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  1. Micro hiding under TMC petticoats squeals victory. Story at 11.
  2. Look don't be pissy just because once again you were getting your teeth kicked in. Have you thought about may not breaking the rules like an angry toddler?
  3. How about you drop VM instead being a little girl about it? Best Forum Mod: Chief Wiggum Worst person: Noctis and his multis
  4. You should teach your Scarfa-son how to properly rant.
  5. Have you thought of the fact that maybe, just maybe, the only one impressed with your pseudo-intellectualism is you? Of course not, because you're so damn impressed with the shininess of that polished turd that you ignore that it's still a turd. You do you, Noctis Jr, and if it breaks the rules you will be punished. It's that simple.
  6. lol at anybody believing anything we post there.
  7. This moronic topic has me smelling burnt toast. I should seek help.
  8. Oh right and I should mention Cole himself was in reference to Terry Tate: Office Linebacker. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Tate:_Office_Linebacker
  9. Pssst, people can see your edit. Anyway https://www.giantbomb.com/augustus-cole/3005-687/
  10. Except I'm the accused. Womp womp.
  11. That says a LOT about your internet browsing habits. That's a reference to Cole in Gears of War, also called The Cole Train.
  12. Edit: A reminder to click on images to make them bigger
  13. You do realize you named your lawfirm milf, right?
  14. He's called Mitt because he'll be your hand puppet for a charge.
  15. Honestly there's 90 frikkin news outlets for Orbis. Join up with ONN or Lux and run it through them.
  16. Why are you crapping this beanpost with this? We're talking beans here.
  17. Can we talk about communist beans?
  18. If anything we should get a hot bean juice resource. Cause coffee makes the world go round.
  19. Like they could be split up into different types of beans. Black beans could be food, of course. Cause they are amazing with ham. Black Eye Peas are not only an amazing musical group, but a great beans as well. I imagine that it would be used instead of steel. Cause tanks built from black eye peas would be just as useful as regular tanks in this game!
  20. Oh so you actually grew up in an authoritarian dictatorship masked as communism, yeah ok. So anyway... I kind of wish that beans were a resource in PnW. Like food, but not as good.
  21. Oh have you? Which one? :allears:
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