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A Message in a Bottle

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A message in a bottle washes up on the shore
You question what’s in it but you’re not quite sure.
You unpop the cork and remove the small letter,
And as you begin to read things only get better!
Black Skies is celebrating it’s first birthday
To only be celebrated in a very special way
We ask you to come to our server with speed
To join us at our party, you’re all that we need!
We have events and prizes, special channels and more
We promise that this birthday will not be a bore!
We ask you to come between Noon and Six
(and it’s Eastern Time silly) or any time betwixt

We hope you come join us and have some great fun!
We hope that you will be there with everyone!



TL;DR - People who thought we wouldn't make it or didn't want us to make it are disappointed. Here's to another year!


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A game dies without a community.

Don't hate on the communities trying to grow.

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Coming for the party!

Thanks for inviting

Happy Birthday

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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.


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We shall feast in the new moon moonlight under the black sky. We shall produce smoke and ash and smog for the darkest night of the year in which to celebrate. Let the hunt begn!

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You've faced some interesting odds, but you made it.
Good job.

Also that screenshot of me in your signature, where did that come from? Lol. I honestly don't remember saying that.

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Viva La Cruzada

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