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  1. This is very interesting but meaningless. The logs was simply made to use against me and it was me who ended up "leaking" them to Ron because I was sick of being called a [email protected]#$.
  2. Anyone who signs anything with this guy is automatically my enemy.
  3. I like the idea because it would actually give the op more of a meaningful action then it currently has.
  4. I don't see how anyone can really be enjoying this war. Everyone needs to be honest now because changes need to be made. On the winning side there's no slots and even when there is a slot available there's nothing to really destroy and no loot. On the losing side you have no spies or military. Bots are being used to counter you within a few seconds and spy slot filling is happening on your targets. We need changes now. Apart from that sure I enjoyed nuking a few people.
  6. I like some of your idea's but it's to much in one go for people to actually read. people =lazy and lazy = low IQ
  7. Spies kill to many spies so either increase spy buys to 10 daily or have a maximum death of 10 spies daily (not per op) Nukes are expensive and should be alot harder to destroy. Maybe there could be a project that allows you to protect 5 nukes and Missiles? Spy attacks on tanks needs to be decreased possibly halved A project that allows you to recruit 5 special agents that work like spies but cannot be assassinated costs 10X the cost of standard spies to buy and use but also have a increased success rate. Another thing that could be pretty cool is the ability to hide the number of nukes/missoles/spies that a nation has and maybe even the ability to lie about the number of soldiers tanks planes and ship's
  8. Nodbody would bother logging on while being dogpiled. More people lose interest and more people go inactive and never return.
  9. Well I can't say I'm surprised to see you have this opinion. I still remember you asking me to nuke you after you declared a raid on me. Anyway I'm starting to become more of an expert on the use of nuclear weapons so hopefully I can express my opinions here. Nukes are designed to completely destroy a city or 3 and so I believe the following changes would make things more interesting. A project that allows you to double the number of nukes you can build daily. Nukes using 10 maps instead of 12 (before people complain I'll explain my thoughts. You can destroy 2k infra with two naval attacks using 8 map's and a nuclear attack destroys roughly 1900 infra but have to wait 8 hours longer) Nukes should destroy All improvements within the infra destroyed ( actually improvements should be lost anyway whenever you lose infra) Land's should be useless for farming for 3 months. I have many more ideas for nukes and Missiles but I'd end up being here all night. I know my ideas won't be very popular either but I guess that's just because people want to just win wars easily without risk of potentially losing all their military improvements and actually making it possible for an underdog to turn things around.
  10. Thanks 😊 there isn't many computers here. AYY LMAO
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