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  1. Friends, Comrades, and state issued E-Girls, It is with heavy hearts that we announce the final goodbye of the Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics. We had a great time during our three year run. What started out as 6 people making a micro alliance in the wake of CoS, ended up with one of the best online communities I have ever been apart of. ASM never recovered from Red's death. He was the glue that held us all together. When Red, Pasky, Durmijj, Dang, Bails, and I created this we didn't know it would become such a welcoming community. Thanks for being apart of it. My favorite memory will be when 4 out of 5 ASM gov members were camping and after plenty of beers Red said, "Oh by the way we got declared on about 4 hours ago. It was a pretty good blitz too". I wanted to single out @Zei-Sakura Alsainn and @dang for keeping ASM going in the wake of Red's death. It was not easy and I can never thank you enough for your efforts. Huge shoutout to Rose for always being by our side since the day we started this adventure. Thank you for everything. Thanks to TKR for being the best of Frenemies. Sorry a treaty could never have been worked out but I think it was always fun having a friend on the other side of the war. ASM will remain as permanent memorial to RedArmy. Rest easy bud. We have far too many people within ASM to thank, so here is a list as best we can remember of every member who came and went. The Founders: RedArmy Durmijj Pasky Joe Dang Bails The Exec Committee: Sakura Emily Arawra Korulein Oort Lexi The Wobblies & Wobbly Emeritus Adorable Foxgirl Beary Wunnadem Basil Hope Hops Bird BeefNugget Ava Assjackets Crunchybananas Mr. Bylat Bezzers Gideon (the guy who accidentally deleted his own wonder) Ken Lucy Vinterfred feraldumbass Avitus Salt Meat Alice Kryze Bernie Jerkdotwad Rivkah Erin Spacegoat Tequila Anneal Cinder Clade Telixia Memelord TOOTS MAGOOTS Dill_dude9211 (Liam) vague Madsnorlax Solar Kori The Elder One (old man Eugene) Buss Sierra Matthew Gaddie dimi Fairymoon goodday Jerry Bear JustAJoker8 Kaname Isao Kermididit Lorax River Wedge Yufuz Saladin Avery Raymond Wulfharth BigSig Comrade Marx Q-collective Vaduz After 3 years I still can't spell Syndicalist properly.
  2. Most Influential Player: Sheepy Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: TKR Best Alliance Leader: Wana Worst Alliance Leader: Best In-Character Poster: Best Villain: Nicest Player: Dang Most Controversial Player: Most Missed Player: Redarmy Best Nation Page: Best Fighter: Best High Government Member: Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Sakura Best War Criminal: [spoiler] Text [/spoiler]
  3. Best of luck to Wana and to Syndicate
  4. ASM Declares war on TKR. Just what Red would have wanted.
  5. If you want to know what kind of person Red was outside the game, I went to visit him in the hospital today and there were a lot of people there who he played various games with that felt like they needed to give something back to him because he was so generous to them. So they went to say their goodbyes to someone they met playing games like P&W on the internet. This honestly blew my mind that he had such an impact with so many people, but that's also why I was there. He was declared brain dead yesterday after complications from heart surgery. He never woke up. However he was kept on life support so that his last wishes, which were donating his organs so that others may live, could be seen to fruition.
  6. Hello everyone, Some of you may have heard by now but our beloved friend and comrade RedArmy has passed away this weekend. He died from complications from heart surgery, he was 33. Those who knew him already know this, but he was one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet. He would do anything for anybody, including driving 8 hours across the country to pick up another alliance member who was going through some really rough times, and helping them secure a place to live. Although we've only been playing this game together for 4-5 years, he ended up becoming like a brother to me, and to most of ASM. He was someone who would always listen to you, and help guide you through whatever rough patch you were going through. He was so genuine in an era where that doesn't exist. We went on an ASM camping trip last year, and it was a blast, except our first night camping we were crushed during Guns & Roses, and 3/4 of ASM's gov't was off in the woods drinking, out of cell service. Red was the only one who had cell service and when he got the notifications he promptly turned the phone off, and casually mentioned it to me a few hours later... deep into inebriation. Red was one of the most selfless people I've ever met, and that I will ever meet. He constantly gave others everything he had, whether it was emotionally, physically or even financially. He kept nothing for himself. This was true even in death. With his last dying breath he was able to hold on long enough to make it possible to donate several organs so that others could live. ASM will never be the same. He was the bedrock of our community, the glue that held a bunch of political stalwarts from delving into chaos every waking moment. There aren't enough kind words I can say about Red. Please pour one out for our fallen brother. We are heartbroken. If you are interested there is a gofundme for his family, i've posted it in ASM's discord server. In the interim I have taken over leadership of ASM. See you on the other side brother. Rest easy. Love Yinz.
  7. Saddened that my suggestion of "Daddy Sphere" was shot down :( Congrats all
  8. I got absolutely obliterated by Oblivion in round 1. Loved it Kudos all.
  9. Honestly i had a lot of fun this war. It's always nice to fight someone without bad blood.
  10. I have no idea what this means, but thank you Red, very cool.
  11. Wana, you've come so far. Congrats it's well deserved.
  12. I don't consider any alliance with Socialism in their name even remotely on the left.
  13. Came expecting a treatise on Socialism, left disappointed.
  14. Note to self: no actual peace declarations on April Fool's day
  15. I'm sorry to see you go. Good luck out there. Your mental health and well being always come before a game.
  16. Hey! Look how it turned out for Schrute.
  17. But it also let Afrika Korps exist which was literally a direct branch of the !@#$ military. So uneven moderation has not only allowed this problem to exist, but also flourish.
  18. Hi, let's sign a treaty and get working on this. MAoDP for this venture
  19. Wait the game that allowed a !@#$/Third Reich themed alliance has a white supremacy problem? I for one am shocked and appalled. SHOCKED AND APPALLED.
  20. I'm a sucker for scorching hot political takes myself.
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