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  1. The only thing you're capable of running is a scam. Are you tired of your socialist overlords whose messed up taxes cause everyone to suffer equally? Vote for me, a veritable Capitalist so everyone can suffer unequally and reap the benefits. #CoupSphinx2020 #Caspian2020
  2. @Blutarch Mann Congrats. And sorry for not responding to your loan requests ?
  3. Not if it's done properly. I believe that first of all, there should be a project that allows you to host foreign armies. Also, there should be a cap on the percentage of foreign soldiers you can host at a time, and a cool down time before you can import more fighters after importing. Also, I'm sure the game admins can find a way to make foreign fighters less effective than citizen soldiers and more expensive to maintain. That way there wouldn't be any unfair advantage.
  4. 1. God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen! Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the Queen. 2. O Lord our God arise, Scatter her enemies And make them fall; Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks, On Thee our hopes we fix, God save us all
  5. Damn. Pantheon is so "powerful" that their "defeat" of TCM caused TCM to disband. Really, this is like France claiming victory for WWII.
  6. I think that we need to be able to send military aid in the form of soldiers, tanks, etc to our alliance members. Our lord and saviour Alex could create a project that allows us to do so. Said project should be expensive, and there should be various requirements before a nation can receive and use allied forces. I'm sure other players can help in figuring out the best way to do this. *shrug* Edit 1: Makes the game more realistic and fun, methinks.
  7. My boi Trolly was banned for doing basically the same thing: selling in-game currency and perks for real life money. Your move, Alex. Lest I forget: I was leaked this. Apparently, according to the leaker, this is the Goons forum. https://secure.somethingawful.com/products/register.php
  8. Winter is coming. ...for House Stark.
  9. The war is ending soon, we hope. I would like to outline Beacon's plan for a new postwar world. 1. Through our International Micro Fund, we have lobbied for and provided loans and grants of over 5B to micro alliances to help them grow. Now, we are allocating, through the IMF, 1B dollars to be used to grow and rebuild micro alliances affected by the war. This money will be disbursed in the form of grants, and low interest loans with an interest ceiling of 1.5%. Not only that, but we are also working on a plan to offer not only financial support to micro alliances but also moral support in the forms of much needed advice, guides and builds, etc. We invite savy and experienced alliance leaders and economists to join us in this venture to help provide training and moral aid for new and smaller alliances. 2. We are also starting a business loan venture, where new upcoming businesses can get capital to begin operations at no interest rates. For more information who we are and the work we do, visit our Headquarters or DM me or any of our employees or partners on Discord or in game. At Beacon Incorporated, it's our primary goal to help enable others enjoy this game that has served as an escape from the real world for so many of us
  10. IMHO, the greatest mistake ever made in 2019 Orbis is the couping of Rebekah. She's such a charismatic leader and would've delivered TO to the heights of Orbis power.
  11. COULDN'T FIND A MORE SUITABLE SECTION. Some people might think that this is attention-seeking and not PnW related but I disagree as no one would be left to play PnW if we all died. For over two weeks now the Amazon Rainforest, the world's largest rainforest— responsible for over 20% of the Oxygen we breathe— has been on fire with little to no media coverage. It has been determined that the intensity of the fires and the speed at which it's spreading is the result of human actions. Our politicians have been playing their little games of thrones and ignoring the stark reality of the harm we're causing our planet. Humanity has never faced a greater threat than the one it's faced with now. We're at a crossroads facing two separate paths: one is the path to destruction due to our own greed, selfishness and idiocy, and the other is the path to healing this our literally damaged world. Every day hundreds tonnes of ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic due to rising global temperatures as a result of human actions. Every year our actions drive to extinction so many species, causing a major ecological problem. It's time we addressed these deep concerns. I know many of us are just children and we feel powerless, but it need not be that way. We can call on our communities, our governments, our countries to join hands and alleviate this great wrong we've done to our Mother Earth. I'm home in Liberia for a couple of months, but I plan to make the most of it, organizing like-minded people to join this campaign to fix our planet before it becomes too late. You could do the same in your own countries. Remember, it takes only a spark to burn down an entire building. We could be that spark. Pls google ways in which you can help to make the world a cleaner and greener place.
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