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    Hmmmmmm ?good idea might not last tho ♥️
  2. Arent u in clover kingdom u wasn’t in the war ? yall was running from goons
  3. Hmmmm i wanna see them fight
  4. I assume this wouldn’t be that hard to add and has many benefits but everytime someone ask its ignored @Alex i waited a couple months for no feedback
  5. I didn’t read this but PeriodT
  6. Might as well join camelot close allies ? love meetings new ppl
  7. Well if u want to be destroyed too ok
  8. ? ? ? Better edit that climbed fast part out most alliances are fighting so its easy for alliances that aren't to surpass people until its rebuild time But good job and luck
  9. ?Fun drama filled place ?
  10. pls join Camelot tis a silly place reasons to join - we help build your nation up to 10 cities and beyond while helping you get rich in the process, while having a strong military in the process you -we have a variety of protection with treaties and with each other once one of our family members are in trouble we work no stop with our awesome Milcom until your problems are handled ? - we recognize the hard work of ALL of our members and give rewards to those who are active part of our family - we provide a widely diverse community with members from USA, UK, Norway, India, Pakistan, New Zealand etc so sharing our cultural differences is always a pleasure ???????????????????? -always active with activities such as fake court which we do with cases playing with different game bots etc and occasional drama ? reasons not to join if you hate -memes - anime -books -movie Because we talk about and do all of the above - caring community which will listen to your problems and not judge AT ALL as we all go through stuffbroken_heart - finally if u hate having fun Camelot is not for you blush https://discord.gg/9utChu To apply join discord we want active players grin but if u can't be very active that's OK just inform us
  11. OMG I'm sorry I thought it was some random mess ❤️ I read it Sowwy❤️❤️❤️ U have discord I wanna talk if u have time
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