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  1. Took Ya long enough under. Lookin forward to working with our new circle of friends.
  2. My name is Supercheese and I approve of this message. Looking forward to working with our new friends down in Afrika.
  3. Trident exits, and effectively dissolves, the Salus Bloc. Oh and while I have your attention, Trident has also merged with Praeteritum. Consider the Black Knights protection to of carried over. RIP Trident
  4. It goes down every hour for like half a minute, I always assumed it was for a backup or something.
  5. Weird that it's in both of their descriptions then.
  6. Something I noticed not on the treaty web, cornerstone and UPN have a MDoaP.
  7. So like, we have a full government now. Yay and shit. Government King Neptune: Supercheese The little Mermaid: Seuwp Paredrae of Internal Affairs: GradytheGreat Paredrae of War: Farquad Paredrae of Finance: Antonius Maximus Paredrae of Diplomacy: Viktor K, Return to your war now.
  8. Sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZMkBHI0uR0 Join Trident, we prevent cavities.
  9. Why join Trident? This sums it up nicely.
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