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  1. Really looking forward to working together with you all!!
  2. Sorry about this whole mess and the complete lack of respect shown towards you and the alliance, Six.
  3. Well said guys, great speech. Good to see you fighting alongside allies and friends.
  4. Congrats dear allies. “There is only one thing we say to death: Not today.”
  5. Always happy to help out a new player. Try the ingame search button - you’ll know who he is in no time. If you don’t know where the button is, ask your alliance. If your alliance can’t help you, join somewhere else.
  6. Congrats Six, Kosta, Tyrion, Nintendo & friends! Well done!
  7. Nobody likes making concessions. CoalA has taken the world stage to say: we are willing to admit defeat as part of a peace deal. At some point IQ also has to move. To start: seriously be available for talks. Or we can continue to fight the same war with roughly the same sides forever, except for the occassional alliance leaving CoalB in a coffin (Electric Space, Hanseatic League) or under fire (Carthago, OWR).
  8. Good luck old friends, may the Gods be with you :)!
  9. Sorry, didn’t know you didn’t know what toxic means. Try google. Toxic is a group of people who are rude and can't be nice. They are not true to people around them. They need an attitude check. Their personalities are so unappealing its make the people around them suffer and turn rude as well (urban dictionary). Happy your conscious is clean. I hope your conscience is as well. And yes, I care when a player after 1000+ days deletes. Try the same. And check the posted logs if you think Coa A isn’t trying to end the war.
  10. Do you know G Nations personal story? Do you react like this to every deletion? Exactly the toxicity this game needs to lose. A shame such an old alliance has ended up with such a toxic representative.
  11. Read more, troll less Comrade and you would know what you’re saying is nonsense.
  12. Batavus

    peace talks

    Last time you said “stop trying to make it sound like it’s been a week”. Well, by tomorrow it has been a week. I didn’t say “weeks” as you can read. The whole argument was that peace terms would be presented once a first term, “admit defeat”, was accepted as part of the final deal. Than further peace terms would be presented. Yet strangely enough, even though “admit defeat” has been accepted as a first term, no further peace terms seem to have been presented. It’s oddly silent. No response by Coalition B to “the big announcement” by Coalition A. That’s odd.
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