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  1. I was just going to delete these screenies, but... To read that members of the current Pantheon Gov. purported their propaganda campaign purposefully, that it was an actual plan to misinform Pantheon members and discredit the previous administration, and to continually diss like the likes of Yui on purpose... well I have to say something. Apologies to Emperor/Fistandantilus in advance. Your government did the right thing and deleted this propaganda post after a few hours, but it's still a pretty crappy thing to do, and you need to look at the people you surround yourself with if they decided to start immediately calling anyone who left Pantheon a coward/traitor/terrorist and try to turn the membership of Pantheon against them. Framing this as anything other than two sides that disagreed -- one that sided with Fist, one that sided with the previous Pantheon Gov. -- was wrong. This is my first post on the new forums, can everyone see the attachments properly? Did I do it right? I'll understand if Fist wants me to leave after I post this, but until I'm asked to leave, I'm going to continue to stick up for Yui and Co. in the Announcements subforum (I don't have time to follow Pantheon Discord for in a game I don't even play anymore, lol). *EDIT: I have received a request to remove these screenshots and leave it at "I disagreed with what they were saying to our Pantheon members and spoke up. They have since deleted the propaganda post discussed in Shifty's screenshots quoted above." I'll do so if the current Panth Gov. comments here. Fist has said he's about to reply, so I'll go ahead and remove the screenshots. All I really wanted to do was expose what was being done. Now that Panth Gov. is walking back the propaganda to me in private and says they'll post here in public, they're not really necessary. *EDIT 2* Fist's reply is now its own topic:
  2. Awesome. Though I have to admit, I was getting used to permanently wrecked cities and perma-war.
  3. About as much maturity as you'd expect from the guy who used to be known as Qubit Destroyer of Worlds of the alliance QubitDestroyerOfWorlds.
  4. LOL I prefer to think of it as doing your job WITH you, not FOR you! ;D
  5. Things must not be going so well on the war front for others today because we've shot up to #3.
  6. Another redhead arrives at the party... ...with her Plus One:
  7. LOL Printer back in the Pantheon recruitment topic, where he belongs! Congratulations to Pantheon for lasting a whole year. ;D
  8. Happy Birthday, to Pantheon from me, AstraKatG! It also happens to be my birthday today. /attention-hog
  9. Do you think Rose will write the DoW for their last war before declaring their next war? https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20161007T1950&p0=4878&msg=Rose+Declaration+of+War&font=sanserif&csz=1
  10. "Welcome to the New Flock! Same as the Old Flock."
  11. *small snicker* Just kidding. Good luck recruiting, Mensa! o7
  12. 10/02 05:16 pm - Benjamin Sanders removed Benjamin Sanders from the alliance Regicide. See you in ten da-- 10/02 05:54 pm - Republic of West Australia created the alliance The New Flock. Nevermind. Welcome back?
  13. Hmm, the way this post is worded reminds me of someone... Oh! I remember who you are now, lol. Welcome back, creator of the Small Nations Pact. EDIT: Also, to point out, y'all gave this guy much the same advice ten days ago, the last time he tried creating an alliance.
  14. Haha, yes, I remember that random micro situation. That was kind of a weird situation and obviously I can't say with certainty, but it looks like two left (who were known to be on the same network IRL) after we kicked out their friend during or on the eve of war, after a month of inactivity. They're now both on VM in their micro while their friend has once again gone inactive and will be ripe for raiding tomorrow. (Sorry, had my bloodthirsty pirate hat on for a moment!) There were at least four that left for Arrgh, as I recall (including the much-publicized Tywin and Warpool); I don't remember seeing any that left for TFP... didn't see any point in getting into specifics, just saying the numbers seemed more or less the same if you add back the VMers. An 18-person difference isn't huge when talking about a 115-or-so member alliance, in my opinion, especially since some that were kicked/left were inactive and others logged in regularly, but didn't participate in the alliance much. Anyway, military reforms may lead to more leaving Pantheon, so I'd expect to see a smaller Pantheon post-war no matter what, really.
  15. Are you sure you weren't still in UPN territory...? Just making an observation based on the UPN Members list I've been looking at tonight.
  16. Mmm-hmm, makes sense. I've just seen fighting till beige in all current wars (either yours or theirs) a lot in peace agreements and thought I'd see it here, too. Guess it would've been too expensive to let ALL Mensa+allies plus the three Pantheon members still fighting VE do that, though, lol.
  17. Speaking personally, my VE targets at least put up more of a fight than my UPN targets, by and large, so they earned some respect from me. What happened to "there will be no peace, only beige!" ...? Oh well, peace offered in the one VE war I'm in atm, even though the guy hasn't been seen in 33 hours.
  18. LOL pretty much. I guess we'll give this another try after we come off of beige, if the war's still going by then.
  19. Shortly before Pantheon launched an attack on UPN and VE, there was an announcement that if you don't have any military -- or if you have military, but are going to be away -- that you should set your nation to VM for the good of the alliance and "for your own safety." It was baffling to me that an announcement like this would even get made, but apparently some people still had zero military even after a few separate occasions where our leaders called for everyone to arm up. I think it was something like 7 or 8 people who hit VM before we even blitzed UPN and VE. When TEst/Arrgh/Roz blitzed us, that number quickly shot up to 13 or 14 VM members, slowly filling to 20 as people gave up hope. Of course, that wasn't the only way Pantheon lost members: there were some who self-deleted, some who were kicked out for inactivity, and others who just plain ol' left. Weirdly enough, there must not have been that many who were lost, 'cos if you add back the 20 VM members, you get a total membership that's pretty close to our pre-war numbers (102 current vs. 115 pre-war). Someone else with a better memory can feel free to correct me if I got something wrong. ;P But my point is, it's not like all 20 hit VM at the same time, it was carried out in stages. I'm sure at least a few of those 7 to 8 pre-war ones had legitimate real-life issues to attend to. The rest, well... lol. I wish I was on Vacation... in Hawaii.
  20. Ah, that makes sense, thanks.
  21. Thanks for this list! I was trying to make a Pantheon VM list for our leaders in case they needed it and was having trouble finding the last two, hah (including Tomainia, who has apparently been on vacation since before I even joined Pantheon, haha). How did you find folks on Vacation Mode? Is there a page that lists them somewhere? Or a search filter that would allow me to find them?
  22. Heck, I'm impressed you were able to reach Ace -- thought his ivory tower was so high no commoner rabble would ever be able to reach him, lol. Guess I've got a thing or two yet to learn about up-declares.
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