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Time for everyone to Embargo GOONs

Guest Elijah Mikaelson

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This is the first time I've ever embargoed anyone.

Lol I just assumed we wanted to embargo GOONS cause their members are so annoying lol

hell no, who am i supposed to play baseball with

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yes, lets all contemplate how we can price fix with the api.

I love it when non-coders try to figure out what we're doing and make themselves look stupid in front of the people that actually use the api

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Owe kno. Dey gott in 2 da publicz forumz an scrnshotted somthin.


(NE 1 wanna trade sum resrources frm Da Herd 4 escargot? Da Herd wille cut u a bigg deel.)


Da Cowz

Edit: Plz sende escargot. Iss a cowz delicacy.

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8 minutes ago, Unwanted said:

I can confirm I've got nothing but the best Resource Prices at Cathy's totally legit Business site.




Hevnans' Gatte haz gud poasters.

If ur a newbius an lookin' 4 new allianz. Maek sur to escargot da Goons an espeshly da Cowz, thenn joine Hevnans' Gatte.

Da Herde wille reackt welle 2 da Escargots. FYI.

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How did the markets and the price fixing get along after their introductions? Did they hit it off? Are they holding invisible economy hands and smooching? I must express a fondness for a romance in numbers.

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