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  1. We really don’t need any indicator for a recent nuke at all tbh.
  2. It would be intersting if alliances could have permissions tiers for banking. Alternatively it would be good if the alliance bank keeps track of how much you have put in. Then you can withdrawn what you have personally put in at any time.
  3. Honestly if you just implemented the 1/3 rebuild on planes/tanks/ships then you wouldn't even need to touch beige mechanics. As nations would be rebuilding fast enough that biegeing wouldn't be seen as a bad thing anymore.
  4. I think bank moving bots are fine. ONLY if it is initiated by manual input.
  5. Simple. We don't implement this. As I suggested before.
  6. I don't think you know how bknet works. Its not automatic at all. Everything there requires manual input. The best way to think of it would be that it gives every nation in the alliance the ability to access the bank. However they only can take out what they put in. Which Alex has already expressly given permission for.
  7. They don't. Everyone one here started by making raws and benefiting from them. I imagine even you. Your using slippery slope and straw man arguments. Those have no place in discussion.
  8. The problem with that is it will harm new players. If we added it the price for raws would drop from more production. Older players wouldn't be affected as they would get the project. However newer players would be hurt as they wouldn't have anywhere where they could easyly compete right off the bat. The current setup where some resources benefit from projects/land and some don't make a good balance for both older and newer players.
  9. people would just fortify to avoid this
  10. Did you even read what wrote? i am guessing not. If you did you would realize i didn't even mention gorge...
  11. The point of biege is too prevent nations from beng held down forever, Which is a good thing If this happened this would count as slot filling and would be reported under the rules. So its not an issue Honestly this would fix alot of problems with biege
  12. I disagree. There are much better solutions. For example this could bed fixed by just giving nations biege time when any war expires if the resistance the nation has is below a certain amount(or maybe even to whatever nation has less resistance). While not applying loot/infra damage as no one won the war. This would be like the united nations enforcing a ceasefire in a war and stopping future conflict for a short time. This would incentivize winning the war instead of just not ending it. Effectively this would allow bieges to serve there original purpose
  13. Just buy the extra you need from the market. If the numbers were perfect then no one would have any need to interact. Which I think wouldn't be good the game.
  14. I disagree. The current forms of automation out there are beneficial to the game. For example the war stats npo provides. As for banking, all that is modifying who can access it and how much they can access. Which as manual input is still required is fine. You must realize most bots out there are useing api's Alex provided specifically for that purpose.
  15. I feel like alot of you are missing the point. The hacker did get onto leos pnw account. We know that because he used it to mass kick members, which isnt a function of bknet.
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