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  1. I believe instead of removing war range for inactive people would be bad for people staying in lower city tiers to raid, but relaxing the range would be better, something like 0.5x - 2x or 3x ( promote updeclares )
  2. Rose + Eclipse seem to have a huge tiering advantage in the c5 level, we shall see how this affects GOB
  3. this is just a ploy to raise food prices so that horsecomk can sell his shit
  4. Food price dropping when?
  5. Pretty ironic, considering their name is Spartans, should have fought to the death
  6. The world is now closer to peace, good job guys 👍
  7. when game name change to economic and war?
  8. HW and Syndi: fighting each other Me:
  9. The intense micro wars have begun
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