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  1. It is nice to hear from our enemies that the long game belongs to us.
  2. I hereby request that IQ will from now on be known as the Schrödinger's sphere.
  3. We were always at war with KETOGG.
  4. A very good idea. I think there should be a new national project called: "Tradezone" which slashes the trade fee down to 50% if such change should be implemented. EDIT: To add to the senate politics: It should be limited to one senate seat per alliance. Furthermore voting should only publish the result after the periode is over. Voting should be anonymous. That way, it isn't possible to dominate the senate that easily.
  5. Kurnugia


    You should talk with the NPO senate about my memes and gender bender xP
  6. Kurnugia


    2d > 3d Change my mind. Also Astolfo best Waifu. 2d > 3d Change my mind. Also Astolfo best Waifu.
  7. "And it will always happen that who is not your friend will request your neutrality and who is your friend will ask you to declare yourself. " I do not see how obligations from protectorates are a bad thing. If your premise is true. Those that weather the storm will gain valueable allies and respect in exchange for their pixels. Both are worth the cost imo.
  8. Well I doubt that you are making more money in total than me. Raiding included. Secondly, do to our coalition having the upper hand, we control the pace of the war.
  9. Except for the fact that if you remain that low, you will miss out on money. Cost of opportunity is something you'll have to factor in if the war has to continue. Ofc there is no good way to show this, but it remains a factor.
  10. That was the first thing I thought of, but I don't want to compair our enemies to the nazis. It's below the belt imo. (Insert KT meme here)
  11. You know, looking at the damage dealt to determine who is winning is like to look at a statistic of ww1 and claim the central power have won because of the positive net casualties they have.
  12. The fact that you used the dishonour the family instead of "SHAMEFUR DISPRAY" is a SHAMEFUR DISPRAY to the memesphere.
  13. That's more or less always the goal. It's like a big encirclement, it might have been costly to establish it, but once the circlement is finished off, you are going to make it up damage wise. All what you need is time. my oh my
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