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  1. It's the Olympic stadium though, which would do the opposite of that.
  2. You can ban someone from a Discord server without deleting their messages, you know. So in addition to being thieves, all this does is make y'all look very incompetent.
  3. Even if you're completely above board and everything you've said is true, all you're "warning" us of is that Loving Boi is a working class hero who has brought the fight directly to trash such as yourselves who would scam the common man out of the hard earned value of their labor. I, for one, am proud to find such a man among our allies, and shame on you for trying to discredit such a paragon of valor.
  4. Just know that no matter what happens, you'll be up against the wall eventually, comrade.
  5. This is entirely on you for trying to run a dumb-as-bricks "banking" scam and getting burned for it. You fricking capitalists are all the same.
  6. We are very proud of our supreme leader for this achievement. Congratulations!
  7. The actual reason is because he's a hypocritical piece of trash, and that's been obvious for a long time. But it's also not really germane to this thread.
  8. It's okay, I can 100% assure you with utmost sincerity that you aren't the first one on the list. ?
  9. So is that a yes, then? Hypothetically speaking, if I were to infect someone's computer with a virus that makes them delete their nation automatically the next time they log in, you will take no action because it appears to you that all actions taken were tacitly approved by the player, and I will not get in any trouble if there's no proof I did it? I'm sure all the people in this thread cheering on what happened to BK would absolutely LOVE that. ?
  10. I'm kinda baffled by this, honestly, because it almost sounds like you're giving carte blanche permission for people to do what certain crazy people keep accusing GOONS of doing: distributing viruses to people through platforms like Discord which do things like delete people's nations via their own computers. As long as it doesn't use your platform, you aren't gonna take any action against people who do stuff like this at all? Or even restore the deleted/transfered stuff to its owner?
  11. Why would I want to do that when I don't post any? ?
  12. So out of curiosity, and completely ignoring the out-of-game crimes involved in this hypothetical scenario, if someone had gone to Leo's house and broken into it, then gotten into his computer and used Leo's already logged in account to do all of these things, would that be considered a violation of the game rules by the person doing it, if there were a way to identify them? Because from the perspective of the game that's identical to what happened here, and that doesn't sit well with me at all. Also, all the people posting in this thread acting like a security breach in another player's system is actually a good thing because you don't like that player are total scumbags, and this type of shit is why you're continuing to get rolled right now. Just sayin.
  13. If another alliance or group of alliances is capable of pounding you into the dirt ad infinitum, perhaps you should not declare war on them and not do things that will cause then to declare war on you. It's not hard, this isn't rocket surgery you know!
  14. If by "the vast majority" you mean you and your buddies, good. You won't be missed.
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