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[DoW] You're a f****** wizard Harry.

Big Mac

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Lmao, HOF is part of our coalition? @Ducc Zucc you legally have to stop raiding us now.

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TheNG - My favorite part is when Steve suggests DEIC might have done something remotely successful, then gets massively shit on for proposing such a stupid idea.

On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

I'm retarded, you win

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Scheduling the HoF raid was rather difficult for us. Given that they have become a raiding alliance we had to give them $100b, and they still slotted us too! Can't trust anyone these days smh


sarcasm - I know nothing about FA

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5 hours ago, Big Mac said:

‘Raiders, and Hollywood teaming up for a mid-week blitz under the guise of some raids from CoA!’ 

Look at this noob. Everyone knows Arrgh is our conspiracy theory partner of choice. 

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