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  1. Eyy another historical nation alliance declaring its independence
  2. Oh yeah i have some problems with my pc
  3. Im rolling on the floor laughing there is no way you guys put that into the peace treaty
  4. well it wont affect too much then i guess thanks for clarifying tho maybe but it a real big pain in the ass to do it through ur nation
  5. Cuz why raid when u can just make stuff appear from thin air
  6. But without a default tariff it would not make much of a difference it would almost feel like u just got embargoed which is rarely used But with a default tariff u would have to get some sharedmarket with ur allies or if u are a member of an alliance u would have to contact specific suppliers to import stuff to your nation which might be a bit annoying but would make politics and war a bit more active and intresting
  7. i would have read this post but that wall of text.... ehhhh.... No thanks Im not reading that
  8. I think it would be awesome if u could set a default tariff to all alliances making it a lot more useful to trade in the sharedmarkets also i like the idea that alliances could sanction bad alliances with it without fully blocking the trade with them
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