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[DoW] House Stark Rides South

Darth Ataxia

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1 minute ago, Darth Revan said:

Let me retire dammit.  

You can't retire until I pass you in both city count, and upvotes. (The latter being more important.)

You shouldn't fear anything, until you've lost yourself. 

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1 minute ago, Zygon said:

I felt that ?

I think you'd need to be thrown down a space station reactor core to be killed though. So, as long as you don't hold a wedding in the Death Star, or at least hire a better interior decorator, you should be fine.

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The Hippo Horde rolls, let your Honorable men be eviscerated by their teeth, and their flesh be passed through Hippo intestines and defecate upon your smoldering fields that were once crops.


Oh hi, The King went that way, I woke up.



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3 minutes ago, Lord Taxalot said:

Lets beat these uncultured swines!!!

How dare you?

2 minutes ago, Tarroc said:


Finally, I was waiting for a fun post.

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