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  1. Yea getting close to 5! Join today!
  2. That's like asking if we should have wars between 9 to 5 every day...
  3. Singha


    If we're gonna do rules of war might as well form something like the Geneva convention... Then again who really follows that too?
  4. I feel sorry for the real creative minds that want to do cool recruitment messages with images but someone is literally working to ruin it for everyone.
  5. Came here for a DJ Khalid meme... Was disappointed in the end.
  6. Doesn't matter, Pantheon will win either way Congrats Rid and Goomy!
  7. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
  8. I hope it stops soon. I played a very p2w mmorpg game back in the day and a constant state of warfare was very real between two sides (This was an open world pvp game). Yes there was a neutral faction but for the most part both sides never really talked to each other or tried to achieve peace, it was very toxic with a lot of doxing and cyberbullying. Good people quit because they couldn't exit the war and were constantly hunted down, friendships were destroyed if they switched sides, and well overall the game pretty much died because of it. The war lasted for 5 to 6 years. The domination by either side shifted every so often but the winning alliance would KoS the entire other side, new member or not. Neutral alliances were constantly being coerced to join the war (though were constantly being called cowards for not participating in a war that wasn't their fight). Cheating, botting, and hacking were also used by both sides. Propaganda that I see in this game was heavily used in a similar fashion. tl;dr: Lets hope you guys hug it out sooner or later and not be stuck in a constant state of war.
  9. I have no ties to any sides fighting this war. I was only questioning if you was really spending time away from your gf. Is this really straining your relationship irl o.o
  10. Or TCW can attack the Federation now and possibly expand the war (again) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. It's kind of late but thanks to Col B for working with us on bringing peace. Col A good luck to yall and I hope yall can achieve peace soon.
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