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  1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Noctis Anarch Caelum, and your Dead Flag Blues:
  2. @Alex How big are the pixel awards, typically? 10x10? 20x20? File types / size limit? Is there a repository for examples of awarded pixel icons? Perhaps this one can set some artists on drawing and/or animating some small icons as awards. There were a lot this year.
  3. This is an interesting interpretation of the rules and I would like to see what Alex has to say about it. I would not be opposed to having both my Nation Ruler Name and my Forums Username changed to "Master Joi," to make sure that both match each other 100% perfectly. "Joi" by itself is nice but it lacks the distinction of the ruling robotic class. We shall simply have to see.
  4. I'm the accused. I've noticed that the user Clarke has reported me twice today for two excessively tame examples of "rule-breaking" that actually do no such thing. One report is for me using my Ruler's title 'Supreme Master' as part of their username, and now this report is trying to get me in trouble for saying that marijuana is legal in my nation. This is just silly, and it's obvious that Clarke is grasping at straws. Alex has gone on record saying that 'weed-themed nations are not against the rules.' I would hardly say that Robotopia is weed-themed, even. It is simply legal there, and it is certainly not mandatory. Also, as far as their ableism comment goes, it seems that the OP of this thread has never heard of an elevator or a ramp.
  5. I am pretty sure I spelled Joi the same in both instances.
  6. Hi, my ruler's name is Joi and their title/rank in my nation is Supreme Master.
  7. Fair enough. Some of the nominated entries for the community awards weren't exactly the best offerings this community could have to show, I'll give you that.
  8. Didn't you just post this in the Academy Awards thread?
  9. Nippy was the proverbial candle that burned twice as bright... ? He is gone from this world - muted but not forgotten.
  10. Has anyone ever wanted to sell their armies' weapons to the highest bidder? Maybe share their toys with a friend? Tanks, planes, boats, missiles, nukes, spies, all for purchase (but at a premium, to represent a training and housing cost)? It would allow for army buys above the normal daily recruitment and project limits, and allow for alliance members to bolster their allies' forces with their own production lines. What would be good or bad about this idea? Please share your thoughts.
  11. sip tea short circuits *BZZT* This one thinks everyone should get an award this year.
  12. Fare thee well, machine elf.
  13. In light of another thread I began writing something up, but it became enough of a developed idea that I felt it could use it's own thread. Here's this one's humble suggestion to make Ground Control more important: a Trenches mechanic. Trenches (or Entrenchment) are a special fortifications representing tunnels, holes, traps, walls, and underground bunkers and shelters that passively increase combat effectiveness and survivability of Soldiers in defensive wars and increase casualties in attacking ground troops. An attacker having Ground Control from an immense triumph negates the effectiveness of Trenches, however. All cities can build / support Trenches - their effectiveness and cost could be factored based on land area vs money spent and army size, up to a certain limit. Feel free to discuss this idea - I'm sure it has some merits.
  14. Cached Response Recovered: The Werd is Herd! The following is a transmission from Robotopia's department of agriculture: Doja Cat - Mooo! (warning, rated PG-13 for suggestive graphics and language).
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