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  1. Lol cant even respect a decent fair fight, have to make it a dogpile. I dub the mystery block the "Dogpile Block" as apparently that's all they can do
  2. Honestly I like the idea of infra being cheaper to rebuild. It will make wars happen more often which makes the game alot more fun in my opinion.
  3. I just noticed the screen for spy ops doesn't factor in the effect of the spy sat when it shows the cost. It showed me a cost of 1mil, but the actually cost that was displayed after running the op was 800k. So it looks like it isn't factoring in the effect of the spy sat in the cost projection.
  4. Bombard will only be used by alliances already winning and idont think it should be added. It will also harm raiders alot
  5. The issue isn't that we don't have an incentive for war its that wars are just too costly and it can take months after one to recover. If you wanted to fix that then you would need to change mechanics drastically to reduce war cost. For example you would need to do something like make infra cheaper to rebuild then to build. Though I doubt anyone would want that.
  6. its not a random choice. The continent you are at determines which resources you can make. So if you want to make differen't things then move. We also have the market for a reason. If you need raws to make something then buy it or just buy the manufactured good directly.
  7. Bounty are fine. Sure they don't get used much but they are still a nice feature to have in the game.
  8. Yes but that still worse then the static income ones even though I am a whale. It doesn't make any balence sense to have it that way. Larger nations should benefit more from the percent change goods then the static amount goods in my opinion.
  9. I like the idea and see don't care if it originally comes from cn. Alot of the values feel worthless however. 1%commerce 1% income .5% pop 2%food. It just is so small its meaningless. Should be around 2-3% for the first 3 and 4-5% for the food. Most of the other things seem fine however.
  10. Yes. Leaderboards displaying only the top 10 is boring
  11. The current system is fine and there is literally no reason to change it. Maybe round the display down to the nearest integer while keeping track of the true number but there is no reason to change the true number.
  12. Tanks are op. Ships use way too much gas and munitions.
  13. Afew things need to be changed with spys. 1st add a human check to the spy screen. Spy numbers are sopost to be secret without someone spying to check. But the fact there are bots out there that can calc the number of spys someone has though the success odds is game breaking and needs to be stopped. 2. Spys die way to fast and can all literally be killed in 2 shots if someone has the spy sat project. 3. Spys rebuild way too slowly and it litterly takes weeks. Spy rebuild times should be more reasonable. Having the rebuild take 6 8 10 days based on projects would be much more ba
  14. It would be interesting if missiles had an option to target military targets and do a small amount of damage to units. That way they are more useful as the amount of infra damage they do is really negligible.
  15. Instead of making this some automatic thing add projects that give these bonus's to city's. That would be a good way to go about it.
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