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  1. Why is asking for evidence to be posted here instead of going into their discord considered bait to you? The reason for requesting evidence on the forums instead of looking through their discord is for openness from both parties. Also because it would encourage more forum use. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  2. If you want these accusations taken seriously, you have to have proof posted here instead of making us come to your discord. Please have these witnesses you talk of come post here. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  3. Then have your witnesses come to the forums and post their proof instead of making us go to discord when we should be discussing this on the forums. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  4. Sir, you keep posting the ENDING of the situation, not the lead up and the middle. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  5. Sir we need the proof posted on the forums so forum goers that don't use Discord all the time can go over the evidence and make their own decisions. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  6. Sir, we need proof posted on the forums, not all of us use Discord all the time and there needs to be a record on the forums. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  7. You know this wouldn't had happened if Aiyr Bank asked for that sponsor video of Mudahara from Some Ordinary Gamers on youtube like I suggested weeks ago. Need documentation of when the contract was first agreed on from both sides my good dude. THIS POST SPONSORED BY TODD CLOROX, OFFICIAL MEDICAL ADVISOR
  8. Collation Alphabet Soup sounds dumb. Why not Coalition Alphabetti Spaghetti?
  9. 2020 Fash Bash Festival (sponsored by Mountaina Dew and Orbisitos)
  10. There's a war? Ah frick, I think I'm being Mandela Effect'd. Goddamnit Comment Etiquette Advisor Erik you lied to me that this wouldn't happen again after we set up the NPAARM (nuclear powered automated airplane repair machine).
  11. I dispute your claim because of my Magic *which is how I managed to power the machine that brought me my Nuclear Advisor Black Dynamite via alternate universes) advisor Harry Dresden (pictured during an incident last halloween) is considered the Wizard King:
  12. Face us in the age old contest of Nightmare Fear Factory photoshops.
  14. I'm sorry I can't invest in this concept unless I see a stamp of approval. Once such stamp has to come from the following individual and it has to be on video before I will invest:
  15. Lightshade it's called "tip regardless of how many games you play". You're making the other alliances realize that you would just as well refuse to tip them as you do GOONS.
  16. It's the best time of year which means my favorite christmas youtube video that genuinely doesn't deserve it's cringe status video arrives.
  17. Ralph Nader's running for the third party again?
  18. Happy Holidays to Orbis and a Happy New year STATEMENT GIVEN BY HAPPY HOLIDAYS ADVISOR DATED 12/20/2019
  19. My Happy Holidays advisor told me that the market is going to have a giant Christmas party. As a nation that openly trades through the art of baseball I present our national holiday market anthem.
  20. He couldn't handle the power of my AMV Advisor Mordred Pendragon during a baseball game halftime show. He now seeks wisdom from the AMV gods to show him the best AMV that will defeat GOONS in a form that isn't linkin park/DBZ/(INSERT POPULAR SHONEN ANIME) that had the subtitles left in. As such my AMV Advisor has presented one in the quality that is condsidered the best in class.
  21. I embrace our new Guardian allies but I want it on the record that I think Drax is the best Guardian, not Groot due to Drax's literal mindset.
  22. They could name it "Bloc Show in Town".
  23. Why are you so against the tribute to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Fleishaker? He's was a wonderful actor and every role he did for Troma filled everyone's lives with joy. I mean look at him, he was considered beloved by Troma Films so why not give one of his best roles (second to Terror Firmer) a tribute?
  24. Again, why do you think https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Fleishaker, who is embraced by his fans for his weight to the point of going for the role Lardass, not deserve tribute? I love Joe Fleishaker's roles and wished to pay his best role tribute.
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