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  1. It was fun working with you, Adrienne, enjoy the break.
  2. Ally GOONS, Merge TFR, Blitz CF tS, TKR and Rose.
  3. Ally Guardian, Merge Light, Blitz GoB Carthago, The Wei, Acadia
  4. This has got to be one of the worst takes I’ve seen on the forums.
  5. You’re a pixel hugger at heart, you’re either going to go inactive in a few weeks time sitting on None or you’ll end up joining Rose.
  6. Is this the hill you wish to die on? EM wasn’t just a middle man who pocketed some of the IRL money, he had full intentions of profiting from NR’s and Gorge’s rulebreaking.
  7. I’ve never hidden the fact that I believe everything in war is fair game. There are people who don’t share the same opinion as me, and that’s absolutely fine. What isn’t fine is getting caught cheating and profiting, attempting to swindle more IG cash and immunity of Alex and offer nothing in addition. That isn’t an opinion, that is me being as objectively true to the facts.
  8. The people and her government. You mean with how EM left on a “mutual” decision? Yeah, I of course don’t know what’s going on there.
  9. Imagine being in CoA, defending someone who cheated and profited off the game, only for that member to leave and go rogue on other people. The lack of foresight from some of these dummies is amazing. I know which alliance HS isn’t gonna defend next war lmao
  10. Did you just call me autistic?
  11. Imagine defending a liar who literally pocketed hundreds of dollars. Shame on you guys.
  12. We’ll keep doing these 600mil at a time. Who knows, if it starts to pick up traction I’ll throw up one billion.
  13. I’ve still got a decent amount of GOONS’ bank on me, I’d honestly give 1 bil to each person who hits EM. It’s a joke people can break the rules and blatantly lie about it multiple times only to come out scot free because they were threatened with a ban.
  14. That new bloc isn’t a threat to anyone. Half of the alliances are known to crumble when under any sort of pressure and the other half are in a completely irrelevant tier.
  15. We were going to wait until the next global war to attack their shit bloc but I guess you jumped the gun.
  16. “Haha I’m not actually retarded, you just fell for my tricks!”
  17. Those city deletions are going to hit you guys pretty hard.
  18. The mega sphere definitely needed to break up, glad someone’s willing to take a bullet for that to happen. See you all soon.
  19. It’s okay, French is the superior language.
  20. Twice, and there’s going to be a coup to end the war.
  21. God willing, they’ll target Camelot or TRF 2.0 next.
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