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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that made that assessment.
  2. It's actually impressive when this war started and to where we are now. KERCHTOG took advantage of the early disorganization of Coalition B and took a very VERY impressive lead. They did as much damage as they could as Coalition B organized it forces. Coalition B, in itself, had a impressive stabilization of the war. Though many alliances fell out from the war, Coalition B is now slowly climbing back. Looking at the graph pretty much tells the story of this war. KERCHTOG won the early game very decisively. Coalition B stabilized a very poorly start to the war and is swinging the war in their favor climbing out of the negative slowly. I don't see KERCHTOG coming back in this fight now that the Coalition B war machine has overpowered them now. I have no horse in this race, just wanted to commend both sides for fighting so hard thus far.
  3. I mean just look at how Anthem turned out with it's 7 year development cycle xD Also, Star Citizen 😜
  4. Outside opinion... To me this is war slotting. I speculate that even if Alex approved of this, he did not know this player was holding an alliance's bank. Factors to consider are: 1. How long did these wars last? 2. Was a single attack launched at all? 3. If they were going to launch nukes and bring his infra down then why end the wars so fast? After investigating each war individually, 2 wars lasted for 6 hours and 1 war lasted for 8 hours. That's not enough time to get 12 MAPS to launch a nuke. Not a single attack was launched within the first 6 to 8 hours of each war. This, in itself, is war slotting, as I believe they had no intention of attacking Joe but to protect their alliance bank. You all can make your own conclusions (like I did), play politics, etc. But this is OOC and there should be no politics. The rules were broken in my opinion. Edit: Just a disclaimer, I'm not recommending any kind of action if one is to be taken. Whatever the mods, and Alex, decide to do is up to them. I respect any decision that is made by them.
  5. Oh yea I'm fine with it. People come and go and you'll learn that as life goes on kiddo. That's why you shouldn't get all up tight if someone leaves your alliance because they were offered something better by someone else. Find more loyal people and find ways to retain them. You can't blame another alliance when you fail to retain someone. Loyal people/players will stay regardless. So be careful who you invest in. Poaching... Such a weird term to use. You don't control the rights of the players in your alliance. They follow you because they want to and they will leave because they want too. They aren't your slaves or property just because they joined your alliance. But if you wanna use it as CB against Fark, or anyone for that matter, it would be entertaining.
  6. It's like connor mcgreggor losing to mayweather.... Doing all that damage and winning the battles but losing the war of attrition in the end.
  7. And who's fault is it really you couldn't retain your own members? It's like if another employer offered me better pay and a higher position doing the same work than my current job, it would be dumb of me not to take that opportunity. Poaching lol, so dumb.
  8. lol poaching. People go where they want to go. You have no control over them unless you consider your members slaves. Regardless of investing tons in them or not, they broke their trust with you. Don't blame the people they joined.
  9. These seems to be the base guidelines of what a treaty are (in relation to real life). I do believe Protectorate treaties can get complicated, depending on what is agreed between the protector and the protected. Traditionally, in terms of real life, the protector may require tribute or manpower from the protected. Each treaty is different on it's on. The protected is self-governed and independent but it's FA may be affected in that regard that they are bound to their protectors. What I'm getting at is, this is simplified but doesn't go over the complicated part of what a protectorate is. A protectorate is also a form of "client state."
  10. Singha

    Really NPO

    Well whoever was upset in the other thread about "ignoring other discords" or w/e.... Well you can see why it was done and recommended to their members.
  11. Singha

    Really NPO

    Only been here for a short time and the community is not the best part about this game xD I'm not sure why anyone is upset at all really. NPO recruited a bunch of players. What orders they give is up to their members to follow. They don't have to follow them if they don't want to and they can always leave on their own accord or go check the forums on their own and make their own informed decisions. You all are acting like NPO just enslaved a bunch of people but really I think you are scared that them bringing a potential 300 new nations into future wars is the real deal.
  12. Someone needs to compile this stuff and literally write a book (Not that some of you haven't already).
  13. *Goes to war during the summer, the time of year where people go on vacation* "OmGrEd So MaNy VmInG wAr DoDgErS"
  14. in 2142? Well building titan capital ships and dominating the skies while repelling boarder trying to destroy my titans
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