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  1. Arrgh reading the DoW... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... *dab*
  2. Finally! Thank you all for letting The Hanseatic League back into the top 50...
  3. Where will we have access to this? Also I'm thoroughly surprised this hasn't been blocked by now...
  4. Don't disrespect Dio and the great Mensa. Those were hard times indeed.
  5. You know what would be amazing? If they would drop BK then just turn around and attempt to roll em. That would turn a lot of heads to see something like that go down. I've been gone from the game at times so I don't know if a prot has ever attacked a friendly alliance.
  6. Abandon ship!!! Thanks for letting THL into the top 50
  7. We just need the micros to be taught that small shit like this doesn't need to be posted lmao
  8. Sorry Shifty you seem more of a Miami type of dude...
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