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  1. We are an alliance of German and non-German states around the world, focused on the development of our nations. We have 20 members (as of April 16), and looking to grow! Our members interact on our discord channel, which is available on our alliance's page at https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675 We are ranked 86 of 231 (37%), and our nations have an average score of 225. The Government Our government is made up of three tiers: Die Regierungschefs (The government leaders), Das Kabinett des Kanzlers (The Cabinet of the Chancellor), and Regierung Vertreter (Gov. Reps) Within the three tiers are the following: Tier 1) Der Kanzler and Der Vizekanzler: The two top decision makers, sharing an absolute executive power over all alliance dealings Tier 2) Officers of War, Finance, Development, and Foreign Affairs: Individual roles corresponding to the titles; have access to the alliance bank Tier 3) Representatives based off of the alliance population in each continent: Can view the bank and have direct access to speaking with higher government members Die Allianz Gesetze (The Alliance Laws) We have 6 Capital Offenses which result in immediate banishment: 1) No member shall wage war on a fellow member. 2) No member shall commit fraud with alliance bank funds.3) No member shall be acting as a spy for a separate alliance. 4) No member shall break a treaty.5) No member shall act in ways which threaten the alliance's security.6) No non-government member shall present himself as a member of government to a foreign alliance. We do not kick members for inactivity, but after 3 consecutive days of inactivity alliances will cease to receive military support. Tax Code and Welfare Our alliance runs a progressive tax plan, where government members are expected to contribute more in exchange for power. There are four tax brackets currently: 1) Default (Tier One): Nations with 1-5 cities. 12% tax on income, 12% tax on resources2) Tier Two: Nations with 6+ cities. 22% tax on income, 25% tax on resources3) Exekutive and Kabinett. 25% tax on income, 30% tax on resources4) Regional Representative Rate: 20% on income, 20% on resources We offer very generous grants to members, particularly to ones who have under 5 cities and are still in the initial development phase. The official language of our alliance is English, but we have members who can speak German, French, and Spanish as well! Join the next great alliance of Orbis. Together, we can create something great. Vereinigt stehen wir, verteilt wir fallen. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675
  2. No you did, lol. Def understand that what I'm asking for pretty much doesn't exist. Just seemed like a super stereotypical thing German alliance would say. You were right too, I only ever got 1 alliance treaty of a relatively small alliance.
  3. Yeah I was just saying that because it sounded cool. Pretty much every colonial nation in 15th-post-WWII actually did take over the world following the status quo. Usually theres a reason for status quos lol, they work. Germany WWII was evil for sure, Nazi Regime just decided to start the costliest war in human history in a continent still rebuilding from the costliest war in human history at that point. WWI Germany was kind of just on the wrong side of history. Austrians were the dicks to everyone other than Germans in Austro-Hungary, but Germany can't not support Austria. Its basically just an extension of Bavaria which didn't want to join the German state bc it already established centralized power of a large territory, and that really was all that the German state was, the consolidation of small states under the Prussian state. This forum is way cooler than Facebook, seems like people know what they are talking about.
  4. Yeah, you are right, there are a lot of individual cultures which fall under that category, I acknowledged by using the plural forms of "tribes", "kingdoms", and "city-states" in my previous comment. i also said in my very first comment that it is rich in culture, which means it has a lot of culture, literally. I'm not sure why you're posing that statement like its in contrast to mine, clear case of agreement. Examples are Bavarians, Hessens, Swabian, Saxon, Austrian, Swiss Germans, etc. Let me first let you in on a surprise. I live in the United States of America, born in raised in NJ. I did date a German Exchange student for over 2 years, travel there with her a lot, and learn a lot about it; but I'm not actually German. I can speak it but I'm not German. When I said Americans are stupid before, I know what I'm talking about. All I have to do is look around. I can tell you that the American Education system failed you, because you don't even know the true definition of a state and a nation. I'm not going to call you stupid though, I'd rather help you learn. I can tell right off the bat that you are an American who has never taken a university politics class (I was once that too, not an insult just an observation). The difference between nation and state is one of the first things your taught in Intro to Pols 101. What we call 'states' in the USA are not states in the true term. Its just a name we gave to regional districts. Under the Articles of Confederation, they were true states; however, under the US Constitution they are not. The only state is the United States itself. Allow me to explain: State: Forget about the American definition of a domestic state for one moment. A state is a sovereign entity which controls a region with absolute authority, in which the people within the borders are subject to their laws. A state is what you, probably, call a country, as many Americans do. Germany is a state, Russia is a state, Ireland is a state, China is a state, the United States is a state. Literally every 'country' which has set borders and is recognized by the majority of the world is what we call a state A state rules a territory, regardless of the make-up of the people within it. Nation: A nation is a group of people bound together by a common cultural sense of nationality. A nation is a group of people with a shared culture, religion, or values. There is not necessarily a system of power which corresponds, but there can be; this is called a nation-state. For example, Native American Nations exist within the borders of the United States. They have no authority to form a military, US Federal Law supersedes their legislations, they are bound together by one nationality of culture. Sunni and Shiite Muslims represent different nations in a state. They are always closely knitted together and the people who make up the groups strongly favor their own groups. But neither group has sovereign power until their nations become the regimes of the state. A big problem in the Middle East is that sunni- or shiite-run states are extremely oppressive to the other nationality. Inter-state national tensions are almost always what causes genocide. There are such things as nation-states where one nationality is predominant. This is a case in a lot of European, South American, Caribbean States and East Asian states. The United States is not a nation-state; being an American is rooted in state pride, but many nationalities exist within the state. That is why people choose to call themselves "Irish-Americans/Italian-Americans/Cuban-Americans/ Mexican-American" Canada is the exact same thing, where people call themselves "French-Canadian/British-Canadian/Muslim-Canadian" Neither America not Canada has a common nationality; they were both founded on principles which embraced exactly this. the people have a shared allegiance to their state. Its not that I have expertise; you learn this stuff in the first week of class. Its a fact that states and nationality are independent of one-another. sometimes they coincide, sometimes they do not. When you think of Irish-American, think, Irish by Nationality, American by state allegiance. It literally matches the term "Nation-State". I am years out of basic politics classes right now and honestly I may have explained than poorly. This article does it great: https://www.usip.org/glossary/state-versus-nation Its great you have a passion in policy and governance. I share that passion. You should consider doing some independent research into politics. When you take a course in the basics, you'd be surprised at how much you really do not know. In your mind, you were right in what you said. Its not a matter of conveying your thoughts, you can do that; its a matter of understanding the actual meanings of terms, the workings of governance, the different types of regimes, etc. Up on comment for the reply. PM me on P&W maybe i can send you some old politic textbooks I have since we both live in the US.
  5. It took me 10 hours too understand what you were getting at, went right over my head lol. Bad joke, but clever at the same time
  6. To be fair, I did say Germanic, not the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. State and Nationality are independent. Germanic tribes, kingdoms, city-states, all that constitutes as German culture. The history of the German state in its current form is just one part of the history of the culture.
  7. Very Original. Germanic culture dates back centuries BC but Americans think it only lasted for 30 years in the early-mid 1900s
  8. Yeah I'm trilingual; English, German, French. Got me excited for a second lol
  9. Bonjour à toi! Nous pouvons être amis. Joues-tu le jeu de Politics and War? Tu devrais être une part de mon alliance si tu fais. C'est un alliance de allemand seulement dans le nom, nous prenons aussi les joueurs de France! No one ever took over the world by following the status-quo
  10. The Verein der Deutschen Staaten (VDS) are seeking to make treaties with other German Alliances. Alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675 Get in touch with Kanzler Jake Lawless of Volksrepublik Freiland to negotiate terms. We are interested primarily in non-agression pacts with fellow German alliances. We are also interested in more active defense alliances, as well as market-share treaties.
  11. The Verein der Deutsche Staaten (Club of German States) is searching for new members, no matter how small or large, poor or rich, developed or undeveloped. We offer players of P&W a new kind of alliance: an alliance which serves them, which they can be a part off. We only demand that there are no Nazi references in your nation; this is a new united Deutschland. We are headquartered in Das Volksrepublik Freiland, in centralEurope, which was previously known as Köln (Cologne), Germany. We are searching for members all over the world. You do not have to be Germanic to apply; however, we do seek to achieve peace with other Germanic nations and alliances who are non-members of the VDS. We were created Today, Friday, March 30th, and already have three active nation-members. We are offering the first 25 members a $100,000 welcome bonus upon admittance into the alliance; they must join the Discord channel in order to receive it. The offer is valid until April 5th, 2018, or until the alliance reaches 25 members, whichever comes first. Officers Our structure of officers is ensures each region is receiving equal representation, and ensures a proper system of checks-and-balances is in place. Officer positions are as follows: Executive Officers: Kanzler: Jake Lawless, Volksrepublik Deutschland - term-length: Life Vertreter (Second-in-command): Vacant - term-length: one month The Kanzler and Vertreter share equal power. They are able to make executive decisions and have access to alliance bank funds. They can make treaties. The Vertreter servers a month-long term. Each month period, the member-nation strongest in point value will fill the role as Vertreter. There are no term-limits, and power can roll-over into consequent months. Vorstandsmitgleider Stellungen (Officer Positions): Global Positions: Officer of War (OW): Responsible for negotiating treaties, encouraging military development, coordinating military support, and proposing military grants Officer of Finance (OF): Responsible for negotiating market-share treaties, encouraging commerce development, proposing a tax plan each month, and proposing need-based grants Officer of National Development (OD): Responsible for coordinating welfare plans and grants, encourages mining and manufacturing, and proposes pollution-control grants The global officers act as middle-men between Executives and Regional Representatives. Terms are for one-month. Each month, the nation with the strongest military, highest GDP, and most infrastructure will be appointed as the OW, OF, and OD, respectively. The first appointment of Vertreter and Global Officers will take place upon the 10th member-nation's acceptance into the alliance. Representative Positions: Each region will have a representative appointed for every 5th member within the region. Regions are Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The role of the representative will be to relay messages from their region to higher officers. They will also have voting power to proposed policy changes. Terms are for-life; the only way to lose office is to either step down willingly, be kicked from the alliance, or be promoted to a higher position. The representative will be the nation with the highest point value in the region upon every-5th members acceptance into the alliance. The executive positions will be the only nations who can access and distribute alliance bank funds. Officers will be able to view bank transactions to ensure the executives are not abusing their powers. Economic and Development Goals, Tax Structure Our primary goal is member-development. We offer our members the recourses which nations need to progress. One way we achieve this is through a progressive tax code tied with a weekly even distribution of a portion of profit. The alliance offers 3 normal tax brackets, as well as a reduced officer tax rate and a bare-bones tax rate available to rebuilding nations following a damaging war. The codes are as follows: Default (Tier One): Nations with 1-5 cities: 15% tax on income, 10% tax on resources Tier Two: Nations with 6-10 cities: 22% tax on income, 14% tax on resources Tier Three: Nations with 10+ cities: 30% tax on income, 20% tax on recourses Officer Tax Rate: As a token of gratitude for the hard work our officers are expected to do, they will be subject to a 10% tax on income, 8% tax on resources Rebuilding Rate: Upon approval of either the Kanzler or Vertreter, nations ravaged by war are eligible for a one-week period of 3% tax on both income and recourses per-month. Each week, 50% of alliance's weekly profit will be evenly distributed to member nations. If monthly profits exceed the previous month's, double-bonuses will be distributed on the 1st of the month. Weekly profit distribution is in effect immediately, monthly bonuses will begin on May 1st, 2018. Die Allianz Gesetze: The Alliance Laws The alliance values the rule of law; no nation shall be subject any differently to laws, including executives and officers. Capital Offenses: Breaking these laws will result in immediate expulsion and military aggression 1) No member shall wage war on any other member. 2) No member shall commit fraud with alliance-bank funds, including grants, loans, tax dodging, and out-right theft. 3) No member shall be acting as a spy for any other alliance. Inactivity: 1) Any nation who is inactive for a 1 week period will cease to receive tax redistributions. 2) Any nation who is inactive for 2 weeks will cease to receive military support from other members. 3) No nation shall ever be expelled for inactivity. Other Laws: 1) Breaking of a treaty is subject to official review. Should you be found guilty of wrong doing, punishments get progressively heavier. First instance: Tax distributions cut for two weeks. Second instance: 100% tax rate for one week, along with no distribution. Third instance: Expulsion from alliance. 2) Military Support Pledge: Members of similar war-tiers are expects to provide support for each other upon request. Should it become a trend that one nation refuses to help, it will be reviewed by officers. Punishment will vary, but is limited to tax distribution bars, not to exceed one month. Freedom Clause: Member-nations are free to develop their nations and use their distributions as they see fit. Grants which carry use-restrictions do not apply, and must be used as intended. Any policy change will be proposed to member-nations three days prior to officers voting on them, in order to give ample time to relay questions/concerns with regional officers. Member-Welfare The alliance is burdened with keeping its members afloat during times of national turmoil. During radiation-famines, the alliance will do its best to offer affordable food at a reduced rate. Weak and new nations will be eligible for grants to aid speedy development. Grants will be generously offered in times of economic prosperity. Members are also expected to recruit new members. Referral for new-members which remain active for 3 consecutive days following admittance will result in a $250,000 referral bonus. A weekly announcement of the state of the alliance will be released every Friday, which will recap the previous week as well as set-fourth any goals for the following week. The link to the alliance is here: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675
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