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  1. Thanks for the enjoyable last couple of weeks. Enjoy your rebuild guy's.
  2. Shows how much you care lmao Doesn't matter though because you're extremely rich 😂 Didn't you also ask us a couple days ago to accept your white peace offer and to be paperless allies with rose so that we could help you when you get your deserved rolling ayy.
  3. Maybe we just both have a different definition of what a opurtunistic move would be here. For me had we been jumping into a definite winner with the odds heavy in our favour id agree like I have done with regards to tcw and upn. Either way you cannot compare us to rose. Maybe make that comparison if we ever get to more than a handful of high tier nations. 24... We are 4 and we wasn't exactly dropping down on c18s. No comparison really in my opinion. I do appreciate your words though even in times of war. #respect 😁
  4. This again..... Us joining in on half a round of a war on what was always going to be 1 clear winner isn't being opurtunistic. Us joining in on tcw sure that was opurtunistic but the difference is we can admit it without shame. Just look at the alliance rankings. Number 9 alliance asks pretty much every alliance going to help against a 4 man alliance because their members clearly don't want to assist. SF was more concerned about asking us to "join them". Let's all praise Rose for helping their non chained allies though...
  5. I have to agree with you. I got lucky being online and ready to take some planes away from you beforehand. I won't say good luck but do enjoy the next few week's.
  6. Congratulations to all involved. Was good to see people do know how to end wars successfully. Was also nice working with some of you from both sides of this war (tcw before) hedge during. What next for MP (ayy)?
  7. This is a little unfair to just blame TEst. They and Tcw did request us to peace and we actually agreed to do so and I informed people to accept the peace offer from buck. The moment I said that you all started hitting random members not connected to the raid on buck so we withdrew peace.
  8. Ayy lmao ðŸĪŠ This is going to be a fun time. Someone doesn't want a war chest You successfully gathered intelligence about Texas. Your spies discovered that Texas has 60 spies, $0.00, 0.00 coal, 0.00 oil, 30.00 uranium, 0.00 lead, 0.00 iron, 0.00 bauxite, 0.00 gasoline, 0.00 munitions, 0.00 steel, 0.00 aluminum, and 2,131.00 food
  9. Ayy lmao ðŸĪŠ This is going to be a fun time
  10. How stupid... This seems fake anyway
  11. @Sphinx the world is flat 🌍 Good luck 404 No comment on the rest
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