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  1. stop spamming the feed with ur dog shit content and u wil lget there too dog
  2. I'd say this would work as a fitting replacing for some of the people mentioned
  3. Nobody cares stop spamming my feed
  4. @Buck Turgidson I have not read everything you said, because i can't handle all this bigotry, but from the first few things you claimed, it appears to me that you justify certain actions for the sole reason of them being conducted in the past, by your argument 'mighty jew of you' said to a Jewish person (like myself) is justified because n*zi's discriminated against Jews during the holocaust. Sorry but you need a wake up call, this is 2020 and such intolerance and bigotry isn't tolerated, or at least shouldn't. You may argue that as a class "white" people in America have it easier, or are more
  5. they are talking about elijah
  6. gay and cringe and disliked, get fricked nvm can't dislike
  7. goys pls sign petition pwease uwu owo ewe https://www.change.org/p/good-and-just-people-buck-unblcks-freza
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