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OMG, Ri actually recently asked me about one of Red's old war flags and the only one I could find was this one from CoS with Bezzy, Evil Bo, and Him. Felt like it might be a touchy subject to use it but it's one of @Maia's masterpieces. ❤️

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Humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding onto something. After all, humans are not gods.

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Welp, it's a shame i'm on vacation till the 8th, would've loved to be a part of this.

Thanks to our opposition for giving us the chance to stay out of this one, but my comrades will have fun here.

Good luck, have fun, hope Orbis is still burning when I return.

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5 minutes ago, hidude45454 said:

A decision I wanted to see -- welcome and hope y'all do him proud. o7

We were sending spy ops within a few minutes of the hits and wondering why the hell we weren't mentioned or hit. Spent the next hour discussing when we should go until someone got caught spying. Jig was up, i could only get like 8-9 people for 10pm but we shot.

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