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  1. Live look in at the WTF facilities as we plan our counter strategy:
  2. MEGA BUMP! FYI, Join WTF today if you like free beer.
  3. Congrats ASM and Rose! I've got a keg of a Rose Wheat Beer that has your name on it!
  4. Happy to be working at Schrute Farms! WTF is close to releasing that beet beer brew! Should be a good one!
  5. This probably explains the matter along with what was said above: It does bring about another question though, is this an unintentional exploit of how AA Bank funds can be managed? To me, they are taking advantage of a loophole, where they can stash a lot of money in an AA bank, then quickly start up a new AA and transfer the bank over to that new AA before getting beiged. The only way to really prevent that would probably be to implement some sort of AA age criteria before transferring large amounts of money/resources into that AA. Maybe make the AA have to be 10 days old before other AAs can send in money. I don't know. This is a topic for another thread. I definitely don't fault someone for using how the system works to their advantage. I'll tip my cap to Veins and Dryad for being able to execute that gameplan as well as they do.
  6. The money went from the bank to Veins first. Then back to the bank. So, where did that come from? I guess we are only talking about $15 Billion, not $25B, math is hard sometimes haha
  7. This is regarding some bank activity that simply doesn't makes sense between the nation of Veins and his always changing AA. This is specifically focused on the 6 "test" transactions that happened on 1/1/20 from 2:53pm-2:57pm. To me, it seems like the nation was able to generate $15 billion out of nowhere. Veins is a nation that is disbanding and creating new AAs every other day it seems, which is suspicious activity in and of itself. However, with him doing that, in his bank activity, you should see that amount of money reflected in his history as he moves it between his nation and is AA bank at the time. Trust me, he isn't keeping that kind of money stashed in his nation. He's a raider, and therefore is usually getting beiged and looted, but if you view those wars where he did lose, what gets looted from him is basically nothing. He keeps all his funds stashed away in his AA's. Is it possible to investigate where this money came from? His trade activity doesn't account for it, so I'm stumped. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146015&display=bank https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146015&display=trade If there's an explanation, my apologies for the wasted time. I just don't understand where those billions of dollars came from, especially since you should easily be able to track that money through all of the AA's he creates and disbands. Dryad is the other nation that works with him on these temporary popup AAs (again, I don't understand the point of popup AA's unless there is some sort of exploit that can be used to do that...), but his bank records don't show that kind of money either: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146719&display=bank
  8. Wow....It dawned on me that we probably hadn't bumped this thread in over a year...so I come over here all excited to revive this thread from the deepest depths of the Orbis recruitment page....only to find MIBHG beat me to it by 20 hours!
  9. I tried what you suggested and it worked! Thank you!
  10. I'm trying to move one of our applicants to member status within our alliance. When I attempted to change their alliance roll, I get the following error: That leader does not exist in your alliance. Our AA page is here: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1210 The applicant in question is here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=165041 I'm putting "Donald J Trump" into that field, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My first thought was some sort of PnW bug, but I see no others reporting this issue. I've had other members of my alliance try to move him over and they get the same error. Seems to be something specific to that nation.
  11. I look forward to continued drinking with our Horsemen friends! Cheers to HorseForce!
  12. Ah yes, we are already defeated. No hope at all for us. My military is already at 0 units! This is actually an intriguing declaration. Nation wise, it's pretty even, and if we did the unthinkable and coordinated our defenses, we could, in all likely, "win" the war, assuming other TKR nations don't magically appear in our soup. The beer dam of WTF has been opened. So cheers to all and happy fighting!
  13. Best of luck to you Durmij! Sad to see you go. It was an honor to work with you back when you were in Rose. Cheers to you!
  14. Image Type: OLB Image Link: Nation ID: 14679 Alliance ID: 1210
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