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  1. Good luck friends in TKR, enjoy the ride ❤️
  2. Will be super to see great leaders come together and work in even closer harmony. I’m sure many will be watching this alliance grow with great interest. Good luck to all involved
  3. To all my friends in TKR. It has always been a pleasure working with you no matter the circumstance. Hope another year is filled with the joys of the previous.
  4. Alan... The brains behind every stupid decision made in Orbis.
  5. I know right... imagine actually being involved in a war where you don't have a number advantage of at least 3:1! Or returning to fight with your old allies after you've 'left' them and formed a new 'separate' bloc...
  6. Good luck to all involved, @aurora I see you 👀
  7. Ayy lmao! Cant wait to get things going again, awesome to be working with @Yosodog and co. o7 BK The future holds great things.
  8. Good job Tugger, and good luck to all in Oceania. Great things to come, I'm sure of it.
  9. When the prot has to stand up for the protector.
  10. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned your girlfriend yet…
  11. Gd luck Bradley and NW! Quack Quack o7
  12. Quack Quack. Lets make this a good run.
  13. Good luck Swamp! Ps: Pls go buy my book
  14. There's only one type of cospley that goes down in our gov chats
  15. 2+2=5 Support your local thought police to rule out any unloyals to the party
  16. @JadenStar10 I haven’t necessarily got along well with you before (yes basically your association with Taith), but after reading this I understand what you have gone through. I know what it feels like. What makes you who you are is how you pick yourself up and move on.
  17. Good job Minesome and happy birthday 🥳
  18. better late than never It was great working with you Vader, good luck whatever you go on to do.
  19. Good luck to all going forward. Will miss you guys ❤️
  20. Why do people seem so unable to read Seb's post. Most current banks offer 2-2.5% weekly interest on loans. This offers 6% monthly interest, (and according to google there an average of 4.35 weeks in one month) so one weeks of loan is approximately 1.38% interest. The collateral is is because the interest is small, and so therefore there are insurances to make sure the money is paid back.
  21. 6% monthly comes down to under 1.5% weekly, which is less than pretty much every other bank, other than alliance ones.
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