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  1. A large stop sign to micro existence is knights templar tbh (and arrgh to a smaller degree but only for profit). They just destroy anything weak for sport, even if there's no motive or reason for it. Edit: Would be good if the main article had chapters and proper formatting, I can't read it because it's so messy.
  2. It did receive over 1000 views under 24 hours, wasn't expecting it to get that big...
  3. I have been instructed by my government officials to issue an apology statement and I respect their word. I am sorry for any harm I may have caused to any parties.
  4. As many of you may already have read this earlier post of mine, It has gained quite some friction and as instructed by my government officials, I am officially giving my apologies to The Knights Radiant, and take back all of my words, and will indeed not post spy attacks to their nations. I would like also like to apologize a TKR nation "Akash" for doing a spy ops against their nation and violating their sovereignty as I wrongfully destroyed 1 infrastructure from them. Edit: I also declare my nation to have freedom of religion. Disregard what I said about islam in the last post. Edit 2: I would also like to add that there is no state of war between me and The Knights Radiant anymore. TL;DR Sorry TKR, won't happen again.
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I've been searching through all of the account and profile settings and I can't find how to add a custom signature to my messages.
  6. Goons? Is that some sort of a micro alliance, never heard of them. Besides, the bad guys don't come here wanting their reputation, they just have it and embrace it.
  7. Look what I did to akash, your #2 biggest nation, take that stupid heads. http://prntscr.com/pnq1di Who's next?
  8. I see that you're adept at the art of editing photos. Good job but you're not fooling my eyes. Or well not even editing photos, you can literally just edit the chrome website with the inspect thing. Changing text n stuff.... Basically grinded them to dust and repeating it after i came out of beige until I left...
  9. It's not a shitpost, if we're talking about shit why don't we talk about that nova riata flag hanging under your name. TKR has made me lose 2 nations, which both had over 10 cities, it's pretty big..
  10. Mosquito incident? Elaborate. After I get out of beige, don't wanna waste free cash.
  11. ... For christ's sake, I'm attacking TKR. I have legitimate reasons, they've made me reroll twice and have destroyed me many times and posted bounties on me. They're also very rude and told me to kms and other stuff when I tried to talk peace in their disc
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