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  1. Don't be silly, facts don't matter. We're clearly evil monsters who cannot be trusted. Accusing us of violating a NAP by being attacked by the other signatory of the NAP is a pretty dumb argument even from you Scarfs. Why don't you go full hog and just say we've broken the contract of peace within men's hearts?
  2. what is this, a newsletter for ants?
  3. As somebody who witnessed our lunar incarnation, you know this to be explicitly false. In many incarnations we have been at material disadvantages and yet we persevered. This world will not be rid of us so easily. Particularly as the mechanics lend themselves well to us.
  4. P. good. Our oppression is the furthest ahead of schedule of any GOONS alliance I've ever been part of.
  5. Actually the war just started.
  6. Hooray, we're making a Waroboros!
  7. Just do the mercy board you absolute dolt. If you're looking for a vaudeville hook to comically pull you off stage to spare everyone the embarrassment of your act, I'm sure we will gladly provide it.
  8. Uh huh, sure man, sure. Or, more likely, no alliance will have you. Amusing how you once again claim to commit yourself to perpetual resistance, yet the cycle will continue as it always has. You don't have the stomach to engage us forever. You're no RUKUNU. When you're tired of being a crater, you know where to find us. Please. Worlds flourish from our divine touch as we weave our stories. Can you name even a single example of a world we've 'killed'?
  9. I think you're confused. You're not just going to walk away from this.
  10. You're missing the larger context, it is a famous piece of work from the absolutely insane timecube screed: https://timecube.2enp.com/ . It's not meant to be taken literally, obviously. It is a work of art; prose from a higher plane of existence. Even at face value that's some pretty weak shit man. I mean, dumb, snot for brains? Come on now. Not to mention that I myself, and most of the other people here are American. I'd be happy to excise it if Alex and friends deem it to be unfit but frankly you don't even have the shadow of a case, and by the look of your recent reports, you're just having a normal one.
  11. Silence, Micro. At least Methrage is entertaining, the same cannot be said about TGH.
  12. Congratulations to you and the "Other Nations" in your "Alliance", perhaps one day one of them might even post here.
  13. Do we really need more negativity in the world?
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