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  1. Honestly no reason for the minimum not to be at seven tbh. When people take vacations they usually take 7-10 days fairly often.
  2. If you want to make treasures meaningful then you need to increase their duration of just make them plain permanent. Right now it’s not worthwhile to try to steal one when they will disappear so fast. If they were made permanent then alliances will have a reason to fight for them. Additional a treasures market where someone can sell them would also make this a more useful mechanic. In other words we don’t need to change the stat effects of them to make them worthwhile to fight over.
  3. If you don't want to move your nation you can also buy it from other people in the market
  4. The score changes should be undone. Everything else should kept as it is and maybe modified as needed
  5. If your going to suggest something like this you will have to give more specific details or It won't go anywhere.
  6. Becuase there is a general agreement letting unlimited troop buying would break the game which wouldn't be good Here's how it could work. Effectively you will be limited in how many troops you can bring in per day. This limit we can call logistics capacity or something like that. For each city you have you get 10 capacity. This let's you be able to buy 10 capacity worth of troops per day(use it or loss it, no limit on selling) Then each troop would cost different amounts. Here are some rough numbers for example. Soldiers - 300 per capacity Tanks - 10 per capacity Aircraft - 1 per capacity Ships - 1 per 5 capacity Missiles - 1 per 150 capacity Nukes - 1 per 200 capacity Spys - 1 per 20 capacity This way it's not overpowered and your forced to choose what you can buy. Makeing wars abit more strategic. Also we could add a project to boost the capacity you get per day.
  7. It would make sense if you bothered to read the thread above. I have already stated it needs to proportional to rebuy or the number of city's you have. Read the thread plz. Everyone is already in agreement it needs to be limited. So it won't be much different then say getting the properganda project.
  8. If anything it should be opposite. No nukes or missiles as buying them would be like doubling your rebuy.
  9. Apparently there was a youtube video on the game and alot of new people joined. Not sure what video it was though.
  10. Impossible to get under 0 crime above 2700infra !?!?? That’s won’t work. That means your gaining 1% crime per 216 infra. Considering crime has 10x the effect s of disease this will means any infra investment over that will actually result in a income reduction rather then an income increase...
  11. Interesting. I could see something like this adding to the game. That being said I would prefer a technology system over this. To make something like this work we would need more options (for example you could have a spy branch or possible war utility branch(mun/gas usage reduction, rebuild cost, rebuild amount, ect) The commerce tree would also need to be finished(you could add a matinence reduction branch with a manufacturing branch and a final bonus of 1-2 extra slots per city perk). The forth development branch could be infra/land cost reduction. With resetting perks it shouldn’t be a cost thing but a time cool down thing. Good idea overall
  12. Completely agree with this. The last thing we need is more alliance tiering
  13. Grid Energy Storage Cash: $10,000,000 Steel: 2500 Gasoline: 2500 Aluminium: 2500 Effect: Increases the amount of infrastructure wind power plants can power by 250. Reduces all power plant upkeep by 50% Here an idea for a project I had. The bonus to wind power plants would be beneficially to those with a mid level of infra(around 2500) and the upkeep reduction would be beneficial to everyone. It would reduce upkeep by 100k-300k a day depending on the size of your nation.
  14. That being said considering the number of projects being added to the game it might be a good idea to give newer nations a smaller project timer. For example if a nation is below x number of projects whenever they build a project they only have to wait 5 days until they can build the next one.
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