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  1. We are an alliance of German and non-German states around the world, focused on the development of our nations. We have 20 members (as of April 16), and looking to grow! Our members interact on our discord channel, which is available on our alliance's page at https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675 We are ranked 86 of 231 (37%), and our nations have an average score of 225. The Government Our government is made up of three tiers: Die Regierungschefs (The government leaders), Das Kabinett des Kanzlers (The Cabinet of the Chancellor), and Regierung Vertreter (Gov. Reps) Withi
  2. No you did, lol. Def understand that what I'm asking for pretty much doesn't exist. Just seemed like a super stereotypical thing German alliance would say. You were right too, I only ever got 1 alliance treaty of a relatively small alliance.
  3. Yeah I was just saying that because it sounded cool. Pretty much every colonial nation in 15th-post-WWII actually did take over the world following the status quo. Usually theres a reason for status quos lol, they work. Germany WWII was evil for sure, Nazi Regime just decided to start the costliest war in human history in a continent still rebuilding from the costliest war in human history at that point. WWI Germany was kind of just on the wrong side of history. Austrians were the dicks to everyone other than Germans in Austro-Hungary, but Germany can't not support Austria. Its basically just
  4. Yeah, you are right, there are a lot of individual cultures which fall under that category, I acknowledged by using the plural forms of "tribes", "kingdoms", and "city-states" in my previous comment. i also said in my very first comment that it is rich in culture, which means it has a lot of culture, literally. I'm not sure why you're posing that statement like its in contrast to mine, clear case of agreement. Examples are Bavarians, Hessens, Swabian, Saxon, Austrian, Swiss Germans, etc. Let me first let you in on a surprise. I live in the United States of America, born in raised in NJ. I
  5. It took me 10 hours too understand what you were getting at, went right over my head lol. Bad joke, but clever at the same time
  6. To be fair, I did say Germanic, not the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. State and Nationality are independent. Germanic tribes, kingdoms, city-states, all that constitutes as German culture. The history of the German state in its current form is just one part of the history of the culture.
  7. Very Original. Germanic culture dates back centuries BC but Americans think it only lasted for 30 years in the early-mid 1900s
  8. Yeah I'm trilingual; English, German, French. Got me excited for a second lol
  9. Bonjour à toi! Nous pouvons être amis. Joues-tu le jeu de Politics and War? Tu devrais être une part de mon alliance si tu fais. C'est un alliance de allemand seulement dans le nom, nous prenons aussi les joueurs de France! No one ever took over the world by following the status-quo
  10. The Verein der Deutschen Staaten (VDS) are seeking to make treaties with other German Alliances. Alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4675 Get in touch with Kanzler Jake Lawless of Volksrepublik Freiland to negotiate terms. We are interested primarily in non-agression pacts with fellow German alliances. We are also interested in more active defense alliances, as well as market-share treaties.
  11. The Verein der Deutsche Staaten (Club of German States) is searching for new members, no matter how small or large, poor or rich, developed or undeveloped. We offer players of P&W a new kind of alliance: an alliance which serves them, which they can be a part off. We only demand that there are no Nazi references in your nation; this is a new united Deutschland. We are headquartered in Das Volksrepublik Freiland, in centralEurope, which was previously known as Köln (Cologne), Germany. We are searching for members all over the world. You do not have to be Germanic to apply; however, we
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