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  1. Not /that/ community. The BK community is going away. Often big alliances have a life of their own.
  2. You know, most players in this kind of community play a game like PnW for the community not for mechanics. If the community disappears, i'd highly encourage those kind of players to use the opportunity to try new things out.
  3. Eh. This belongs to the game of war.
  4. If the problem is fairness, why not require to make bots at a certain point freely avaiable to the public? Prohibiting bots only makes sense when you can make money of them? Else I do not see why we should prohibit game enhancers.
  5. Wow there buddy. They have tolerated me and my pro-beige attitude
  6. I expected nothing and I am still disappointed.
  7. No. The only reason why soldiers can be spamed, is due to a lack of organisation of lower city count nations. Manpower can for sure be an interesting mechanic to stop eternal war, but the soldiers are ok for the current system.
  8. I am against removing upvotes that's for sure. It is an easy way for lurkers like me to reward content we enjoy on the forums.
  9. *kicks back and watches the incoming firestorm*
  10. Click the quote text right under this message >.>
  11. Nah. I love to make pointless back and forths. It's a strange addiction for me.
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