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  1. I was just going to delete these screenies, but... To read that members of the current Pantheon Gov. purported their propaganda campaign purposefully, that it was an actual plan to misinform Pantheon members and discredit the previous administration, and to continually diss like the likes of Yui on purpose... well I have to say something. Apologies to Emperor/Fistandantilus in advance. Your government did the right thing and deleted this propaganda post after a few hours, but it's still a pretty crappy thing to do, and you need to look at the people you surround yourself with if they decided to start immediately calling anyone who left Pantheon a coward/traitor/terrorist and try to turn the membership of Pantheon against them. Framing this as anything other than two sides that disagreed -- one that sided with Fist, one that sided with the previous Pantheon Gov. -- was wrong. This is my first post on the new forums, can everyone see the attachments properly? Did I do it right? I'll understand if Fist wants me to leave after I post this, but until I'm asked to leave, I'm going to continue to stick up for Yui and Co. in the Announcements subforum (I don't have time to follow Pantheon Discord for in a game I don't even play anymore, lol). *EDIT: I have received a request to remove these screenshots and leave it at "I disagreed with what they were saying to our Pantheon members and spoke up. They have since deleted the propaganda post discussed in Shifty's screenshots quoted above." I'll do so if the current Panth Gov. comments here. Fist has said he's about to reply, so I'll go ahead and remove the screenshots. All I really wanted to do was expose what was being done. Now that Panth Gov. is walking back the propaganda to me in private and says they'll post here in public, they're not really necessary. *EDIT 2* Fist's reply is now its own topic:
  2. Awesome. Though I have to admit, I was getting used to permanently wrecked cities and perma-war.
  3. About as much maturity as you'd expect from the guy who used to be known as Qubit Destroyer of Worlds of the alliance QubitDestroyerOfWorlds.
  4. LOL I prefer to think of it as doing your job WITH you, not FOR you! ;D
  5. Things must not be going so well on the war front for others today because we've shot up to #3.
  6. Another redhead arrives at the party... ...with her Plus One:
  7. LOL Printer back in the Pantheon recruitment topic, where he belongs! Congratulations to Pantheon for lasting a whole year. ;D
  8. Happy Birthday, to Pantheon from me, AstraKatG! It also happens to be my birthday today. /attention-hog
  9. Do you think Rose will write the DoW for their last war before declaring their next war? https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20161007T1950&p0=4878&msg=Rose+Declaration+of+War&font=sanserif&csz=1
  10. "Welcome to the New Flock! Same as the Old Flock."
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