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  1. Alot of these alliances don't know anything abt loyalty.OFA been loyal and yes I did alot of wrong but some of them things you heard abt Me ain't real.people wnt me to fall because I was growing to fast and they was scared of that.I have respect for every alliance and this game.I wanna be the best that's all.
  2. If BK wanna roll us ova bulshit shit then so be it because I give them all I had in this war we been hit from both sides we was loyal
  3. And OFA will not rejoin this dumb war
  4. Why would they wanna attack OFA because we give up.we had enough.this was our first war shadyAssassin
  5. OFA will be back give me time to fix my problems and it was good fighting north point in this war
  6. The Order of the fallen angel peaces out of the war. We are a small alliance, created not that long ago, and we did our possible. But this was our first war, and I’m proud that we were part of it. We finished in the negatives. Enemies mocked us, and a lot of members asked me to leave the war sooner. But we didn’t fall apart. We stood up, as the beautiful alliance that we are. For the people wondering why did NPO attack us, it was because of beiges. Some members were beiging too much, and other alliances had enough. We totally understand their decision, and we solved the problem. The Dial Up War teached us a lot. -What to do during wartime, and what not to -Who we can beige, and who we can’t -What are my responsibilities as a leader, and when do I decide that we fought enough We will not send war aid to Coalition B. We will not declare on a KERCHTOGG alliance (except if it’s just a raid, because that can happen whenever). We will not help Coalition B in any other way, but we wish them good luck And good luck to KERCHTOGG too. We had fun fighting you, and it was a pleasure to be on the same battlefield as some of these alliances (that goes for Coalition B too). OFA members will finish their current wars, but they won’t start new ones. We are not part of the war anymore, and we’d like KERCHTOGG to not declare on us, as we are doing the same.and I wanna think the people who was loyal to OFA the best. The end.
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