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  1. If the problem is fairness, why not require to make bots at a certain point freely avaiable to the public? Prohibiting bots only makes sense when you can make money of them? Else I do not see why we should prohibit game enhancers.
  2. Wow there buddy. They have tolerated me and my pro-beige attitude
  3. I expected nothing and I am still disappointed.
  4. No. The only reason why soldiers can be spamed, is due to a lack of organisation of lower city count nations. Manpower can for sure be an interesting mechanic to stop eternal war, but the soldiers are ok for the current system.
  5. I am against removing upvotes that's for sure. It is an easy way for lurkers like me to reward content we enjoy on the forums.
  6. *kicks back and watches the incoming firestorm*
  7. Click the quote text right under this message >.>
  8. Nah. I love to make pointless back and forths. It's a strange addiction for me.
  9. Yeah I am always in a on and off relationship with PnW forums >.>
  10. that's not the NPC meme though! That's the pretend to be happy meme! I think. Well it sure as hell isn't the NPC meme.
  11. Except that's a BS response. I mean I could go on that there is atleast one guy in the GOON''s high government that could tread lightly in terms of "copyright"
  12. Hey, I ain't here to do GOON's work.
  13. Could you atleast make a funny explanation for it? Like: "Red frogs are triggering our kemetic friends ever since Yahweh let it rain blood and frogs. Thus we are considering it offensive." "Stale memes are a host of bacteria. Thus pepe is considered to be a biological threat to the server" Idk. Just something that is atleast interesting to read
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