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[RoH] IQ attacks on our allies

Exar Kun -George

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3 minutes ago, George said:





Oh wait i never left 




A quick message for colo B - 


I hear you speak and rant about me often <3, the last month or two of plotting was great, best time ive ever had in PnW. Even if it did become pointless in the end because you caused it yourself. Win or loose im sure im on the side i want to be on. 


The fact the entire game basically sees this as survival now, and being forced to declare war really should put this into perspective. You are your biggest enemy



Your alliance is set to Mensa HQ yet you arent in mensa pls Repent merge into mensa

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45 minutes ago, Neko said:

where did i say that


No I think George forgot how the forum works, and was saying that to you.


Former leader of Chocolate Castle 4/1/2021

"It's pretty easy to get abused by Rosey without being a weirdo about it" - Betilius

"Rosey is everything I look for in a fighter" - partisan

"I’m very much not surprised that Lossi has you blocked tbh" - @MCMaster-095

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Guest Elijah Mikaelson
9 hours ago, George said:


This is a lie, we all know late at night when they get tucked in by mummy (Leo) as daddy (Roq) is out drinking trying to forget he has a family, they look at the wall with my photo, punched full of holes from darts they whisper to themselves with tears of shame, I wish Bjorn Ironside was my daddy, I bet he is so cool, bet he has a nice bike, a fast car and a wonderful house, bet he could buy my next city for me even feed me with little effort, but no here I am taxed 100/100 forced to fight wars I do not even understand, he must be super rich he takes loads of vacations. yet my IQ family are so poor we can't even afford a vacation, As the clock ticks away the tears of shame turn to tears of regret as they look at the bedroom door with hope that mummy leo forgot to lock it giving them this one last hope to flee they hear Roq, Daddies home now they all pray the bedroom door is locked as daddy roq is mean when he is drunk.

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