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  1. supercheese

    P&W: Imperator

    Took Ya long enough under. Lookin forward to working with our new circle of friends.
  2. supercheese

    Electric Sands

    My name is Supercheese and I approve of this message. Looking forward to working with our new friends down in Afrika.
  3. supercheese

    A Trident Announcement

    Trident exits, and effectively dissolves, the Salus Bloc. Oh and while I have your attention, Trident has also merged with Praeteritum. Consider the Black Knights protection to of carried over. RIP Trident
  4. supercheese

    Suicide Squad?

    GPA does stuff?
  5. supercheese

    An announcement from The Knights Radiant

    Have fun out there
  6. supercheese

    Join Trident

    Come be a part of it.
  7. supercheese

    An Announcement from Flavortown

    Have fun guys
  8. supercheese

    Get better game server(s)

    It goes down every hour for like half a minute, I always assumed it was for a backup or something.
  9. supercheese

    Orbis Treaty Web

    Weird that it's in both of their descriptions then.
  10. supercheese

    Orbis Treaty Web

    Something I noticed not on the treaty web, cornerstone and UPN have a MDoaP.
  11. supercheese

    Time's a wastin'

  12. So like, we have a full government now. Yay and shit. Government King Neptune: Supercheese The little Mermaid: Seuwp Paredrae of Internal Affairs: GradytheGreat Paredrae of War: Farquad Paredrae of Finance: Antonius Maximus Paredrae of Diplomacy: Viktor K, Return to your war now.
  13. supercheese

    Join Trident

    Much appreciated shifty <3
  14. supercheese

    Join Trident

    Sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZMkBHI0uR0 Join Trident, we prevent cavities.
  15. supercheese

    Join Trident

    Why join Trident? This sums it up nicely.

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