in full manifestation of our friendship and solidarity. Committing ourselves to these accords in agreement with full promise of mutual prosperity and strength; with a greater understanding to be shared between us. I Mutual Defense A direct attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories. In the event that one signatory comes under attack through providing military support to another ally engaged in an aggressive war, said signatory is not considered to be in a defensive war, and the response of the other signatories are not dictated by this section. II Optional Aggression All member alliances shall reserve the right to support each other in an offensive campaign. III Support We stand together in the shared security be any means. Information, aid, and diplomatic resources are all encouraged of each of member alliances. Our support for each other shall not be limited to a list. Yet we agree this agreement shall take precedence over all others. IV Sovereignty While unified, we remain sovereign. V Admission A prospective alliance may petition any signatory for membership. If sponsored, admittance will be a unanimous decision of the conclave. VI Withdrawal Any signatory that wishes to leave the Inquisition after diplomatic measures have been exhausted will have 72 hours before nullification of the member agreement. Should a member violate the spirit of this accord, a unanimous vote may expel the offender /s/ Seven Kingdoms, King - Squeegee Blackfyre High Septon and Kings Hand - Eld Fen Caron Grand Maester - Bradley Qoherys Lord Commander - McMaster Targaryan Master of Whispers - Mikey Tyrell /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne Prince of the Heralds: GoldyHammer Herald of Foreign Affairs: Benfro Herald of War: Blink Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Wizel16 Herald of Fabrials: Talus /s/ House Stark King in the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Ataxia /s/ The Syndicate Chief of Strategic Planning: Prefonteen Chief Operations Officer: Leopold Von Habsburg Chief Financial & Security Officer (Econ & Milcom): Theodosius
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    Politics & War Quarterly Report March 24, 2020 Hello, My apologies for not writing this sooner. My intention was to do quarterly reports every quarter (3 months), but due to the fiasco with NPO, GOONS, etc. in the beginning of February when this report was due I just didn't have time to put it together. Since then, I wasn't sure if I would do one this quarter or just wait until the next, but enough people have asked that I thought I would throw one together. We didn't get everything done in the last quarter that I hoped, which was in large part due to the significant amount of moderation needed last quarter. Things have really settled down in the last month or so, and I've been able to spend a lot more time doing development work instead of moderation, which is nice. That said, let's review all of the things that did get done between the last quarterly report (Nov 1, 2019) and now: Three new national projects were added: Space Program Spy Satellite Moon Landing Alliance bank funds are automatically disbursed to the last nation in an alliance upon disbandment A note is added to a nation's activity log when they changed continents Alliances automatically promote a new leader if there is none An improved mobile navigation bar was added (UI improvement) New wars UI refactored for mobile @ss23 made some upgrades to the servers running the game to improve performance Increased captcha restriction security to discourage/prevent the use of bots and scripts Military costs were increased some Nations being moved to Gray for inactivity was reduced from 14 days to 5 days to discourage tax farming Every nation was given +1 national project slot regardless of infrastructure level We implemented restrictions on sending messages to discourage/prevent abuse Timezone Adjustment Settings were implemented Added a trade confirmation popup when posting new trade offers Improved the average trade price calculation Changed message sorting to bring unread messages to the top of the Inbox Added “Number of Cities” to filter criteria on the nation search page Added “Number of Cities” to the sort criteria on the nation search page Added “Cities” as a column displayed on the nation search page Removed “Continent” as a column displayed on the nation search page Added a “Vacation Mode for X days” indicator on the nation search page in the “Date Created” column for applicable nations Added acceptance date for Trades in Status column if the trade has been accepted Fixed a bug with how trades were being displayed on the “My Trade Offers” page and nation “Trade Activity” display page When clicking the “Create Offer” button on a trade page, if you have selected a resource the new offer will default to that resource Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Inbox page Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Trade page Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Nation Search page Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Alliance Search page Fixed a bug on the Conflicts page Improved nation search functionality with an "Advanced Search" dropdown optional menu Updated the Game Rules to prohibit Flashing imagery that could be annoying or cause seizures Excessively long images / text that can disrupt the normal flow of a nation or alliance page Plain text messages with the attempt to deceive other players, i.e. writing "This nation is in Vacation Mode for X turns" in your nation description Added a popup asking for consent to use cookies when using the site Added homepage leaderboard display for nations with the most national projects and for most cities Refactored some internal code to make future game improvements easier / better A couple of things I'm currently working on that will be released soon: Improved city user interface, in particular for mobile users A new v2.0.0 API endpoint for nation bank records (currently on test server, see #api in the Discord Server for details) --- You can see, we've got a lot done! A lot of which has been completed recently. I'm finally working full-time hours on P&W, and I've been able to get a lot of things done. Now, what's next? I've got a lot planned, and the following list is an overview, not a comprehensive or exclusive list of things to come. Note, this may not all be completed by the next quarterly report on May 1, 2020. Refactor Tutorial system to improve new player retention Complete v2.0.0 of the API Complete bug testing of the Test Server to ensure we can upgrade live server software versions Add a custom currency option for VIP members Add a "copy result text" button to battle and espionage results pages for convenience Refactor "Gather Intel" espionage operations Refactor espionage spy odds shown When a nation deletes during a war, they are automatically looted / treasures transferred to opponents prioritized by resistance remaining Add a confirmation popup when destroying national projects Add a "Delete City" button that shows up when your city has 0.01 Infrastructure remaining Collect and report significantly improved war statistics and make available through API Add an option for your Discord username on your nation page Add a dropdown nation continent selection for accessibility during nation creation Work on improved P&W marketing campaigns to get more new players On the last item, I am certainly not a digital marketing expert, so I am wondering if there is anyone who works in marketing that would be interested in helping design ad images, copy, or even short videos that I can use to promote Politics & War. If you have experience and are interested in helping out, please contact me on Discord (Alex_PW#4970) That's it for now, folks. I hope you're as excited as me about the future of P&W and all of the improvements yet to come! If you have a suggestion that isn't included on this list, please post it here: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/52-game-suggestions/ I may not respond to each and every suggestion personally, but I do periodically review and adopt suggestions posted there. --- In other news, if you're interested in free Credits, we are doing a giveaway on March 31 of 5 Credits to 3 random winners. For more information, please see:
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    Heaven has spoken. The gods have declared our time as a strong, independent empire is now over. As of today, the Ming Empire is just a memory. We have had four beautiful and prosperous years in PnW, what started as a CyberNations alliance founded by Diomedes and Trajan as Ragnarok become something more. The Ming Empire was an alliance of diversity, of friends from afar who joined to foster a sense of community and we are proud of that. And while we, the citizens of Ming are sad to see it fade into the pages of history, we are proud of our accomplishments, whether it be supporting each other or our allies, to reaching 50+ members, or joining the top 10. We go now into the beyond with hope and trust that our time here was enjoyable for all and that Heaven’s will be done. While our Mandate has expired, the gods have entrusted a new just ruler with their blessing: Valk of Rose. As fitting, our Empire will merge with theirs, becoming stronger. In the spirit of an independent Ming however, our members had the free will to join any other alliance they saw fit, and we wish them health, wealth, and prosperity. Ming Out TLTR- Merging into Rose
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    Greetings everyone, This is an announcement from our government regarding to the recent events that has occurred which involved our members who came from House Arryn (HA) through a merger recently. In short, the game administration has found them all to be multis and banned from the game. We apologize for the inconvenience and the mistrust that it may have caused. We do not condone cheating in any shape or form and have been and will continue to be transparent and open during all of this. Like you, we are just as shocked this occured. Us, original members, had no knowledge of the HA members being multis and using VPN and we will continue to proclaim our innocence as we move forward. To address some of the comments we have been seeing. No, us original members had no knowledge. Yes, several from our gov were banned, however they came from the merge with HA. This wasn't a full blown conspiracy. Why didn't we notice sooner? They each had their own discord profile and acted as individuals. As crazy as it sounds, they even talked as individuals and had conversations with one another and with others. We noticed their English was rough for all of them, however we assumed English wasn't their first language and brushed it off as we are a multi ethnic alliance. NPO 2.0? No. We believed HA wanted to play the game. They told us they knew each other IRL through school and that they played other games together, particularly another nation sim game and a GoT game, so they wanted to form a GoT alliance in PW. This was why almost all of them were created on the same day, we assumed they were a group of friends who wanted to play the game together. We also didn't force them to play. We didnt force them to log in. They literally acted as individuals, requested city grants, asked questions to play the game, etc just like anybody else. The multi incident first came to light about a week ago or so when Alex banned two of the HA members. Assuming it was a mistake on his part and to avoid it from happening again, we tried to get them all verified but none did. We admit, the cry of outrage from the HA members and the lack of any effort from them got us a bit suspicious. We began our own internal investigation soon and dug deeper. We looked deeper on discord and our own website and this is what we found so far. (Also during this time, the rest of the HA members were banned for the same reasons as the two members before, similar login patterns, same device / same browser). From what we found is that we believe Alex is right and they were multis. We found out that during our questioning, they either lied to us or avoided the questioning entirely by screaming out against Alex and ignoring us. Also we can confirm Alex's claim with similar login patterns. From what we can see on our own website, it appears the logins were minutes apart from one another. Even tho we can only see their last logins, we believe the pattern went further than that for however long. We also looked closely at the conversations HA had with one another and we realized the images they posted of their "real life" came from the internet by performing simple google searches on their images. Moving forward, we welcome anyone who wishes to ask us questions about this matter, you can DM us in discord. We have kicked and banned every HA member from our discord server as we feel confident that they were multis. We would like to thank our allies and friends for their support as we recover from this incident. We talked to Alex and we applaud Alex for bringing this to light and taking action as needed to be.
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    “A man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice.” The galactic artillery stuttered to a halt. The Immortal Emperor surveyed his vassal’s home-world. The corpses of both allies and enemies littered the battleground… a successful sacrifice. Feeding off the souls of the fallen, the Immortal Emperor further ascends to godhood. While he basks in his glory, he noticed a single enemy soldier, clad in gleaming silver armor. He stood defiantly, proud and strong. It must be the enemy commander. Rising behind him was his legion, ready to battle for eternity…. Impressed by his worthy adversaries, the Emperor and Crusader acknowledged each other’s battle prowess and came to an agreement…. The Agreement: Rose, Gentlemen’s Gaming & Fisticuffs Union, and Oblivion have achieved peace with Knights Templar. The conflict will end with White Peace. No new declarations will be permitted, but current wars will be allowed to continue until completion.
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    Order of the White Rose Turns Four Four years ago today a journey began. The road; winding, perilous at times, has carried us over some astounding highs and through some unbelievable lows. And yet, exceeding even my expectations, it leads ever on. To all who are and who have ever been Kith within the Order of the White Rose, I thank you. Whichever the parts of the journey we shared, we are where we are only because we shared it. So on we go. To capture the next horizon. Sval
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    I know 95% of players don't care about recruitment, but this annoyed me to the extent that I felt the need to post here. The Lost Empire is currently sending each new player in this game THREE (3) simultaneous recruitment messages. This is extremely annoying for a number of reasons. Getting a ton of messages right when you start a game like this is annoying, but it is a fact of life. A lot of alliances want to recruit, and we have to make new players aware of our existence. But surely we can have some sort of unspoken agreement that we will only send one message at a time, both as a courtesy to other alliances AND the new players whose inboxes we are filling. Even if you are doing it because it is working, which might be the case since you have a lot of members, I still think you should stop. Because if it is working, then heck, why doesn't everyone send out 3 messages? And you can see how this starts to spiral. Even just stagger it FFS. I wouldn't be posting this if you just sent a second message after an hour or two. TL;DR: Sending out 3 simultaneous messages is annoying and inconsiderate both to other alliances and new players. Howabout no? Thanks for listening. Join BK. I will not be taking questions at this time. Check out my book "Recruitment Atrocities" on shelves this fall.
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    Excalibur is a Lightsaber??? He had slain all his enemies and conquered the known galaxy! The Immortal Emperor rules over all! However, he sensed that he had missed something. Was the Force telling him? He thought back to a tale one of his commanders told him, some ridiculous legend of a sword stuck in a stone. He who could wield it was destined to be a great and mighty ruler. Excalibur, was it? Perhaps he ought to investigate…. He scoured the corners of the galaxy, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. What a fruitless endeavor; perhaps the Force was wrong? But then he felt it - an immense pull to an obscure location - Camelot. The Eternal Fleet was ordered to warp through hyperspace to find the weapon. In the middle of a barren field, the hilt of a sword protruded from a large stone. And next to it, stood a tall man, dressed in rags. There was nothing exceptional about his appearance. However, he projected a certain aura and had this fierce look in his eyes that seemed….. familiar…. The Emperor watched as the man reached for the sword and grabbed the hilt with both hands. He began to pull with all his might, but the sword did not budge. Still, the man persisted and the Emperor watched. After hours of waiting, the Emperor thought it was now time to put the poor man out of his misery. Just as he was about to raise his hand, he heard a familiar buzz. He looked up, and he saw the hilt of Excalibur in the man’s hand. But, the blade was not made of steel! No, it was a golden lightsaber, the same as the Emperor’s! The man introduced himself as Arthur and proclaimed himself King of Camelot. King Arthur wished to help expand The Eternal Empire. Perhaps the Emperor had found a worthy apprentice…. Preamble Rose and Camelot agree to sign an MDoAP treaty. Article I - Sovereignty Both parties agree to respect each other’s right to conduct its own affairs without external hindrance. Article II - Intelligence Both parties agree to share intelligence, with the understanding that close cooperation is necessary for the security of both alliances. Article III - Mutual Defense Both parties agree to come to each other’s aid in the case of an attack by an external aggressor. Article IV - Optional Aggression Should one party decide to pursue aggression against an external party, the other party may join in on the aggression. Article V - Cancellation Should either party wish to nullify this treaty, they must give a 72-hour notice before it is made official. Signed for Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Mhearl Signed for Camelot: King: Arthur Morgana: Epimetheus Merlin: Uriah Lancelot: Viselli Archduke – Recruitment: Eriksen & Guilo Archduke – Technology: JDTech Archduke – Milcom: Patrick Star & Messi Archduke – Economics: Nando & CitrusK Archduke – Diplomacy: Azazel Kilgharrah – Diplomacy: Aero Tl;dr Rose and Camelot have signed an MDoAP treaty
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    As a war between TLE and my alliance The Blitzers is near i am announcing i am staying neutral in this conflict and after this war i will remain the same but i will still raid inactive nations but if I happen to attack someone in an alliance it is not for political reasons and before sending a counter against me i kindly ask to please send me a DM asking me to stop attacking said nation and i will stop attacking that nation and i will leave it alone until the time limit hits later i will switch to econ as a more profitable and sustainable way of gaining income points covered staying out of alliance wars a more peaceful method to have me stop raiding nations in an alliance Clton’s future Sincerely Cltan Head Ambassador Jack Taya i retract point 1 of this declaration i will participate in alliance wars
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    This came to my mind yesterday, and now that I've meditated on it some, I've realized that P&W is in many ways back to the way it was in 2015. 1 - In politics, you have Rose on one side and t$ on the other. 2 - Raiders are screwing with everyone. Although Arrgh still is, you now have Mythic and KT doing it, along with some others. 3 - There is no IQ or NPO to cuck politics. 4 - BK is memey and fun again. 5 - Alex is working on the game proactively. There are some obvious differences, of course. There are a lot more people playing, we're on Discord instead of IRC, and there's a considerable amount of new features. Also, it isn't just Rose and t$. You have TCW, Hedge Money, and other smaller players here and there. Still, feels good to be back in time, haha.
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    Per: Following feedback in the above topic, I am looking to gauge support on another proposal. In summary: Change the nation score formula so that Cities add 100 score instead of 50, and add a +10 base score to everyone Change military rebuys for Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships such that all units are a 1/3 rebuy per day: Soldiers remain the same. 5 Barracks per City, 1,000 / 3,000 Soldier recruitment per Barracks Tanks: 5 Factories per City, rebuy / max is changed from 50 / 250 to 80 / 240. This means each Factory can hold 10 less Tanks each, but you can produce 80 per Factory per day (1/3 of total.) Aircraft: 5 Hangars per City, rebuy / max is changed from 3 / 18 to 6 / 18. No change to the total, but the rate is doubled from 1/6 to 1/3 per day. Ships: Increase from 3 Drydocks per City to 5. Instead of each Drydock holding 5 ships and recruiting one per day, each will hold 3 ships and produce 1 per day. I.E. Change from 1/5 to 1/3 but with 2 additional Drydocks per city. The rate of Ship building increases, but total max ships remains the same. I think this change would do a lot to make war ranges more reasonable, and also to improve the ability to fight back in wars. Double-buys would allow any player to get 2/3 of their total units at a time, and I think this would enable more comebacks in wars. Less holding-down and stomping should improve player retention and "fun" as well, in my opinion. Please use the poll to indicate your support or not for this suggestion. Thank you. Do you think a 1/4 rebuy would be better than the 1/3 suggested here? Please see:
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    Orbis: "We want more blocs." TI and friends: make a new bloc Orbis: "Wow, you guys are trash." Smh, guys.
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    @Alex Don't you regret removing the downvote button?
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    Official Clover Kingdom Statement Over the past few days, I have realized how big a mistake Goons really were. While the original alliance with their original government and all might have ceased to exist, the GOON culture of slander and accusations remain. Just because a thread was removed doesnt mean the slander was removed along with it. On 26th Feb, 2020, in the USN server, we met a former member of GOONs called Comrade Marx(https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177013). With zero provocation of any kind, Marx called Nokia a pe**phile. We did the correct thing, pinging the server admin and asking for Marx to be banned for such slander. There was no response. On the insistence of Nokia, we didnt push the matter any more and decided to let it pass. I will not be posting any screenshots of this because then this thread will be taken down but you can still find the messages on USN server. On 12th March, 2020, once again in the same server, Marx made another comment, indirectly aimed at Nokia once again, accusing him of the same thing. This time, it was too much for Nokia and he exploded. This only led to Marx to further accuse him of "grooming children" and of having lied about him losing his job. Not only that, a few digs were taken on his military career as well. Needless to say, WE DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY, especially it being a second time from the same person, a third time from GOONs. If you have no evidence, you should not accuse people, especially of real-life crimes. It takes a toll not only on the reputation of a person in game, but can also affect ones real life. We at Clover Kingdom are disgusted by this act and call for the relevant government of Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics(https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6877) to take action against this man cause clearly they aren't fit for an online community which is not Something Awful. All relevant evidence has already been submitted to RedArmy.
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    Do you need a protector alliance? are you able to get anyone you like but have no idea how to choose? dont worry because Goon Squad has you covered! here we rate all our previous prots with a short list of pros and cons! (there's an actual announcement at the end, trust me) First up we have Black Knights! (Prot for 5 months) Pros: + picked us up when we formed Cons: - Doesnt exist anymore - Never took our side in anything - Didn't let us fight anyone - Generally didn't talk to us - Dropped us for no reason Overall rating as voted by members: (2/10) Next in the ring we have NPO! (Prot for 10 months) Pros: + Gave us resources during war + Generally good people, who actually cared about us + Got us into a war + Only dropped us after they stopped existing Cons: - Stopped giving us resources during the war - Doesnt exist anymore - never gave us rebuild even after promising it Overall rating as voted by members: (7/10) Third and finally we have C*malot! (Prot for a month) Oh Camelot oh Camelot.... Cons: - Didn't give us any financial support - Laughed at how small our bank was - Repeatedly and frequently asked us to merge into them, even after saying no (no means no everyone) - Couldn't even keep their own government together - Dropped us without making it funny (Apparent ally an accident) - Generally did not treat us well (Added after!) - makes shitty memes that are innacurate(see epis first comment) Pros: + Uhhhhh + Epis alright i guess? Overall rating as voted by members: (-13/10) Whats this? a new Contender? TCW has joined the game! (Prot yesterday - present) + Hasn't asked us to merge once! (yet) + Still exists + Cool people + Said they would give us money Overall rating as voted by members: (118/10) Can TCW handle GS's power? will it drive them insane? Tune in next time to find out!!! (Also yall should hit me up on discord )
  23. 18 points
    Known as the 'I will never counter bloc'
  24. 18 points
    "On second thought lets go to Camelot, tis a silly place🍺" What up people of PnW. Still playing? So are we, but like… together now. GG&FU and Camelot have decided that brothers who vibe together die together. /Signed/ 👑The Crown👑♚ King: Arthur♛ Merlin: Uriah ♛ Morgana: Epimetheus Lady of the Night: Viselli 🏰The Round Table🏰♜ Archduke – Recruitment: Eriksen & Guilo♜ Archduke – Technology: JD Tech♜ Archduke – Milcom: Patrick Star & Messi♜ Archduke – Economics: Nando & CitrusK♜ Archduke – Diplomacy: Azazel & Aero
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    Hello everyone Over the last few months of hard work and pixel hugging, I have now seen the light of prominent whale status, So as I look down upon you all from the height, I now find myself I wish to pass on wisdom to you all. So I will be honest with you all, words from someone with nothing to gain and everything to lose. Banks, greed, trust and lies First, of let's get down to the real value of a bank, many people misunderstand the benefit of banks and are dumb enough to buy into these banks, in the hope of a return. 1) Shares: If you buy shares in a bank then you must demand 2% weekly interest of the cost of those shares, so if you purchased 100m in value of shares you want 2m a week return on that investment of shares. 2) Investment: If you invest in a bank, if it is a savings account or a bond, you must make it clear how the money must be used. 2a) Savings account, make it clear they can not loan your cash out or make a profit from your saving account, make sure you give them no more than 24 hours to send your full saving account if they fail then they are using your money to support loans, making money off your hard work and you get nothing. 2b) Investment, Make sure you have a say on where your money goes, such as if the money goes to a high-risk client make sure they pay you higher interest, the last thing you need is for you to get 2% from an investment. The bank is getting 5% due to high risk, What risk is the bank taking really, if they default the likely hood is you will lose out not the bank who has no skin in the game. Now many people such as micro who cares about the name sold 12 billion in shares, however, loaned out 6 billion and the other 6 billion did a harry potter and disappeared. If that bank closed its doors today, all investors and shareholders lose out those running the bank do not care they made more in the last however months than they have in the time they joined us all. But it is not just small micro banks you have to be careful of its the whale banks also, let's look at Seb and Sphinx two of the biggest names in banking. Seb has had what three failed banks and every time it has always been someone else's fault, he did no wrong. Still, every time a bank failed, he got a new city, how did that happen, guess Harry potter returned for Seb. However, little old man Seb is not the only one who seems to be on the winning side of failed banks; Sphinx also seems to find a pot of gold at the end of every failed bank. When Rado left this world, it was reported he stole billions, and no one would get any interest from the bank, however a pot of gold and a new city for our boy Sphinx. So take it from someone who has been in the mud, who has been part of and owned many banks, unless you are running the bank you do nothing but make someone else rich off your money. SO DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, SELL THE DEAD SHARES. Get a new city build some infra, and its a safer, and a high return rate than trusting some dodgy banks. I own a bank with over 10 billion out in loans, I had 15 billion out, but as I am closing my bank down, I am building cities. As I have seen the light and the error of my ways, BANKS are just taking from you to make themselves rich nothing more. Look at the more prominent names of banking Sphinx, Seb and even myself, 40 plus cities, how many cities you on? Side note, if you need a loan refuse to pay more than 2%, if everyone did this, the banks will have no choice but to drop interest rates, unlike my bank where all the cash is mine, all other banks have to keep investors and shareholders happy and for the most part, have to pay them weekly. THIS gives you the power to demand better interest rates. So go forth now, and any new loans refuse to pay more than 2%, watch how the micro banks fail and the whale banks dry up. Stop making other people rich and only think of yourself. (DO NOT be dumb, however, if you already have a loan stick to the agreement, but pay it off as fast as you can, As for me in the last seven weeks I have made 2.7 billion from interest payments alone. Stop making people like me, Sphinx and Seb rich.)
  26. 16 points
    - I've finally escaped Rado's fungeon! Prepare your earholes for penetration. Thank you guys so much for your sweet, sweet words of love. Also there will be a Great Job! soon. Also, also, hit me up for your own sweet ass tunes. Also, also, also, the Soup is hot! may the Light give you strength!
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    This change was actually tested on the test server some time ago, but I'm bringing it back up for reconsideration. The idea is to make ground units a counter to aircraft, which are currently all-powerful. First, this would nerf airstrikes on tanks so that Aircraft aren't particularly effective against ground forces. Next, it would change Ground Control such that if you have it, instead of grounding a portion of your oppponent's airforce, each successful ground attack with ground control would destroy 1, 3, or 5% of their aircraft based on the victory type. (e.g. Immense Triumph destroys 5% of your opponent's aircraft.) This gives people a way to counter aircraft, whereas currently the only counter is essentially more aircraft. If you like this suggestion, please upvote this topic. If you don't, please post a comment below letting me know what you think.
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    A suggestion to cover what is obviously the most essential resource in the modern world Raw production is wood. The improvement is a forest, which basically operates like a farm - more output with more land Manufactured output is toilet paper. Every citizen you own needs toilet paper at a rate of 1 roll per citizen per week. If the supply of tp drops to 0 then there is civil unrest, all production ceases and your money is looted by your citizens
  29. 15 points
    From The Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Greatest Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! While the world hoards food, medicine, and toilet paper, us Fraggles are investing. That's right, we are buying up all the masterpieces at discount prices!! Now it would be unfair to buy these classics and not allow the unkempt masses to enjoy them. Please allow our newly appointed Art Minister, Mokey Fraggle, show you a small portion of our collection. Thank you Gobo. I'm glad all the nonsense of killing you, bringing you back, is over. Now onto the show. The first piece is by Monkey D Legendary. Titled, a day in Fraggle Rock, it showcases the beauty and mastic of our nation. Look at the trees. The underwear clouds. Amazing. Our next piece is from a true up and comer in the Fraggle Art Movement. Darsh has presented an accurate portrait of our dear leader, Gobo. Spot on. It is the prize of our collection. These are just a couple of our curated works. As we expend the gallery, you will have your chance to submit art. Many Hugs, Mokey Fraggle
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    After thirteen brutal years and a failed Egyptian campaign, the Roman legions were captured and sold to their Carthaginian enemies. They endured all sorts of unspeakable horrors at the hands of their Punic captors. A handful of iron-willed Romans broke free of their chains one night, escaped their holding cells, freed their comrades, and silently boarded a small vessel that would lead them home to the Italian peninsula. Hearing the brave legionnaires' tales of imprisonment, the Senate, erupting into action—outraged by the obvious affront to the Republic—and called for a meeting that very afternoon. Senator Krampus, having had his daily fill of the tears of his oppressed members and slaves alike, spoke up: "Carthago is a necessary evil, a common enemy to keep all of Roma united. Carthago servanda est!" (Carthago must be saved) All the senators rose in fierce protest, outraged by this remark in light of the soldiers who had recently arrived, injured and beaten, having barely escaped with their lives. Lon: "Has anyone grabbed a pic of Asierith’s toes yet?" His voice echoed in the room followed by a heavy silence… Waldo: "Toe pics? Are the döners we stole not enough?" Lon: "You fool! What is the point of enjoying delicious döners if we know true victory against Carthago hasn’t yet been achieved?" Trouble: "God damn it, this is a stupid idea, but I love it, will there be any booze and pizza though?" Strett: "Of course there will. Listen, as long as the soldiers and their families are cared for, they'll need the absolute lowest taxations possible in order to survive, socialism will never work!" Velium rose and said: "The punics have a most curious religion, perhaps we should teach them the wrath of Mars and the prowess of the gods of Roma as we wage a fearsome war on them!?" And then, a man—a wealthy politician whom all in the assembly knew and truly respected—rose and walked to the center of the room so he could speak. Suddenly, the room was silent once more. "Our taxes should be as high as they can possibly be, since the state provides everything the plebs need, as long as I am able to hand out low interest loans we have nothing to fear" said Sphinx the Elder. He paused and a fruit fell from his toga, "I ask you," said he, "when and where, do you suppose, this juicy fruit was plucked from the tree?" Many in the room were of the opinion it must have been freshly picked from a nearby estate. "Know then,” he said, “that this fig was plucked in Carthago just yesterday – so near is the enemy to our walls." He paused for a brief moment and then said in a booming voice filled with confidence "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!" (therefore, it is my belief that Carthago must be destroyed). Many in the room raised their voices in agreement, they would go to war, for better or worse. General Daveth Scipio Africanus, formerly known as Dave the Slave, was summoned, eager to learn of the mission the senate had bestowed upon him; soon the troops any able man willing to support the campaign, set sail for Carthago and the riches and glory that awaited. There would be no quarter given, the people of Roma would settle for nothing short of the complete destruction of the city to satiate their bloodthirst for revenge. TL;DR Asierith thought he’d be safe today, he was wrong. SPQR declares war on Carthago.
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    Its not about 9 ships is about 25 aircraft and 60k soldiers
  32. 15 points
    This guy is obviously new and is trying to participate in the game. Instead of being a prick about his misplaced post, it may be more productive to show him the ropes. Aren’t we trying to increase the player base?
  33. 15 points
    People who think that tCW switching sides and brining in Farksphere counts as GW15 should be taken out the back and be shot 🤷‍♂️
  34. 14 points
    On this most auspicious day. King Arthur 1 has been toppled from his throne by the exiled Prince Arthur, using his mighty geass cuteness to execute his father and ascend the throne as our first Emperor. In the early hours of this morning we did not understand his vision but after staring into the puppers eyes for several seconds, we now possess a weeb's conviction, sure in the fact that C2 is best girl despite the best efforts of Kallen. At a word from our leige we are ready to fight in the waifu wars, spreading C2's message across our empire using new Knightmare units. Some of us doubted this change, the weeb inspired weapons of war were unwieldy and often impractical.... but undoubtedly useful once we'd discovered the damage multiplier against native peoples. Pleased with his progress, the king then proclaimed that in celebration of his coup the army would be commissioned to cook the world's largest pizza. The student council leading a prayer in honor of the immortal witch and patron saint of pizza and chaos, C2. Finally and certainly for a very good reason which has yet to be revealed, the nobility was clothed as Bunny Girls. /Signed/ Snow White and the 7 dwarves Emperor: Arthur C2: Epimetheus Suzaku: Uriah Jeremiah Gottwald: Viselli
  35. 14 points
    @Alex, the issue you are trying to solve is to prevent down-declares from being as devastating as they are, right? Alright, sounds good. However, the second part of your proposed update, whether it be 1/3 or 1/4, actually makes down-declares even stronger. How? Well, while every unit can be recruited faster now, the critical unit here is still the aircraft. Until they are nerfed, planes will continue to rule in every single alliance war. This means that when a larger nation (let's call him Fred) down-declares on a smaller one (let's call him Bob), which will still happen with the score change, maybe a bit tighter (more on that later), that Fred can double buy all of his units at day change. With Propaganda Bureau, that 67% of max units becomes closer to 73%. This means that not only will Fred be able to recruit more planes in the span of 4 minutes than Bob's maximum, he can now even recruit more of the other units as well, completely neutering any chance Bob could have had at turning things around. Depending on the exact numbers, Bob could even have his triplets, Bobby and Bobbie, fight with him and they could still all end up losing to Fred. Let's address the tighter score ranges now. I was on the side of the global war that had whales. At one point of the war, when we were losing, we had our whales that were already 0'd and downed just go in to to suicide their planes at day change. Basically, they would attack someone who was fighting an ally that was close to turning the war around in planes. The whale would double buy and airstrike the enemy's planes. The intent was not for the whale to win, but rather, do enough damage so our other ally could break free. Now, however, even though the city scores may be greater, a whale that is 0'd actually has the chance to completely destroy a smaller nation that has maximum planes and maybe even some other units. The whale just has to go in with 0 military, and this time, instead of suiciding, his 73% units will actually outright win against the smaller nation. Down-declares are going to be ridiculously fun and overpowered now. Now, some people will say that whales have 3 defensive slots and you can still counter. Yes, you can indeed counter them still. However, Fred, the whale, can probably inflict a lot of damage before he finally gets countered, and all he has to do is survive until the next day change. If he plays his cards right, he could still come out on top, even when outnumbered. Speaking of countering, up-declares are now weaker, because again, planes are the focus of war still. Three 20 city nations with 1800 planes each could take out a 30 city nation with 2700 planes currently. However, now, all the damage the 20s inflict can be erased with a double buy. Even a single buy, which is now worth twice the old single buy, can prevent the three 20 city nations from claiming a victory they could have had/make it much harder to win. Maybe a 20 v 30 up-declare is not as realistic as say, 25. But, the point is that the main issue here is and always has been planes. Planes are already the focus of warfare. The meta is basically planes and soldiers. The second part of this update buffs all units, yes, but it that means it buffs planes. Buffing planes does not solve a single issue since the OP-ness of planes is already the root of the issue. Honestly, the current score range is fine. What needs to be fixed before that is: -Nerf Planes -Rework Beige (I want to get beiged in globals...... I shouldn't want to lose my individual wars in order to win the overall alliance war) However, given your own goal, which is to basically make the game more equitable for new players...... this update does the opposite. It favors the older and larger players. I strongly advise you to consider reworking the entire war system, rather than a single band-aid fix. This is going to create more problems later that you will want to fix. The entire system needs to work together, not be an amalgamation of several different ideas, that might not be compatible.
  36. 14 points
    Oh my..... what are you guys planning?!
  37. 14 points
    The irony in this is palpable
  38. 14 points
    >NPO losing a few members: WAHHHH, I QUIT! >Ming losing half their alliance: [insert well-written and professional response]
  39. 13 points
    As the person directly on the receiving end if this joke (for context, check this forum post: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/28488-carthago-delenda-est-dow/or look at our alliance page: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5049), I want to confirm that this merely an April fools joke and make it clear that, now that the majority of the involved players have woken up to read the appropriate posts and see the wars, we're moving out to peace out across the alliance, with peace offered or accepted in 6/11 wars already. At the very least, it should be obvious that a series of wars intended to be peaced in the same day, on April fools, with a publicly announced joke, during peace-time and with no inactive (or already fighting nations) being attacked, isn't an attempt at avoiding raids or wars, as the current rules on slot-filling are trying to prevent. Loosen up a bit. It's simply a joke and a bit of fun, in otherwise miserable times
  40. 13 points
    Figures you'd have low standards for what classifies as an alliance.
  41. 13 points
    What do you get when you cross a number, the worlds best football player and a piano? If you guessed a barely functioning alliance based on an old cheesy romance anime, you would be correct. Government : President; Messi Vice President; Seven Minister of Foreign Affairs; Lils Alliance: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7375 Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/YVVaGbB Protected by: the Cam Girls
  42. 13 points
  43. 13 points
    Anybody who thinks is a good idea reveals themselves for having no ability to think further than 3 steps ahead. 1. Irrelevant to if the change is even good, this is just appeal to Alex's laziness. 2. Also, frankly, irrelevant, part of the bore with this game is that everyone knows everything. 3. By making it literally impossible to be aggressive without notably superior numbers, tiering, or both. Since otherwise being aggressive is now literally suicidal. 4. Aggression translates to either you have to intentionally orchestrate a dog pile or you die. 5. No it doesn't. Try thinking about it for more than 4 seconds. It took me a whole 23 of processing this bullcrap to realize it was a hilariously stupid goddamn suggestion. First off, raids aren't a significant concern to established alliances in their main battle line tiers. They don't do alot of raiding there. Secondly, it doesn't make wars more interesting. All it does is encourage amassing dog piles even more by making victory in an aggressive action otherwise near impossible. They either have to have overwhelming numbers, hoping either for the 1v1s to be drudging stale mates bloddying both severely or that the defender starts countering. Even then, they can just not counter and it becomes a stalemate. This puts pretty much all of the emphasis on tiering. Downdeclares go from being wise to being absolutely required for an aggressive action, and the downdeclares required will need to be by 3-5, or even more cities depending on the tier targetted. Oh, and even better, if you implement epi's addressing the upper tier buff this would be, now you just go back to aggressive action being suicide. Aggressors do take the risk, and that risk should be rewarded if executed properly. This myopic suggestion removes any award or benefit for being the aggressor and instead actually penalizes you. Penalizing risk has never, in any multiplayer game, been a good suggestion, and it never will be. If risk doesn't pay nobody will do anything. Furthermore, @James II, the current way Blitzes and counter offensives function in the current meta, in relation to the argument on deployment, is already quite realistic. Take NPOs entry to GW14 for example, they didn't actually commit their entire forces, and left a large number in reserver to counter attack on targets of high priority. Meanwhile, if you choose to risk putting forward your entire force, and if you've chosen and executed the situation correctly, you should be rewarded, your attack should be devastating. How devastating depends on how outnumbered you are by your target or what reinforcements enter for that target. How screwed you are now depends on how much they committed, what further reinforcements they have vs what you have. It's literally a series of attempted flanking manuveurs, and keeping or not keeping reserved back is a tactical risk in and of itself in these plannings. Because the way mechanics function rewards aggression, people don't often keep reserves and instead go all in for one big KO. There's not really anything wrong or even unrealistic with that decision, just that in the real world it'd be called reckless at best.
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    Error 404 GET file:///E:/alliances/7413/index.html Charter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LNFrCCxrw2qMdGGoztOYuuXVk-3V0x6lewBPp_nVUzg/edit Discord server: https://discord.gg/tPunAb2 Treaties: Daemon processes: EmpError: Basebond , Danzek Trojan: Potator , Dyana , Waldo the Greater Task Manager: Ian Barry , Elder Rachael Footer: Apply to Error 404 right now Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Process exited with code 0. Press the any key to continue...
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    This suggestion is about increasing the protected reserves any given nation has from raiding. For example, currently a nation's last $100,000 cannot be taken. I'd like to have a discussion about what the number should be, and if it should extend to resources (and if so, how much.) In my opinion, the cash threshold should be raised to at least $1,000,000. This is a really old mechanic that hasn't been updated in years, while the average nation size is considerably larger now than it was then. Please post your ideas below, and if you see an idea you agree with, please upvote it so that I can gauge support for different ideas. Thanks!
  46. 12 points
    Seems like someone probably won themselves a golden ticket on the deportation train of The Blitzers.
  47. 12 points
  48. 12 points
    Bring back downvotes Solid addition.
  49. 12 points
  50. 12 points
    lol, sorry about this. I got a lot of DMs asking me if I'm alright. I'm okay. PnW and other hobbies have been taking up a majority of my time, causing me to neglect some other important areas of my life. I set my VM to a month now, time that I'll use to tend to the things needed. I think this break will be good for me, sorry for doing it so suddenly though. Anyway, raiding y'all later.
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