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  1. Issue: Message included "Okay Retard". Using mental disabilities as a negative comment is not okay, and is degrading to those with mental disabilities. It is not only offensive to me but others as well and. See this link for information as to the derogatory nature of this word. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retard_(pejorative) This kind of language should not be sent to other users. Message Thread Link: https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3489311 Message Content: From: Vladimir the 2nd Date: 11/15/2019 Friday 3:51 pm Block Communications ok retard
  2. Hi just checking in from Bahamas it's nice this time of year. I had to book this trip so I could go into vacation mode as a strategy.
  3. I was also embargoed out of the blue by zephyr. I can post proof. It's annoying when it happens at night and my phone goes off. Edit: Sorry Alex / all I didn't know the rules about not responding in these threads. Don't bannme plz.
  4. I don't understand all this "fuh fuh we can't have a nazi aliance" Communism is tied to the belief of many countries about the sharing of wealth / nationalization of industry etc. Some but not all parties involved in this practice have commited brutal acts, and it is wider than those. Nazism is tied to the actions of one man who was committed to the genocide of many different peoples. I'm going to assume that Alex would be against any "We hate all x" alliances where x is a group of people.
  5. Dump those spies. Im new and I already hate those treasonous people. Goons are great! Thanks for sharing the news with the community
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