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  1. It’s been quite a journey. You’ve been around for most of my 1000 days in the game. I was happy to have you by my side in our early days running FA. Loyal, tough and outspoken. Dedicated. Good FA insight. Welcome sanity in a politically unstable aa. Not always very diplomatic lol, but great to have by my side. And we had fun In BK you showed them the same dedication, loyalty and further developed your toughness and outspokenness. I disliked that Tarroc. Since those days you’ve redeemed yourself. It was good to see the old Tarroc returning and FA in t$ was a natural fit. As Putmir nicely said: I’m only a message away. All the best as you focus on your family - my thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. Congrats friends!! And... 4 MORE YEARS!
  3. Is OPSEC being a skin-tight thing a part of a (newish) pirate's code? The pirates I used to know would steal, plunder, lie and leak secrets on a regular basis. Do better, P&W pirate! Another one for "back in my day" 😉
  4. Which doesn't mean I didn't make mistakes or learn.
  5. I had forgotten how much you can curse at times - never really liked that. Nor do I like your ancient grudges. Not exactly sure why in my case, as I helped maintain your alliance for 8 months as your right hand man for FA and whatever else needed to be done, while one player after the next fled your chaos, fury and vengeful nature. Until I was kicked from the aa at night and a 60 or so day old nation was asked to lead Pantheon. Until he became inactive after 6 weeks or so and coups and more trouble followed. Either way, nice to have made many friends back in the days: at our protectorates, former government and protector t$. In your case I hope you find peace in life and stay in retirement. As for "you had no meaningful role in that". Our ancient convos disagree. I suggested I'd approach TFP. I spoke with them. Explained they didn't want to fight. You were trigger happy and didn't trust it. "They are going in". I explained it would be madness for them to go in. You told me a treaty tied their hands. I explained there are no game mechanics forcing an aa to follow up on a treaty. I said they weren't going in. You said they might be waiting for a few days. This besides what I discussed with you in other channels back than. I held us back because TFP was signalling they didn't want to go in.
  6. Hi @Harry Flashman, @Lord Tyrion, @Richard Payne III, I don't think it's a secret I've been close to alliances in Swamp for years. I gave GodFury (precursor to TLE) a protectorate, worked on my coalition not rolling TFP (Knightfall), helped the Federation get a protectorate with TFP and Alexio's Frontier Records after the Nova Riata merger turned into a disaster and worked with Alexio several times. I've complimented those of you (Immortals, TFP, Fark, TLE) who stayed in the war, when numbers and moral support mattered and others fought alongside IQ or dropped out the war against IQ within days after entry. The appreciation for that stands. Given our ties and the rumors building up I've been pretty quiet on the Forums and sought you guys out in DMs. Your words have been pretty clear: we had no plans to hit Quack. It's annoying and a shame the case that Swamp has approached other spheres about dealing with Quack, has just been building. I'm not going to rehash it all here. After months of regular remarks by several players on the OWF, Immortals FA James most clearly voiced his opposition on the radio about Quacksphere being waaaaay to large and scary. After a friendly convo in DMs I tried a "Let me know if your concerns develop into something more than that... or if you simply feel like a chat XD" but apparently to no avail. By incorporating TCW Swamp has grown to give-or-take the same size as Quack. I'm looking forward to a radio show on that and let's drop the "maybe TCW or other alliances will be cut when we re-evaluate" - TCW is Swamp now, obviously. And with TCW you embraced an alliance with plans to hit Quack. I have to hand it to SRD: he doesn't owe us anything and I'd understand it if he held some grudges against t$, but at least he mentioned (it was presented to him that) Swamp approached HM about hitting Swamp. You can't just say maybe "I'm out of the loop with my sphere but you just prove it" . Can't you Ask Alexio (part 2) instead? Why should we? We can't ignore HM putting this out there. I get it when one of the two largest spheres wants to take out the competition and prepares for that. It's P&W, not Politics & Kumbaya. I also know at times sphere leaders have middlemen. That old ties and fresh assurances get forgotten in the process is... annoying. That a Duckpile was deemed necessary is a shame. But at least own up to Swamp discussing an attack on Quack with HM so we can all move on. I promise I won't call your sphere IQ. Yet 😉
  7. Sphinx’ Duckhunting Vacation? Leaky Sphinx Duckhunting (LSD)? Global Orbis Duckhunting Tournament? Game of Thrones - Duckhunting Edition?Given the two main spheres in this war: Duckhunt in a Swamp. Or Ducks into the unkno(ooooooooo)wn:
  8. Take care Sphinx, I enjoyed the history conversations (both Panth history and real history) and I'm sure we'll see you return here. Congrats Putmir - it's not easy when you suddenly get the job like this, best of luck going forward.
  9. Jacobite restorationists (OWR), northern secessionists (HS) and Carthaginian revanchists (Cart). Good luck overthrowing the old order and introducing a new one 🙂 Have fun friends
  10. A well de$erved break after $ome excellent work for the alliance. Enjoy your time off Leo, it wa$ great to work with you! And be$t of luck Adam - good to $ee $uch a talented friend in this po$ition!
  11. Het beste vrienden van TEST. Perhaps our paths will cross again - I hope they do.
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