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  1. Looking forward to working with our new allies!
  2. If Putmir is your wife, does that I mean I get to call you daddy instead? 😜 And it's too late. If you want to claim the Putmir bullying license, you'll have to fight me for it 🥊
  3. We don't really care about the whole hegemony thing. We just didn't like seeing daddy putmir getting picked on 😛 We're the only ones who can bully him 🙃
  4. Binge watching the newest anime of the season, the weebs were too busy sitting on their couches eating taiyaki while the war on Orbis raged. "Hmm... wasn't Putmir and the others supposed to be here with us? They was supposed to bring the dango... where'd they go?" The dango was gone, stolen by the big bad Quacks as they held our dear friends captive. This was not to be tolerated, and taking inspiration from what we had watched on TV, the weebs have decided this: We NEETs will no longer live in the darkness. We will stand to defend our precious snacks (and friends too). We might be late to the party, but now that we're here, Let the show begin! TL;DR : Weebunism declares war on anyone at war against tCW.
  5. Reminder that Kingdom of Drangleic likes to joke around and shouldn't be taken seriously 😛
  6. @Merkurios I don't think you understand what the definition of corruption is....
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