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  1. snitch. Coup Guru coming for you too
  2. You escaped our clutches Zygon but we shall never stop couping you. Nice try! Ataxia our Southron lizard man gator whispering King. I will this one time only give you the highest praise a House Stark member can receive. You aren't Zygon! MHSGA achieves victory!
  3. The Hippo Horde rolls, let your Honorable men be eviscerated by their teeth, and their flesh be passed through Hippo intestines and defecate upon your smoldering fields that were once crops. Oh hi, The King went that way, I woke up.
  4. I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope it was as good for you as it was for me? Have a smoke?
  5. I don't know I left it by the 3rd definition look up, it was going well but kind of went off the rails/developed too slow. I give it a 6.5/10.
  6. n00b, I had 5 nukes, I think I need to supplant you as the High Priest of the Mendez Order Said far better than I have been doing, thank you.
  7. Did i say we are upset. I post for myself. There was initial objection to a lack of a clear surrender (which to me is silly the stats speak for themselves), that is the only HS official objection in this thread, that was resolved. Beyond that maybe 3 of us have posted that we take objection to the insults thrown at us. As far as our leadership there are some who enjoyed the post, there are members of House Stark who are young and enjoy this crap too. Like I said I only speak for myself. I used to have a discord tag in HS of being Grouchy Old Maine or something like that, maybe I should put it up again. Get off my lawn.
  8. I don't know about others, or speak for the rest of my alliance, but I must be. I'm not a meme king, i don't know what this Lore is, and I dont @!#@#$post. I do know that I've run into too many people lately that are rude, insult and then claim "OMG GUYS IT WAS JUST A MEME" I find it ridiculous. Just kidding doesn't excuse rudeness. We are getting well outsides the bounds of this world and the politics of it. But no I don't play that way, sorry. As far as vitriol, I haven't said I despise you all or want to do bad things to your dog. I consider this post an insult yes. Insults have caused many a war. If there was a vote to fight you again, sure i'd vote yes. You know this reminds me of a group of guys who had joined House Stark a while back, every night our discord devolved into a stream of crapposting. I hated it. You have every right for this to be the style of your alliance, sure, go ahead. But I have the right to not like it, not get it, and find it rude. That's how rights and free will work. The irony is Heinrich was always pretty good to me. I fought a bunch of proxy wars for him while he was in House Stark. I was sad he wasn't around for the war. I owe a lot of my early growth to him actually. But the real irony I was about to mention is that he tried to poach me to Roz Wei on his way out. If I had gone, i would be on the other end of this. Isn't life funny sometimes. Though if this is the RW style then I'm just not a fan of it, glad we fought TL:DR Just because its someones style doesn't mean everyone has to like it... Nor is style an excuse for lack of manners
  9. So you are saying that the following was added after the fact? 1. Calling HS cowards that don't want to fight 2. Blaming the loss on Seven Kingdoms 3. Blaming the loss on Ghosts 4. Claiming to be overly outmatched and outnumbered (6 nations) Because that is all pretty salty
  10. No. I didn't get anything I wanted. I was content building and was about to build another city LOL I was called on to fight, I did. I have no bone to pick in the politics of this. I don't insult other alliances publicly. I don't other alliances to insult ours publicly. I honestly never understand the need for another alliance to admit surrender. So you see I might actually agree with you on the terms of this, but this post puts me right back in our camp. In my world you accept defeat graciously, you win graciously and let it go. If we failed at all at that then I would speak to my leaders about it privately but RW/Empyrea taking the next step of denigrating us and making excuses doesn't make us the bad guys, it just adds to the stupidity of the whole situation.
  11. I don't get involved in the politics of this world, another has my heart and i'm too busy to pay close attention. So the politics of why we fought are beyond the scope of this. I do know that if I were involved or was in charge, this post would not slide. I've never heard of a surrender where you insult and don't give credit to the victor. I'm sorry you can call me petty but I consider it highly poor form to cry about losing and begrudgingly admit defeat. We all get beaten, i've been beaten down for 3 months straight, outnumbered by 1000-1 and I didn't whine this much about it. 5 Ghosts.... 44-38.... SK had nothing to do with us, take it up with them. Absolutely. I 100% agree. I don't know about the terms of the surrender. I have taken myself out of the running to be involved heavily in the alliance workings. If we did wrong then let that be that and people will know that, bad sportsmanship in return does not make it ok. All I know and what the world has seen is you unwilling to accept defeat and making excuse after excuse. IF this had just been a peace statement, or a surrender without all the salt, I would have said good fight and good luck in the future.
  12. I guess I'm getting too old for these worlds. Maybe its time for a new generation. All I saw was insults, bad sportsmanship, and whining. I know of worlds where this post would not be accepted and war would continue until an apology was forthcoming.
  13. I was going to heartily agree with you, but then I realized you were one of my opponents and thus with Empyrea so I am second guessing your meaning. Since I assume you mean our response. We are not complaining about a victory. This "surrender" insulted us over and over, said we didn't earn the victory, said it was unfair etc.. etc... In my world not shaking hands and saying good game you got us this time is bad sportsmanship. I teach my son all the time to never act like this post did.
  14. Well it is not what I was told or saw. They attacked (took our slots actually). Far from requesting their help it actually messed up our assignments. Then they didn't attack at first (maybe yours did). It makes sense with the comments in here that they were confused as to whether they were defending AIM or not. OOC (I heard they got warned for slot filling and offered peace or attacked in the wars they were in). The point is, we didn't request them, they messed up our ability to attack, maintain staggers and not beige and the amount of damage we could do. As for making matters worse, this post was just insult after insult. This isn't how you surrender, this isn't how you show contrition. Basically it reads like this: 1. House stark and CKD attacked us for no reason over something that happened a while back regarding a different alliance 2. HS are a bunch of cowards who don't want to fight 3. HS and CKD couldn't beat us so they used ghosts and 7K's and Guardian, and T$ 4. Oh we were so glorious and it was so unfair but sure we surrender. If you think thats a surrender and not a new CB you have another thing coming. I am not government but I don't play like that and if my opinion is ever asked you will receive another one. This came off as one of the worst surrenders and pathetic excuses for foreign affairs i've seen in any world like this one.
  15. Or post about SK causing your destruction when in fact they just filled slots and didn't attack.... This surrender just makes me want to grind them down to dust SK filled slots and weren't attacking and then peaced out. This entire thread is not helping you at all.
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