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  1. Oh man, if I were in Cam I'd be saving my own backside at this point. I honestly really feel for the folks who actually put time and effort into that alliance only to have a power hungry maniac drag it from a top 10 alliance to basically the lolcow of Orbis. Idk how I'd feel in that situation, I imagine it would be kinda like if Lefty went senile and forced us all to retheme to My Little Pony and power our entire nations with windmills to save the pandas or something. Like that's gotta hurt.
  2. I spent too much time on this https://politicsandwar.com/bulletin/id=2912/several-athletes-maimed-in-experiment-gone-wrong
  3. The folks from Error have been teaching us backwards neo-Luddites all about the wonders of technology for the last couple days, I feel like a tribesman from some remote jungle in Papua New Guinea being shown a cell phone for the first time. Now I just need to figure out if there's a bot can make my wife come back to me, please Susan it's been 3 years I just want to see the kids
  4. If you spied Cam but nobody is in RON to hear you brag about it, did you really spy Cam? But good for him, I can't believe Isjaki singlehandedly won a spy war against a top 10 alliance. Dude's a bigger chad than I realized.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family the best and I will see if I have anything I can spare.
  6. I was also concerned CotL was overextended too much during that second round (apologies to anyone who witnessed me freaking out about that :')) but it turned out alright, for the most part the counters trickled in slowly and were downdecs so they were easy to slot. In fact the few folks who went down during that were the ones who got updeclared by a few smaller nations. They definitely could have used that to their advantage. Great read!
  7. From what I saw the planes only strat was not helpful to them, a lot of their counters were so ineffectual that they ended up helping by sitting in our defensive slots. Some of these had no tanks and equivalent air. The updeclares were probably the best strategy they had at their disposal because it was really hard for us to cover anything below around 3000ns, but they didn't utilize that well. A few coordinated, maxed c15s could have dragged our c20s pretty easily I think.
  8. I just wanna see if I'll get denounced, I didn't even read the post.
  9. I always said that Kung was the secret leader of Hedge all along but nobody believed me. It's Kung's world, we all just live in it.
  10. This was a fun one, first global I've been milcom in. I think we did pretty good, although to be fair the bar is so low that Satan is sipping a martini in Hell.
  11. Cassia


    This is modern art. Or maybe it's more like postmodern art, idk I only pretend to know about that stuff to get girls to talk to me
  12. With all due respect I'm not sure that will do enough damage to my brain to be able to fully appreciate this. I'm thinking more along the lines of industrial strength glue. I might know a guy.
  13. Decided it's about time I make this declaration of existence. I'm Cas, I'm a 24 year old university student in western Canada. My friend @Kung Shake Sao jumped me into this game a few months ago because he felt like I was being too productive in my day to day life. I lurk around on discord sometimes but I don't blame you if you haven't noticed me there. I'm on all the time because I'm stuck in my apartment doing online school. I just enjoy living out my fantasies of total control and subjugation of the powerless masses while I strive for total world domination. nah I'm just roleplaying here I'm actually a pretty nice person and not at all megalomaniacal. Sorry for the clickbait title. Had to make you click somehow.
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