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  1. No, we're planning a fake forum war with each other so we can shed off excess upvotes, so then with the advantage of deflated forum accounts, we'll suddenly mass down-declare onto you.
  2. Your meme game is weaker than NPO's CB.
  3. Oh yes, not IQ, just all-the-members-of-that-used-to-make-up-IQ-and-more. Big difference. IQ 2 Electric Boogaloo?
  4. The terms of peace clearly stated that you must send your forum profile's pic to each member of your family, screenshot the responses and post them here. You have 72 hours, otherwise I will be forced to make empty threats. @Spinelli/ragdoll
  5. Man, you know your meme game is weak when you gotta outsource to literally everyone.
  6. Pro Gamer: VM during a world war
  7. Although i see the purpose of this idea, alliance bank looting should probably be reconstructed entirely or not at all. A band-aid fix like this would do nothing but be a nuisance..
  8. Meanwhile, on the last episode of Dragon Ball Chromosomes
  9. Everyone will merge into Rose and declare war on Alex.
  10. Please rephrase this in English.
  11. Would be nice if they made credits only usable on resources when not blockaded.
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