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  1. its not like our side is that great either lmao but the point must be made without the presence of an elite sphere, something like IQ, with a sphere wide long term strategy for domination and without the threat of extinction due to losing a war will all future wars resemble this one?
  2. Signed for Church of Atom:Pontifex Atomicus: James IIPrimus Inter Pares & Cardinal of Protection: Keza tl dr: Rose acknowledges that keza is not purple
  3. you didn't lose the money today you lost your money when you bought in
  4. we are also max milled. look at the city count %
  5. Grumpy Old Bastard in combat, colorized
  6. Honestly this would be pretty cool..... add religion as a meaningful factor, like have religious leaders across the game not necessarily real religions, but fun ones
  7. Vali


    hurrrr Not sure what the hells going on, But Arrgh was a home to me, so i write a poem a now it fix, poem is sekrit now
  8. Hurrrr I recollect when it cost a nickel. damn meliniels and their inflation
  9. About a year ago I made a suggestion somewhat similar, and would like to see if players would be interested in this. Sub-Units The idea is similar to perks in the sense that it allows a nation to customize their war experience, but to an even greater extent than perks, which was a very popular idea. A nation can allocate different portions of their main 4 units (soldiers, tanks, planes, ships) to sub units. this would not be visible on the nation page, but possibly could be spied one at a time( if you could find out all of them in 1 spy op, it might as well just be on the nation page. General war improvements Naval Missile Barrage(or something like that) that allows you to kill other units with ships. Similar to how ground works where once you have a blockade, the next attack kills x amount of units. This could target planes OR tanks, not both in one attack The reason I put this here instead of instead of making it a project is because there shouldn't be a monetary barrier for new players to have fun. Projects should be reserved for very niche things. The purpose of this thread is not to hash out percentages or what the sub-units would be and how everything would work. The purpose is to gauge if the community would be interested in one or both of these. Thank for time- Vali
  10. What do the squiggly lines say?
  11. Well, there are several issues with perks. Basically, it doesn’t change anything. The meta right now is get AS, do ground attacks to zero ground/air. No perk would erase that. In fact, people would just pick the perks that enhance this meta. So basically, everyone ends up with the same perks, so no effect on gameplay This would make war more exciting, as there would be dozens of ways to set up your military, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Makes war way more fun then a milcom guy making a guide and everyone just clicking buttons.
  12. yes, say you have 100 solider, you could divided them whichever way you see fit. could also throw in a tech tree to unlock the new sub units, but not sure if that too complex. Ok, so say your in an alliance war, and they dont have navy, but have crazy big army, airforce. You could use a mainly battleship force to kill their army without any casualties.
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