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  1. It's kind of late but thanks to Col B for working with us on bringing peace. Col A good luck to yall and I hope yall can achieve peace soon.
  2. I'm not sure what allies of Fark they hit you speak of?
  3. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from WTF!
  4. Considering both sides have been trying to discredit each others claims this whole time, this is no surprise.
  5. The Christmas truce of 1914. The war was still in its early stages so the troops on both sides, on Christmas day, across the front declared a truce. Though not all lines across the front are depicted like they were in the commercial. There was still fighting in some parts, while other parts just negotiated prisoner swaps and body collection. As the war went on, there was hardly a truce (if any) beyond that. Any who, I don't see a ceasefire happening.
  6. Get a doctor, some medicine, and a neck brace... "All my f'ing headbangers break yo f'ing neck beech!" xD All joking aside, I kind of cringed a bit as well.
  7. -Image removed for Filter Evasion.- We really didn't need 3 threads telling us your alliance declared war on another alliance... Seriously...
  8. That darn MDAP didn't seem like a good idea for Astra Bloc.
  9. Just because we don't want to talk to you doesn't make us politically inactive.
  10. I see, so that was the case. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. I thought the Astra Bloc had an "MDAP"? They technically can't back out and say "have fun." So where is the rest of their bloc?
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