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  1. 1) If you actually read my post, I did say it was in the forms of loans. Loans which where in short supply after that war though. You also fail to mention how I gave you so much priority on them(At your nonstop instance). You know this, cut the crap. But expected from you at this point 2) No, I ended up having to do a small thing with a few of our guys with the time I had because you wouldn't, and then I told you it was fine once it became clear you wouldn't 3) Miss leading, you never took the steps we needed to make it anything functional, even after all our talks. People never revolted against it, because we never really tried it beyond the initial post(We may of done a total of 2 posts, I dont remember) we did to set it up. There where a very few complaints(I think it was 3 people in total?) there, but that is not members being upset with your style obviously. We talked about actually doing it, and you just didn't. Your style didn't exist 4) Yes? 5) No, absolutely not for the reasons previously posted. 6) You are correct, and it's nice to hear someone finally say it. I'm not interested in making this a back and forth, how you are behaving in PMs is abominable and im not going to give you any more attention because you decided to try and make a scene.
  2. I really do appreciate the sentiment, I really do. But it's not true unfortunately
  3. It's a long tale, and would take more time then I have to do a truthful telling of it. Perhaps at some point though, IDK yet
  4. Some of the stuff here is so appalling that I cant help but rise from my grave and put some plebs in their place. No, my guy is actually correct and you know it. We both know Tywn didn't do his job, he couldn't even be bothered to write a war guide or contribute to our Test server practice. I had to constantly pick up the slack. I had to get our members war chests in order. He also didn't follow through with the fire teams.. He didn't follow through with one single thing. It was just more me picking up the slack after trying to see what was going on and seeing nothing but excuses about IRL. Which I get, but your claim is absolute horsehsit and we both know it. So now about you not being scum..) So, you guys couldn't of asked to sit out or jsut join/make a new AA? No, this is a huge intentional backstab no matter how I put it. -Especially- after how much I/we put into rebuilding you guys and help you guys grow(Both in loans and advice). I trusted you guys, well less so tywn once I saw he was up to something, and now Pantheon has to pay the price for my mistake in that. Karma can be a [email protected]#$, and I hope it finds you and puts you both down. Dont insult your betters, Lordship is a better man then you can ever be. You speak like a true Pixel hugger, because you are. While Sparta has been a useless sack of shit, Lordship has been defending his allies and friends no matter the personal cost(And through his excellent efforts, him and his friends/allies stopped the hegemoney that would of made us (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) 2.0). Ofcourse those things dont have any weight to you though, we can all clearly see what matters to you
  5. I cant believe I watched the whole thing
  6. I'm glad someone tried something, I was getting pretty bored XD Game Onâ„¢ Silly inside joke between me and Seab
  7. I'm glad to see someone take the Initiative here, props guys!
  8. The "Who put Kastor in High Government?" war
  9. Congratulations The Knights Radiant, Condolences Roz Wei
  10. We can see you are trying to provoke something XD
  11. Both sides have been contributing to the 2 side dynamic(Paracov through treaties, TS-OO by winning). To play the victim is either a show of huge ignorance, or very poor FA.
  12. It has been a pleasure getting to know TKR, I am excited to see our friendship formalized and to see what the future has in store for our partnership!
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