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  1. So..... this has drug out long enough we exited the war got some protection to rebuild.. then someone got a wild hair up their but and got mad and drug us back in the war... so again we are exiting the war.. also merging into somewhere else so we need our peace please.... @RagDoll666-`ღ´- 1. Animation Domination admits defeat to the forces of Coalition B (Memesphere), and agrees to not reenter the war on any side and aid Coalition A (KERTCHOGG) by any means, including treasure purchases, ghost nations, allowing nations from Coalition A to join their alliance until individual peace has been secured and private market trades. 2. This agreement comes into force after the completion of payment of the outstanding loan valued at 588,312,595 to The Commonwealth Our debt/loan has been paid in full so here is the 2nd part... Good day to you... Rag doll formally known as spinelli
  2. Ello citizens of orbis Queen spinelli leader of Animation Domination here with some important FA news... We are currently revamping our treaties and opening our FA back up.. lots of changes coming. Stay tuned to find out more..
  3. Hello, citizens of Orbis, This is the Queen of Animation Domination speaking. I have come here to make an important announcement... well, two announcements. First, we hereby withdraw from the war. We entered in defense of our allies, not fully aware of what was happening or what we were entering into. We would like to remain peaceful and non-aggressive to both sides during this remainder of this war. Now for the second announcement. El_Barto, leader of AD, has taken time off as leader and I am the new leader of AD for the time being. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to message me on discord: spinelli / ragdoll666. ? P.s.sorry about the mix up of the post from hubbys account
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