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  1. nice to see that you can just okay this and then come back and change your mind which is okay but punish them for something that is really just your fault for not being able to make up your mind and draw the line for game rules
  2. Yea I like the idea of spies being able to cause chaos in a wartime society because that seems likely imo. But your idea for spying rss sounds good just need to find the right percentage because just think two days and you lost 36% of a certain rss
  3. “We have secured peace in our time”-neville chamberlain
  4. Very fun even though I am on a solid losing streak atm highly recommend
  5. I've played 2 games so far and doing the one tonight so far it has been really fun even if I won or lost. I would highly recommend that you stop by and play some games.
  6. Lorhill

    TUE RoW

    The United Empire of Zah'Aharon recognizes the Declartion of War from Roz Wei, The Golden Horde, The Imperium of Man, and Nordic Sea Raiders. Signed: Empress Therana Empress Alexia Advisor to the Empress Hydraik Lord Lorhill Lord Tamasith Lord Curtis III Lord De Quan
  7. I completely agree something needs to change and a rollback would help get things settled so you and the players of PnW can come up with ideas to fix the one or two problems of that original Econ era.
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