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  1. And you clearly don't even know why you're fighting us. We was asked to pay a total of 8 billion for payments that was nothing to do with us. BoC wanted to agree with what I had suggested but was stopped by camelot who clearly needed money.
  2. Very pleased to finally get the ball rolling. Can't wait to get started now
  3. They already tried that one 🤣
  4. part of me wants to do this just for the fun of it 🤣
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i need my pixels
  6. Im still waiting for all your counters you promised
  7. This would be a step backwards. Vpn use is increasing rapidly and no it's not so people can cheat in a browser game. Some countries restrict access to some websites and others encourage the use of Vpn. The next problem would be that anyone who uses mobile data will find that their IP changes everytime they connect. You also will notice that your home IP will change from time to time without you ever being aware. It would be very unfair to punish someone purely based on logging in on a mobile phone. While this subject is brought up though something that I think would be good is to actually do away with the unique ID and flagging people who have connected on the same network. It seems a very old fashion way to do it and only 2 weeks ago I found my nation had be flagged as being on the same network with someone else. I messaged the guy randomly just wondering if this nation was a friend I didn't know was playing the game but it turned out that we actually live about 4 hours away from each other but had got flagged for being on the same ip because we had connected to the same supermarket chain Wi-Fi.
  8. looking forward to working with you Otto. Exciting times ahead
  9. I think it should be upto the alliance involved to choose if they're fighting on behalf of a coilotion unless there is a active o/mdp treaty. I'm just a nobody but this is what I would suggest. 1. Alliance's with a o/mdp treaty are automatically placed in the coilotion they're closest to. 2. Any alliance seen to be fighting both coilotions should be removed from global war stats. 3. If a paperless / protectorate gets involved it should be upto them if they're to be counted in a coilotion. 4. Main alliance's in a coilotion can ask for a paperless alliance to be removed from their coilotion stats. @Frawleylet me know your thoughts on my ideas
  10. It all worked out in the end. Whilst some people won't understand our motivation for joining the war it did have a influence in us gaining a protector and we also learnt alot from the experience. Regardless the experience was fun. We had some great exchanges with both people we had been fighting aswell as people who were fighting with us, some salty and some friendly. It was good fun and we're left with alot of respect for everyone involved. We would also like to thank everyone for their kind words. Hopefully more smaller micros come out and join in the next war.
  11. Hello all. European States officially withdraw from the war. Terms are as follows European States accepts the following terms: 1: European States, admits defeat and pledges not to re-enter the war against the memesphere. 2: European States shall not provide any aid to KERCHTOG for duration of the war and will not sign treaties with KERCHTOG for the duration of the war. 3: European States will send peace to all ongoing wars, or allow them to expire or run their course, furthermore no new wars will be declared by either party. We wish both KERCHTOG and Memesphere the best of luck going forward and thank everyone involved for a fun few weeks.
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