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[Peace] The Assassins Go Home


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Congrats on peace, friends!  It's good to see this, and good to see you sticking around, while so many others are raging out.  The situation is impossibly bitter, even if Alex had no other choice, it's bitter.  But it takes conviction to forge on forward, and I respect that.  Nothing but the best wishes on the rebuild.

Worst Poster Ever (2011)

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Guest Elijah Mikaelson
12 hours ago, Yoda said:

The Dark Brotherhood has agreed to white peace and an end to hostilities with Coalition A and TCW Bloc. No further wars will be declared, and current wars will either be peaced out, beiged or allowed to expire.

The Dark Brotherhood pledges not to aid Coalition B by any means including treasure purchases, ghosting, holding bank funds, private resource trades or allowing any Coalition B nation to join the Dark Brotherhood for the duration of the conflict.

Starting immediately, a Non-Aggression Pact shall be in effect between Coalition A and the Dark Brotherhood for 6 months. 

We thank both our war allies and our opponents for giving us a valuable war experience for the past few months.

Signed for the Dark Brotherhood:
Spooky Boi

The Clusterf*** Coalition

Congrats on peace, tho i admit did not know you was even in the war.

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