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  1. Hello, I have been on this game for many years but I think I am taking a break. I went from active to very inactive and it is getting boring for me. I posted a lot of autistic shit on the forum I am aware of that lol. It was nice playing this game but I just lost the passion over time :/ The lack of new interesting feature made me kinda leave because the game mechanics hasn't changed since I started it. I'd like to thanks the USN for bringing up my nation to the middle and for Soup Kitchen to get me a new home. Also I'd like to thanks the community for providing an enjoyable gameplay experience. Thank you Im gonna now leave P and W for maybe a year or more cya--.
  2. Let's take a nice cup of tea and end this war for good shall we?
  3. WASSUP homie today i created my alliance. the name is the Global Communist Front. i choosed that name because i didnt know what name to choose. so this is just a project but you can join us to be part of something N E W and C O O L and R A D. once we gather enough people to join us we will start the alliance. u might be asking why WOULD ANYONE join this commie alliance? well because we have DANK memes and all the cool kids in. We WILL also offer generous grants in the future. our expect tax rate is to be 10% for money and 20% for ressources because RESSOURCES are precious . why not join our discord server and be part of something C O O L https://discord.gg/SvE5ntR
  4. small alliance will watch big alliance destroying eachoters oof
  5. A great majority are stuck between these scores. I know some of the reasons but I would like to know your opinion on that.
  6. i only see ur name in my notification list wtf.
  7. if anyone of u want to invest into my P and W country with IG money I will give u the double of it later when i am able to.
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