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  1. Keza Purple

    Very important announcement

  2. Keza Purple

    New Year - New Arrgh

    Means more sex now?
  3. Keza Purple

    The Greatest, The Roz

    ^ more like here to get reputation
  4. Keza Purple

    Well, i'm back...I guess lmao

    when are you gonna reroll again?
  5. Keza Purple

    Guinness is Now Open...DOE!

    why not vodka? /me coughs up some blue moon into this, wait that was an alliance?
  6. Keza Purple

    Farewell Lordaeron

    some things never change.
  7. Keza Purple

    The Vibrating Wand Agreement

    unofficial without them gifs jk but nice
  8. The Calm Before the Storm 

    1. Rimski


      The Storm before the Calm

    2. Insert Name Here

      Insert Name Here

      Smh Keza, don't go tipping people off about #CoupZed2k17... It's supposed to be a sekrit.

    3. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™
  9. Keza Purple

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    summary of this thread, the end.
  10. Keza Purple

    The Winter Rose Accords

    repeating yourself is nice but i dont see any fire right now
  11. Keza Purple

    The Communist International: Foreign Update Program

    my my someone got
  12. Keza Purple

    Bringing law to the land

  13. Keza Purple

    Chicken is Delicious

    so from now i get pinged in every topic cool
  14. Keza Purple

    Chicken is Delicious

    only Dragon K can ping me
  15. Keza Purple

    Chicken is Delicious

  16. Keza Purple

    This is Bad Company

    so sequel is Company of Heroes?
  17. Keza Purple

    DoO condemns The Royal Dragons, laughs

    didn't know micros love to whine and be salty, so whens the next radio show? totally everyone wants to hear bullshit
  18. Keza Purple

    Give in to your darkest desire.

    too much of a good thing
  19. Keza Purple

    Give in to your darkest desire.

    Someone forgets the average age of Pnw players and I expect to get my first warning point cool
  20. Keza Purple

    Give in to your darkest desire.

    Booty Fever
  21. Keza Purple

    We Know

    We know what? Winter is coming? Blood all over Orbis? Or Nothing at all? Congrats anyways
  22. Keza Purple

    Due to Budget Concerns

    Seems like Rose District has taken over still my two favorite people are there
  23. Keza Purple

    A comic for TOO~de geso

    Actually accurate

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