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  1. Obsidian Order Redux: The Onyx Order Preamble: On the 3rd of April, 2021, The Black Knights and The Knights Radiants signed a meme treaty two days after everyone else tried and failed to meme on the 1st of April, 2021. We don’t need April Fools to make our memes. We make memes any day of the year. Today, we once again prove how far we will go for the memes by making this treaty official or whatever. Article 1: All Hail The Holy Legs Article 2: Hoedowns and Peanut Butter Article 3: Ayy Lmao Article 4: We have an MDP now a
  2. Well, everybody has to grow up someday. The Black Knights are finally legal, and ready to take on the world. Of course, you can't do it alone. Everybody needs a few good friends along the way. From frat parties to finals Black Knights and the Syndicate friendship grew, from the playground to the campus dorms, all the way to getting a degree. Now they take the final step of walking together into the real world. I: The Black Knights and the Syndicate will not attempt to unify their fraternities (unless, of course, there is booze). II: The Black Knights will not
  3. Ayy, try to be gentle with them fam
  4. Took Ya long enough under. Lookin forward to working with our new circle of friends.
  5. My name is Supercheese and I approve of this message. Looking forward to working with our new friends down in Afrika.
  6. Trident exits, and effectively dissolves, the Salus Bloc. Oh and while I have your attention, Trident has also merged with Praeteritum. Consider the Black Knights protection to of carried over. RIP Trident
  7. It goes down every hour for like half a minute, I always assumed it was for a backup or something.
  8. Weird that it's in both of their descriptions then.
  9. Something I noticed not on the treaty web, cornerstone and UPN have a MDoaP.
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