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[DOE/TREATY] Stuck in the Middle with You... now gib blankies.

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1 minute ago, Redarmy said:

Since we need some drama in this thread. Can you expand on what you mean by love, this, luck, and guys. 

Pink blankies > purple blankies

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Look up to the sky above~

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1 minute ago, MinesomeMC said:

I can already see the OOC drama coming

IKR, right?  Those purple blankie elitists think they're so great...

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1 minute ago, Zei-Sakura Alsainn said:

So this guy minesome here. He steals cats. It's true. Then he eats them. 

Alex Jones even said so!

False i steal and eat children 

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19 minutes ago, Zei-Sakura Alsainn said:

Some people are so lonely, cats are their children. Nice confession, bub.

only kittens, okay!?

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Good luck

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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.


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