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[Bloc] With Liberty...


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Hell yeah! Time to spread some FREEDOM!

Strickland better start a-runnin!

To whom it may concern, I do not represent Weebunism unless explicitly stated (ergo, never.)
Nor do I represent the opinions/beliefs of Saratoga County, the 21st Congressional District of New York, the Libertarian Party of New York, the New York Naval Militia, the State of New York, NAEMT, the USNSCC, Fine Gael of Ireland, the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Western Hemisphere, Constellis, the United Nations, H. Sapiens, Hominids, Sol-3, the Sol system, the Orion Arm, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Local Group, the Virgo Supercluster, the Laniakea Supercluster, or the Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex. Thank you.

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22 minutes ago, CitrusK said:

I wonder if this will last longer than the trinity bloc...

Also, what's with all of your bloc names being three syllables. "Trinity" and "Liberty."

Is your next treaty going to be the "Trilogy?"

*Writes word Trilogy down and scratches word Narnia next to it*

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Kudos to whoever wrote that preamble. XD

Looking forward to working with everyone and seeing where the future takes us o/

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A game dies without a community.

Don't hate on the communities trying to grow.

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Anyone want to make bets on how fast this will collapse?

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"Havgle is a piece of sh*t" -probably everyone in Orbis



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19 minutes ago, Havgle said:

Anyone want to make bets on how fast this will collapse?

Will last longer then reef atleast I imagine, but that's not very hard😋

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11 minutes ago, Nokia Rokia said:

We productive exist as an alliance unlike your 50 micros shame none reached Top 50

Counting all the rebrands and reforms you've done, 5 micros seems to be a lot more than 2... besides, anyone who isn't braindead knows that top 50 isn't even close to being the be all end all. Even the dumbest person can merge a couple times and make it there

"Havgle is a piece of sh*t" -probably everyone in Orbis



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2 hours ago, JackRackham429 said:



A hard winter night proved treacherous and frightful as the cannonades roared on. Barrages of metal smashing the coastal ships of fishermen off of Crete sent splinters of wood and bone into the sky. As the temple on the hill, the Pantheon of Apollo, sits defiant through the battery, the wisps of fire and smoke drifting into the cool December night provide an eerie blanket of grey. As Commander Alan, stands on the afterdeck of the H.M.S. Telus, he could only gaze in awe at the disciples of Apollo, praying for their god to save them…

    On the other side of the island the carts carrying spice and “herbs”, offerings and blessings to Apollo are brought up from the barges of the Coal Traders. As the disciples collected the goods from the creaky wagons the exchange of goods and the clinking of coins brought a smile to Nokia’s face.

    “We’ll see about getting you your steel and wood for ships. However I can’t promise anything with the blockade in place.” Nokia explained.

    As the scream of a 12 pound ball zipped past Nokia, he frowned slightly. “I’ll see what I can do.”...Alan was here

    “My dear Commander Alan!” Nokia crooned, “I dare say this coal will warm your ships for some fortnights…”
    “Your coal warms the hulls of my ships and the hearts of my men” responded Alan, “I do dare say that these people of the Pantheon will fall in a matter of days”.

    Nokia donned his frown again. Looking over the state of the crew it was evident that the coal to heat the stoves was only a cure for the symptom, not the disease.

    “I believe we can potentially end the war sooner, and be richer men for it.” Nokia remarked, “These tides of wars can shift to that of profit.”

    With the Dusty shores littered with bodies and debris the three met, Trader, Commander, and Disciple. As if by some divine play from Dolos a sudden veil was placed on their eyes. The sleek ships of Black Skies began protecting the fishermen, the disciples of Pantheon worked in the Coal Mines and the Traders turning profits into new warships. The perfect, and unlikely friendship was made. As Dolos cackled it seemed that this relationship would only prosper.


Black Skies, Pantheon and The Coal Mines join together and from here on will be referred to as the “signatories”. The signatories join together with the beliefs that freedom, security and a love for adventure are vital to the growth and survival of a people. And so these articles are written and signed:


Article One - Strengthen the Hull and Home

Mutual Defense, Mutual Aggression Pact (MDMAP). The signatories of this treaty agree to stand together, whether it be in defense from an enemy, or aggression for a righteous cause or for a fun adventure. All signatories are required to share any and all intelligence gathered to protect and maintain the security and interests of the bloc and it’s members.

Article Two - Chain of Command

The signatories of this document agree to a structure of unified command. All governments of signatories will maintain their rankings and responsibilities. The bloc itself shall be led by the leaders of the signatories. Affairs of Internal and Economic concerns will be left to the discretion of each signatory. Military and Foreign affairs will be discussed and decided by the bloc heads. Dusty was here

Article Three - Can’t Beat the Coal Mines Coal

All signatories agree to refrain from signing treaties with non-signatories. Members can recommend new alliances that hold strategic importance and value to join the bloc. The signatories vow to never meddle in the affairs of other blocs. Nokia was here

Clause One of Article Three: Growing Pains

  • In the event that a protectorate of a signatory is of suitable size to no longer require a protector, they may request to become a participating member and a signatory.

  • All protectorates will be signed by the whole bloc. This will guarantee a level of exposure to learning opportunities, as well as support and protection to the protectorate.

Article Four - Hearing the Prayers of the People

All signatories will be entitled to a vote on bloc matters. This includes signing protectorates, decisions to go to war and to accept or remove signatories. The only time a signatory will lack a vote is when the issue specifically relates to the acceptance or removal of that signatory. All votes will be concluded by simple majority.

Article Five - Goodbyes

In the event that any Signatory should wish to end their membership in the Bloc, they are free to do so for whatever reason, and may or may not state this at their own discretion. Exit from the Bloc will remain peaceful and cordial, and will be subject to a 5 day cancellation period, as well as agreement to return any held resources or to continue payment of any held debts to any Signatory. 




    Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it. - Albert Einstein


    Black Skies, Pantheon and The Coal Mines join together to begin the struggle for freedom. We begin to take the path to help and support one another to open new doors and new opportunities for not only the current players but for future players as well. We, the few, join together to create; Liberty Bloc.

TL;DR - The Coal Mines, Black Skies, and Pantheon formed Liberty Bloc.

Who do I talk to about royalties?

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