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  1. A Revolution can not be had with silk gloves! Welcome to the party my friends. We drink to Red, and the comrades he chose.
  2. 1. Sorry attempt number 29 2. Trust me, we can all tell you don't care much about running your AA 3. Indeed it does, but it happens to some people more, probably a reason 4. It's true, we don't talk about you much these days unless we're all having a tease
  3. To be fair, if you understood the rules of FA you probably wouldn't be on attempt number 30 of running an AA
  4. Celestial and Hollywood hereby activate Article 4 of the Peace in Our Time Agreement Signed, Celestial Sphere Leadership Hollywood Sphere Leadership
  5. The is one King in the Seven Kingdoms and his name is Squeegee
  6. The Silk Gloves Pact Preamble: The Dead Rabbits and Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics (herein "the signatories") having come to the conclusion that a revolution cannot be had with silk gloves, bind themselves together under the principles of friendship and whale hunting. Article I: Peace The signatories agree to refrain from any act of aggression towards one another and agree to host lavish parties for the proletariat and gangsters to get down. Article II: Intelligence The signatories agree to share any pertinent intelligence. Intelligence that threatens the security, well-being, or reputation of either signatory is pertinent. Article III: Aid The signatories are encouraged to seek mutually beneficial economic relations with one another and to encourage trading between nations of either signatory. Article IV: Defense An act of war upon one signatory is considered an act of war on both signatories. The Dead Rabbits and the Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics commit their memberships, fortunes, and armies to the defense of one another. Article V – Optional Aggression In the event that a signatory requires assistance in an aggressive war against a third party, signatories are strongly encouraged but not obligated to assist the other by means of financial or military support. Article VI – Cancellation If either signatory feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and resulting diplomatic negotiations have not offered an acceptable resolution, notification of withdrawal must be given to the remaining signatory within seventy-two hours. Should this treaty be voided, a forty-eight-hour cool-down period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other. Signed for The Dead Rabbits, Jax Teller, Boss Aggeremid, Underboss Dark Mulligan, Underboss Alexandr Arnason, Bosun MrGross, Bosun Chancellor Will, Clan Chief of Foreign Affairs Signed for Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, Aiya Redarmy
  7. And the "inactive" AA leads the war in net damage
  8. Oh come on it is clearly a play on words, I'm excited to see this return to the OWF and activity from Polaris, let us see now if they can put it to use in game.
  9. I am a fan of all these AAs. Good luck
  10. tbf it is much more of a tripolarity, and if the remnants of blackwater and rosesphere can put together a decent block it might be a quadpolarity.
  11. one L and you signed TI. Ya'll are getting lazy with your PR. Someone do a halfway decent job at least.
  12. Good luck friends. Enjoy the war
  13. *Spends all of peacetime focus internally on growing into a massive whale alliance barely in range of anyone in the game* *Whines about people not being in range during war* why don't you decom some infra and come play? Then again why sign TI if you aren't gonna shield yourself with that meat?
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